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Transparent Envelope Clutch Bag

Transparent Envelope Clutch Bag

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  • Type :Clutches
  • Style :Envelope
  • Material :Polyester
  • Color :White
  • Size :Medium
  • Bag Length(cm) :29.5cm
  • Bag Height(cm) :19.7cm

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gbr 20 Sep,2014

I love this clutch!! very stylish

lily 20 Sep,2014

Wow, this bag is so stylish! I love that it is transparent, that is so fashionable! Awesome! Plus it goes with any colour you wear ;)

giovanna_ 18 Sep,2014

love this bag, might get it soon 16 Sep,2014

I love that bag ! it's soo stylish ! very nice piece !

ewelxd 14 Sep,2014

Ciekawa torebeczka, aczkolwiek nie wiem, czy chciałabym ją nosić. Ale przynajmniej nie ma problemu ze znalezieniem rzeczy w torebce! :)

tunacantw 07 Sep,2014

Very cool, seems like the it bag lately

doughnut 06 Sep,2014

cudna! marzy mi się właśnie taka drobna, przeźroczysta torebeczka

Potepompkin 29 Aug,2014

This bag is so cool, love the style & look of it!

fiorella.solari 28 Aug,2014

I loved this! Use it all the time!

Misia 19 Aug,2014

pojebało? serio za kawałek plastiku tyle hajsu? moi drodzy, ostatnio widziałam na wyprzedaży taką... za dziewięć złotych polskich no :)

mehimtogether 18 Aug,2014

Soooo cute I need this bag!

melvf 13 Aug,2014


Alyssa 12 Aug,2014

Saw this on Pinterest. I love how different it is!

lisalzsun 12 Aug,2014

i love it. if only it has a leash or something. I'm lazy to hold and i dont want to put fingerprints all over it

mimi 04 Aug,2014

It's so cute. My friends always ask me where I got it.

fefo 29 Jul,2014

fashio trendt bag <3 I love it so so much. its perfect really <3

olyanda 22 Jul,2014

an amazing clutch, very unique and stylish!!! a great purchase! love it!

blue.texas12 22 Jul,2014

Super chic and fashionable i love it can wear it with almost anything

cd 16 Jul,2014

it is vety stylish and original bag

janellyo401 10 Jul,2014

So chic, It looks good with every thing!

katherine 05 Jul,2014

an amazing clutch, very unique and stylish!!! a great purchase! love it!

jll 05 Jul,2014

this is cute! i need it!

Bibi 03 Jul,2014

Easy useful and perfect for very occasion. What's more?very cheap!!!!

Jeank 02 Jul,2014

Great clutch, happy I purchased

karopsicho 30 Jun,2014

so cool and chic looking clutch 21 Jun,2014

Niezwykle ciekawy pomysł na torbe. Ale tylko wtedy jeśli ma się w niej porządek

e 20 Jun,2014

So do not steal anyone that knows comprising! Real transparent envelope clutch bag

kfiatuh 17 Jun,2014

I absolutely love this clutch! <3

PAULINHA 16 Jun,2014


overwhelming76 14 Jun,2014

I'm so happy I finally got my hands on this clutch. It's so cute. My friends always ask me where I got it.

Velia.ferracini 14 Jun,2014

This is absolutely wonderful! And it looks very easy to wear in any circumstances

giovanna_ 09 Jun,2014

i need this right now! its what ive been looking for!

G.G. 03 Jun,2014

It's so interesting! I really love it

noykosh0 31 May,2014

Gorgeous clutch bag, I love it, so trendy and fashionable, anyone who understands fashion should one

LOVE 30 May,2014

Love clutch, for everyday! xoxo 30 May,2014

Súper bello, es demasiado chic ..

Megan Hyoands 29 May,2014

This bag is so cute and unique! This trend is also really big right now and I'm super excited to order one! :D

Lucia 27 May,2014

The transparent clutch is a must!

Chioma 27 May,2014

This White bag Is very unique

nerak08 26 May,2014

this is a must have handbag

panna_kolorowa 25 May,2014

Bardzo dobry pomysł z tą torebką dzięki temu nic się już w niej nie zgubi.

bea_go_ga 22 May,2014

El bolso para que te lo roben todo. No le veo la gracia la verdad.

Lucy 21 May,2014

My friend bought this for me as a gift and i absolutely love it. It is great quality and very sturdy. The clear design obviously makes this clutch extremely versatile (Just make sure that the objects you put in the bag are cute, I usually opt for a pair of sunglasses, phone and lipgloss).

Nohaysonrisas 21 May,2014

Me encanta, lo tengo que tener :)

olya_strange 18 May,2014

I always wanted something like this thing

jkf278 12 May,2014

I love this bag!! Looks great in customer photos 12 May,2014

que linda esta carteira, ai adoro!

frida_freedom 11 May,2014


vrciute 07 May,2014

what a cool looking transparent clutch! I love it!

divadee003 04 May,2014

So chic! I absolutely love this clutch!

anastasia 04 May,2014

i love this envelope clutch bag ! the material is so cool!

lisamayfarm 28 Apr,2014

oh i really like this pretty transparent

amada_10_ 28 Apr,2014

I´ve just popped to my wishlist

Diana 27 Apr,2014

the design is so stylish. love it!!

baozi93 19 Apr,2014

if only it was a bag instead of a clutch. but it's still pretty!

AIRUN 17 Apr,2014

He visto este bolso en una revista pero a un precio muy alto!!

km 15 Apr,2014

I've just popped to my wishlist!

Dima 12 Apr,2014

il trasparente gli da un tocco minimal stupendo!

lorebe80 10 Apr,2014

lo tengo!!! Perfecto y diferente

mich 09 Apr,2014

I got it and it looks like in the photos. However I think it looks quite cheapy to be honest

dagmara159 08 Apr,2014

i love this small bag! perfect

mk 05 Apr,2014

so glad to have such a clutch in my wardrobe!

Klassis 02 Apr,2014

Such a modern and edgy bag for all the fashionistas out there!

ala 01 Apr,2014

nice bag..perfect accesoir for everything

tatianaisaq 01 Apr,2014

This looks really amazing and super cute. :) 01 Apr,2014

j'aime bien le côté simple mais classe de ce sac

chicky 31 Mar,2014

simple and cute clutch bag

mari 31 Mar,2014

Moderno y elegante! qe bonito es! 31 Mar,2014

He visto este bolso en una revista pero a un precio desorbitado!! Qué alegría encontrarlo aquí!!! Combina a la perfección con cualquier look!!

sarafqueiros 30 Mar,2014

I always wanted something like this, it's so cool. 30 Mar,2014

que brutal, eu adoro imenso!

Karolina 30 Mar,2014

Fajna tylko już trzeba mieć porządek hahaha :) 19 Mar,2014

Quero uma igual! é tão linda!

gloriaestefania 19 Mar,2014

es super chulo >.<

cinn 19 Mar,2014

very chic, i love it !

iri 18 Mar,2014

I always wanted something like this

henna 17 Mar,2014

wow, i've been looking for this so long, just perfect!

Mimi 14 Mar,2014

Super chic and creative clutch

nenita_im 12 Mar,2014

Omg i love this i need to have it

Judy 10 Mar,2014

Bigger than expected but I love it!! Xx

mirks459 08 Mar,2014

I like the way it looks. I want such a clutch too. 08 Mar,2014

Me encanta, un accesorio muy versatil

silvitron 07 Mar,2014

maravilloso, ES MUY UTIL Y MODERNO

moklein 06 Mar,2014

I should order this transparent clutch.

moklein 06 Mar,2014

So cute and necessary clutch bag!

mirka459 05 Mar,2014

the famous bags .. so pretty

PanaitMaria 02 Mar,2014

Aceste genti se poarta in mod deosebit in acest an

Whatsername 01 Mar,2014

Nada que esconder! Pega con casi todo!

Parvati 27 Feb,2014

So classy! I can't wait to have it!

s 23 Feb,2014

Transparent Envelope Clutch Bag, trendy

mollynek 18 Feb,2014

I like the way it looks. I want such a clutch too.

Kennisha 16 Feb,2014

Really cute clutch and great quality...I love it. I get loads of compliments whenever I use it. 13 Feb,2014

This looks really great and modern. :)

azzon 11 Feb,2014

very necessary and nice thing for every girl

justynebrs 11 Feb,2014

i think it's really cool to go to the beach, so cute!

diana 23 Jan,2014

muy bonito bolso esta muy de moda en esta temporada.

santee 23 Jan,2014

Its super cute and the material is sturdy too, I loved it.

mini_bulle29 17 Jan,2014

I just got this clutch, and everyone in my university want the same, love it ! xx

kbuenfil 06 Jan,2014

i really need that clutch

abs 06 Jan,2014

i absolutely love this clutch

abby 05 Jan,2014

this looks amazing! i really want it!

b 04 Jan,2014

I like this bag. Unusually

sopolomun 02 Jan,2014

I like this one looks so pretty

Liz 30 Dec,2013

Beautiful and classy clutch, perfect for any occasion

NELCI 30 Dec,2013

Transparent Envelope Clutch Bag SUPER

Mir 28 Dec,2013

Me gusta este clutch transparente <3

erika 27 Dec,2013

amazing clutch! I love it

3 26 Dec,2013

bardzo fajne połączenie kolorow, super!

Natacha 24 Dec,2013

Super fashion. Like this bag

AG 22 Dec,2013

Very fashionable item it is!

Blue 22 Dec,2013


ga 18 Dec,2013

Oh oh ohn ni ce

Maggie 17 Dec,2013

This transparent clutch is amazing!

abrilanahi13 16 Dec,2013

I bought it! this very cute

fc 14 Dec,2013

I love the look of this. It's a shame that it was scratched when it arrived.

MK 13 Dec,2013

Uwielbiam tą torebkę! jest świetna!

Kom 11 Dec,2013

I got this home yesterday! Its pretty, for sure, but it was Full of scratches, very sad because i'd really love it. I can use it ofcourse, but it looks so oooold and trashy now

ariadna 09 Dec,2013

Me encanta este clutch! Va con todo!

GalaVl 07 Dec,2013

Transparent Envelope Clutch Bag nice bag

mimi 06 Dec,2013

oryginalna ale chyba nie dla mnie

susus 06 Dec,2013

questa è stranissima ma troppo carina

qe 05 Dec,2013

Transparent Envelope Clutch Bag u``

stjernbergs 05 Dec,2013

Clear clutches are so fashionable! want this so badly.

Juliek 04 Dec,2013

This clutch is so stylish, have been looking for a clutch like this for a long time! want so bad

agnese 04 Dec,2013

Love this clutch!! Très chic <3

azzon 04 Dec,2013

Very much important and useful

aiw 04 Dec,2013

must have! so fashionable and the perfect size

irinaK_08 04 Dec,2013

this clutch is so stylish!

MARIE 03 Dec,2013

clear clutches are so fashionable! want this so badly.

j 02 Dec,2013

Transparent Envelope Clutch Bag love

sue 02 Dec,2013

Transparent Envelope Clutch Bag - ciekawa :)

d 30 Nov,2013

i like the clutch its awesome

sazzie 29 Nov,2013

Love this design! neeed for christmas

evermollini 27 Nov,2013

I like this transparent clutch.

wuwucass 26 Nov,2013

wowow, so fashionable envelope bag! 24 Nov,2013

super stylish clutch, makes things easy for thieves!!!

amandamikol 23 Nov,2013

love how simple, yet fashionable this is

R 23 Nov,2013

Wow, I could really use a bag like this!!!!

nolera 22 Nov,2013

So amazing transparent clutch, haven't met it before!

hi 19 Nov,2013

hi Great and classy perfect

livblankson 19 Nov,2013

Yess, this is on my payday wish list! So on trend!

sarafelicidade 17 Nov,2013

é tão linda, adoro, quero tanto uma igual !

allytaam 16 Nov,2013

Omg ! i must have this clutch! i need this

rsjustiniano 15 Nov,2013


Tania 14 Nov,2013

I love it! The transparent clutch it's perfect for all days.

Fritzzy 13 Nov,2013

this clutch will be a neck breaker. Love It!!!

tatianna 12 Nov,2013

So cute! love this bag

alexbrod 11 Nov,2013

love this clutch bag x

pgee 09 Nov,2013

Loooove the minimalism approach! Definitely on my wishlist

Vicnic89 09 Nov,2013

Omg I've been searching for this bag

g 08 Nov,2013

i love this cluch bag

wambage_4 07 Nov,2013


lindaemilia 07 Nov,2013

This would be perfect bag but I would be afraid that it gets dirty quick :(

karolina 06 Nov,2013

Already on my wishlist. Love it...

eviestevie 05 Nov,2013

So cute and such a great price!

ME 02 Nov,2013

oh my god this is perfect! i Want it!!!!!!

jaycheee 31 Oct,2013

oh my god, that is such a cool cluth

alliecatYO 31 Oct,2013

cute transparent clutch, too cute

marciakaweski 31 Oct,2013

Clear clutch is totally in.

marciakaweski 31 Oct,2013

Clear clutch is totally in.

mgg 30 Oct,2013

What a stylish transparent clutch!

vc 30 Oct,2013

Cute clutch, I love transparent cluthes

dd 30 Oct,2013

this clutch is so stylish!

Demi 29 Oct,2013

Love this clutch! It is so unique <3 28 Oct,2013

Clear clutch is totally in.

im 28 Oct,2013

cute Transparent Envelope Clutch Bag

Ann 27 Oct,2013

Please restock !!!! :D i love this 25 Oct,2013

I've been looking for a clutch like this for some.

renataj 25 Oct,2013

must have item! to allthingsfabolous101

iris 25 Oct,2013

really need one of this

Natasha 21 Oct,2013

wow, this is really trendy clutch

Psiche86ap 20 Oct,2013

Very stylish clutch, it's perfect for this season!!

al 20 Oct,2013

cute Transparent Envelope Clutch Bag

das 20 Oct,2013

Lovely transparent clutch, very stylish

estherk62 20 Oct,2013

Holy crap. this is perfect

estherk62 20 Oct,2013

Holy crap.this is perfect

lodd 19 Oct,2013

Meravigliosa, semplice ma diversa dalle altre!Basta non metterci un assorbente dentro magari..

glanti 19 Oct,2013

i've been looking for this for a while. love it

wert 19 Oct,2013

I need this so bad!!

tera 19 Oct,2013

Cute clutch, I love transparent cluthes

lia 19 Oct,2013

this clutch is so stylish!

stella 18 Oct,2013

I love transparent clutch, they are so minimal

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