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Red Fur Hooded Zipper Embellished Fleece Inside Military Coat

Red Fur Hooded Zipper Embellished Fleece Inside Military Coat

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  • Types :Parka
  • Pattern Type :Print
  • Color :Red
  • Material :Cotton Blends
  • Collar :Hooded
  • Style :Casual
  • Placket :Single Breasted
  • Length :Long
  • Season :Winter
  • Size available :one size
  • Sleeve Length(cm) :69cm
  • Shoulder(cm) :
  • Length(cm) :72cm
  • Bust(cm) :124cm

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ola 26 Jun,2014

it is really warm and comfy !

Valeriagonzaleza 22 Apr,2014

Hermosa, esperando ansiosa que llegue (:

somella 11 Apr,2014

Just bought this jacket, and i'm really looking forward to trying it on. amazing prices on this site!

pia0 05 Apr,2014

Its not as dark as in the photo but its still wine red, is super warm and good quality, it's not as heavy as it looks. The inside is super fluffy and soft. The fake fur in the hood is nice i thought it was going to be itchy and shiny but its not. I LOVE IT, i also own the mint one and they are perfect. 15 Mar,2014

I love this red coat, this is my favourite

Anette 13 Mar,2014

Wish I had this last winter, but definitely gonna get this.

julie 13 Mar,2014

I got this in the mail today! It is more beautiful in real life than it looks on the picture! I am about 175 cm tall, small breasts and weigh about 60 kilos, and it fit perfectly! (It is room for bigger breasts in this jacket too, so don't worry!;)

nenita_im 13 Mar,2014

I want to be winter again for using this lol

Jenny 10 Mar,2014

Ich habe mit diese Jacke in der Farbe "yellow" bestellt und möchte mir auch noch die rote jacke von dieser variante kaufen! Die Jacke sieht genauso wie auf dem Bild aus! Ich bin 1,68 groß und die Jacke sitzt wie ein Parka, sie geht über die Oberschenkel. Versand hat 2 wochen gedauert, total in Ordnung!

elataquedelosclonesmodiles 07 Mar,2014

Very soft and perfect color. Oversized. Very fast shipping, good quality :)

espe 04 Mar,2014

Es tan bonita y en ese color anima a cualquiera a ponersela!!!

patikuuu 02 Mar,2014

Bolutely gorgeous? But is is warm enough for a snowing winter??

CzAnicka 12 Feb,2014

There´s nothing to complain about this coat. It is just so cozy and warm and the color is amazing. It is a pity that I was so stupid and I had to pay the custom on my borders, so I overpaied it terribly. Be careful people and ask Sheinside to put a gift label on it!

mina 09 Feb,2014

I have a question: Is this jacket windproof?

sofkar2706 06 Feb,2014

i love this red coat, really cute

kobory 03 Feb,2014

I really like the way it looks

opton 02 Feb,2014

I really want it to purchase

opton 02 Feb,2014

really nice and cute thing

bib 02 Feb,2014

his is just really cute

NATI MUÑOZ 30 Jan,2014

Me gustan los productos,y estan muy bien de precio.

overflowingwardrobe 28 Jan,2014

so cute love the jacket 26 Jan,2014


Laura S 21 Jan,2014

Es precioso, el color y la capucha!

Cristina Cruz 10 Jan,2014

Yo lo tengo y es perfecto!!!!

lunaperri 09 Jan,2014

this is just really cute! i love the color

k 08 Jan,2014

it is very nice drawstring ;d

Haass 08 Jan,2014

Great colour, great jacket, yeeey!

:) 06 Jan,2014

Love the colour! Espesially nice in the winter when everything's dark

andreuchi_rp 05 Jan,2014

Compré este abrigo la semana pasada! Estoy deseando que me llegue ya!!Es taaaan bonito!

Niniu 05 Jan,2014

That coat is fabulous. Got mine two days ago <3 It's thin but very warm though. Fits perfectly! :D

enjoy.ana 30 Dec,2013

I just got this coat and it´s just beautiful! really warm and cozy! And it fitted perfectly! Ready to wear it this winter :D

spookyozborne 30 Dec,2013

Cannot wait to get this! 30 Dec,2013

good quality jacket! some of the fuzzies from the lining were stuck on the outside due to shipping, but once it was cleared off it looked beautiful!

criis_valle 27 Dec,2013

es un abrigo precioso,me encanta el color.

criis_valle 27 Dec,2013

es un abrigo precioso,me encanta el color.

ivory 25 Dec,2013

I am UK size 8-10. Does this jacket fit me well?

ainoa7411 22 Dec,2013

Me encanta este abrigo. Estoy deseando que me llegue!

k 19 Dec,2013

This is a must have for winter! Loving the red color!

FHJ 15 Dec,2013

i!t is a great coat for the winter

gjrt 13 Dec,2013

V!ery, very good and nice!

maro 12 Dec,2013

i love the red wine color!!!!

Maria_Marcelino 11 Dec,2013

Nice red loose parka! really nice

alexwashere7 11 Dec,2013

like the color, but too long

thanhthuytweety 09 Dec,2013

I really like this color a lot!

leeseunghyun9590 09 Dec,2013

I ver like this color!

Deeanna 09 Dec,2013

i think that is so cozy and warm

fbxc 08 Dec,2013

It is fantastic red coat

thuychi 04 Dec,2013

i love this coat it's perfect for winter

GalaVl 04 Dec,2013

Red Fur Hooded Zipper Embellished Fleece Inside Military Coat

defecktid 03 Dec,2013

This looks so warm, it's perfect for winter! Ordered and I hope it's as warm as it looks!

elenkolr 03 Dec,2013

Me parece monisima me encanta 02 Dec,2013

Red Fur Hooded Zipper Embellished Fleece Inside Military Coat

wayfarer_sarf 01 Dec,2013

I'm exited i order the jacket two days ago, can't wait till is here. !!!!! this is my second buy, the first one was a sweater excellent material and quality love it and use it everyday. it's becoming my new "to go" store for everything.

JCarvalho 29 Nov,2013

I like the fur on the hood.

JCarvalho 29 Nov,2013

I like the fur on the hood.

Niniu 22 Nov,2013

I'm gonna buy this one soon :3

sng 21 Nov,2013

the fur looks very warm

pgee 21 Nov,2013

Really like the fur on the hood!

sdsd 20 Nov,2013

Love the colour ! It's such an amazing staple piece

Dramatolly 19 Nov,2013

defiantly need it this jacket

Sue Heck 19 Nov,2013

love this coat defiantly need it yes

zelda 17 Nov,2013

so sweet, love trench coats!

quell 17 Nov,2013

great coat! this read is so amazing!

n 14 Nov,2013

this coat is fabolous! love it

g 14 Nov,2013

Looks so cozy and warm 10 Nov,2013

amazing jacket, I love it so much 09 Nov,2013

Red Fur Hooded Zipper Embellished Fleece Inside Military Coat

Marie 09 Nov,2013

The fur is obviously fake considering the price (which is a plus). Ordered this yesterday, can't wait to get it home!

sng 08 Nov,2013

I adore the red and looks super warm!

Marie 06 Nov,2013

I really want to buy that jacket, but i need to know if the fur is real! i am against fur, so i need to know :)

Tania 05 Nov,2013

ME encanta este abrigo! Y el color es super bonito!

amanda 05 Nov,2013

loving the eye catching red color of the coat in the picture

edyta 05 Nov,2013

warm and cute coat ! i like it

Jennifer 05 Nov,2013

Just got my coat! Love it, it's fleece lined so very warm and cosy! The fur is not removable and i don't think it is real fur but it is very soft. Only thing is, it is a bit short on the sleeves so my advice is to order a size larger than you need!

biba45654565 05 Nov,2013

so nice and adorable Red Fur Hooded Zipper Embellished Fleece Inside Military Coat

vittoria.giorgi 04 Nov,2013

Molto bello in rosso, sperando che non faccia effetto Babbo Natale

vittoria.giorgi 04 Nov,2013

Muy bonito ! Me gusta en rojo !

Tania 04 Nov,2013

Me encanta este abrigo, me parece perfecto para el invierno.

karsol12 02 Nov,2013

Love the color of this coat

zolotzepin 02 Nov,2013

want to order but I don't know whether it will be warm, still it is the European winter, our Russian winter cold

lola 02 Nov,2013

Red Fur Hooded Zipper Embellished Fleece Inside Military Coat

brisa 02 Nov,2013

Looks so nice! anyone that already bought it?

shoppingmauz 29 Oct,2013

Looks like Santa Claus :D I hope it is not real fur!

D 29 Oct,2013

so cute! I love the colour and the hood!

laracz 26 Oct,2013

me lo voy a pedir!

María PL 22 Oct,2013

Cute and warm, perfect for winter!

María PL 22 Oct,2013

Cute and warm, perfect for winter!

estherk62 22 Oct,2013

Looks so cozy and warm

Ana B 20 Oct,2013

AllThingsFaboulous101 i want to win your giveaway to get this beautiful coat!!!! -Ana B

allison 19 Oct,2013

Love the color of this jacket

hermanita 18 Oct,2013

the colour is just amazing, it looks sooo good among the snow!

henar.gherrero 18 Oct,2013

Ohh, Perfect for winter, look so warm!!

Garugaru 18 Oct,2013

It is exactly what we need for the cold winter! It looks so cute!

jgill 18 Oct,2013

does anyone know if the fur is removable?

teixeirj 16 Oct,2013

I am sooooooooooo in love with this! A pop of color in a cold winter day, it's great!

Diana 15 Oct,2013

I love the jacket. The fur is awesome! And the color is gorgeous.

zumbiperdido 15 Oct,2013

Looks really warm and cozy, besides it's really cute

lyinness 15 Oct,2013

love this jacket and the color so much!

lyinness 15 Oct,2013

love this jacket and the color so much!

dodirotka 01 Oct,2013

Love it! Need it! Please refill the stocks. I want it so bad.

Norunn 30 Sep,2013

Please refill this jacket, its so awesome! Need it for the winter!

mizu 25 Sep,2013

I like the red jacket please refill this

Silje 23 Sep,2013


miku 22 Sep,2013

Please Please refill this wonderful jacket. I want to buy this !!!

miu 21 Sep,2013

Please Refill the stocks of this jacket

ingrid 13 Sep,2013


M.L 12 Sep,2013

I love this jacket, hope you will refill it very soon :o

anne.ekeberg 11 Sep,2013

Pleace refill this jacket, I want it so badly!

Marta 11 Sep,2013

¡Reponedlo, por favor! ¡Lo quiero para este invierno!

LittleJordison 11 Sep,2013

I love it and need it! Please,refill it!

Marta 10 Sep,2013

Se acerca el otoño y quiero este abrigo. ¡Reponedlo, porfa! Nos haríais muy felices :)

Sandra 05 Sep,2013

Me encanta este abrigo. Llevo tiempo esperando a que lo vuelvan a tener disponible!!

Kristina 12 Aug,2013

I want this jacket so badly. Please refill it!

maria_rere2 11 Aug,2013

Please Refill the stocks of this jacket!! So want to buy it!!

MAria 11 Aug,2013

Please Refill the stock! So want to buy it!

Ronjakristin 11 Feb,2013

Love this jacket! So soft...

valerieparrett 03 Jan,2013

Such a cute color! WANT BADLY

lesyasham 26 Dec,2012

I like it! So nice

Hanna 26 Dec,2012

Love this jacket, and really want to buy it. But... Is it real fur??

Madeline_maliro 19 Dec,2012

Already in my cart stocking up on more clothes then gonna ship!!!!

christie 09 Dec,2012

so hipster and adorable like omg

Laoura 07 Dec,2012

just perfect for winter!!! I love this colour

Abby 05 Dec,2012

I want to buy this coat for the winter.

Prettywoman.13 30 Nov,2012

I love the fur details, red is such a sexy color

soowaniii 29 Nov,2012

Love the red color! It is perfect for winter

sp123 14 Nov,2012

So cute!! Absoultely adorable on.

all1 12 Nov,2012

Like it very much, awesome

abbeygk 10 Nov,2012

I love the fur on the hood

kathy 29 Oct,2012

wonderful trench with great hod style

ivy 29 Oct,2012

this is fantastic color.nice fur style

kfiedelman 28 Oct,2012

I like the fur on the hood. very cute!

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