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Pink Long Sleeve LAME Print Casual Sweatshirt

Pink Long Sleeve LAME Print Casual Sweatshirt

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Pink pullover, featuring a scoop neck and long sleeves, LAME printed to the front, ribbed details to the hem and cuffs. Soft wearing and high street style design.

  • Sleeve Length(cm) :61cm
  • Shoulder(cm) :45cm
  • Size Available :One Size
  • Bust(cm) :100cm
  • Length(cm) :64cm
  • Material :Cotton Blends
  • Types :Pullovers
  • Color :Pink
  • Neckline :Round Neck
  • Sleeve Length :Long Sleeve
  • Pattern Type :Print

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j 28 Aug,2014

love this sweatshirt! the material is very soft, but thin enough so that you can wear it all year round. the size is also perfect for me, it has that loose comfortableness without being too big.

Julka 26 Aug,2014

Śliczna bluza, uwielbiam ją <3 :)

Tilde 23 Aug,2014

It's pretty big on me (i'm usually a small, 170 cm tall) and that's how i wanted it so im happyy 14 Aug,2014

very cute, good for either kawaii, hip, or punk 04 Aug,2014

Very comfortable material and the word graphics are amazing quality that won't crack

theresa 23 Jul,2014

would be perfect if available in another colour, but still cute as hell

ursenpai 21 Jul,2014

really cute. i would wear this everyday if i can

Paula 15 Jul,2014

I own this one now <3 It's PERFECT

Emily 13 Jul,2014

I bought this and I love it! It's just so cute and I love the colours. The text does fade quickly, I think it has to be washed carefully. It is also not very "warm", which I like as it can be worn more frequently.

lindahuyenle 12 Jul,2014

One of the few items that I didn't hate that I ordered. It's thin, which is what i wanted and it runs pretty large.

sandra575 30 Jun,2014

Such a cute sweater!I like this

sateenkaarivaras 25 Jun,2014

this is just a perfect shirt, totally my style!

kittycat1060 18 Jun,2014

This sweatshirt is really comfy and soft but be careful when you wash it because the print may fade really quickly. Overall it's a great product!!

taytay^.^ 15 Jun,2014

love love love love this!

ascerbaka 05 Jun,2014

This is the best thing I've bought on this website. It is fashionable and cool. Love the pastel colour. The fit is what I wanted - pretty loose but snug on the hips. Perfect oversized jumper

Heidi 03 Jun,2014

The sweater looks like really good material! Plus the print is cute!

PolishGirl 02 Jun,2014

jej <3 chciałabym mieć ten cudny sweter :c

hannerr 27 May,2014

ugh love this so much. For a one size it's slightly oversized in the arms and tummy area for me (aus 10-12)but a little snug on my hips if i wear it low. I agree with it being fairly thin but it's still warm enough to wear out on chilly days. Text is perfect and it's nice and soft.

faerietalesoflife 26 May,2014

Soft fabric and the print looks great! 13 May,2014

The best Sweatshirt! I love it!

cheeryo 28 Apr,2014

this is so adorable and quirky!

marlena0321 24 Apr,2014

Jaki śliczny sweter. I ten śliczny różowy kolor :3 Jest cudny

Rumbleroaarr 03 Apr,2014

I really really love this sweater, but I expected it to be a little more oversized than it is :/ still love the graphic and the material is really nice, not too warm to wear on those cooler spring days with some cute shorts and converse!

taciaduhh 01 Apr,2014

I LOVE IT. It fits me pretty well. n.n Depending where I shop, I can fit into medium sizes all the way up to XL. For those of you that might complain about the size, there are measurements in the description. You know what you're buying, so you really can't complain that it's too small or big just because you didn't check your own measurements.

Noémy 31 Mar,2014

Na désolée mais j'aime pas le sweat :/

Hannahsmith 31 Mar,2014

This sweater is so thin it's barely a sweater, it's more like a long sleeve shirt. It also fits very small.

monikaxo 27 Mar,2014

Cute sweater, love the color and it looks really comfy!

irinaK 24 Mar,2014

The color is very very cool

pengwenpenguin 20 Mar,2014

an excellent way to express how lame i am

maja 10 Mar,2014

i love it this sweatshirt is sooooooooooo cute and comfy i could wear it everyday

K 09 Mar,2014

This sweater is so cute!

Kathryn 09 Mar,2014

I bought this for my friend and she LOVED it, but be careful when about putting it in the dryer since she did so and the stencil started peeling off.

erdna 08 Mar,2014

I really want this but its 100cm at the bottom! :( and I'm only 5'2 won't it be too long on me? D:

ERDNA 08 Mar,2014


Lethargic 08 Mar,2014

The sweaters not his site are A M A Z I N G. Another simple, pastel, ironic/sarcastic sweater I need to add to my collection. 07 Mar,2014

Just about to buy this, super cute!

martina 07 Mar,2014

amazing, fell in love with it

sofie_sofie 06 Mar,2014

I'm loving it, it's to thin for a winter sweater but perfect for spring!

rashiyu 04 Mar,2014

my review for it ♥

DaaiOliveira 02 Mar,2014

I find this sweater very cute

kaylynn.gingras 27 Feb,2014

Just about to order this! So cute, can't wait to get it :3

C4SSIEjay 25 Feb,2014

I think I'm taller than the girls in the pictures, so it's a little shorter in the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt (not too short though). Doesn't bother me in the slightest! I wear it with the bottom bunched up a little so it sits casually above my hips. Rather sexy in a cute way. Soft, great quality material, well put together and true to colour. - I'm 5'8" for reference

kawaiiwei 25 Feb,2014

super soft and comfy!! lightweight too. i've wanted this shirt forever, i'm so glad i got it <3

sarahrp33 15 Feb,2014

Wicked cute and wicked comfy :) I love wearing it with my leggings or jeans.

zertun 14 Feb,2014

The colour is very very nice

femy 13 Feb,2014

I love the sweaters here and this is no exception!

vanessrawrr 10 Feb,2014

wow way to cool ! WANT

jowita16 07 Feb,2014

Lovely!! Omg i love it. The Best

Andreea 04 Feb,2014

This sweatshirt is really cute and funny.

rashiyu 03 Feb,2014

I just got this and it's pretty amazing ♥ A bit too big for me but I guess I'm just a tad bit too small for it. Really comfy though.

verolomy 03 Feb,2014

Pink is really my favourite

emailchicofperfection 03 Feb,2014

This is an absolutely FABULOUS crewneck. This is totally hipster and super comfortable. Matches different personalities whether you wear it with a cute skirt of with jeans or leggings. Give off that "I'm super cute" look!

Giji 30 Jan,2014

I'm going to buy at least 4 of these probably

Giji 30 Jan,2014

I'm going to totally buy this I identify with this article of clothing on a spiritual level

Liz 29 Jan,2014

I'm about to order this sweater and i'm so excited! This looks very cute and it reminds me of how I feel about other :)

a 26 Jan,2014

going to buy this it's so so cute

Emily 24 Jan,2014

This is a very cute design. I got one at it is in the "oversized" design and isn't too thick so can be worn in summer. Perfect!

francecees 19 Jan,2014

amazing! love! and very comfy. i'm a size medium. i am also 5'4 and it fits pretty snug and not tight. :)

emilia 18 Jan,2014

I love it! This very cool

Sysy 17 Jan,2014

Gorgeous sweater, really want it!

clovethekiller 11 Jan,2014

I am so, so getting this. Adorable!

fcg 07 Jan,2014

haha this is perfect for me 03 Jan,2014

super comfy and great quality

Pufferfish 28 Dec,2013

Absolutely fantastic! Super soft and comfy!

martyna 27 Dec,2013

Bez jaj komu to sie podoba ?

queenshambles 22 Dec,2013


pinkshambles 22 Dec,2013

the oversized fit looks super adorable when i wear it, and makes it even more cosy. its really soft and the colour is adorable, 100% happy with this purchase!!!

yshmarova 21 Dec,2013

excellent color of this sweater

ellen.noren 17 Dec,2013

this sweater is so cute, i love it.

FGR 13 Dec,2013

I l!ike this really much

u 06 Dec,2013

fantastic springy Pink Long Sleeve LAME Print Casual Sweatshirt

poinded 06 Dec,2013

so pretty, describes me so much

lopin 06 Dec,2013

this sweater totally is for me

airun 06 Dec,2013

I want it! I love pink

Anca Maria Zaharia 04 Dec,2013

Pink Long Sleeve LAME Print Casual Sweatshirt

airun 04 Dec,2013

So cute! I love this pink

dimi 03 Dec,2013

Adobrable! So buying this for my friend!

vittoria.giorgi 01 Dec,2013

I just love this "LAME" 3D print, it's amazing

retoksy 29 Nov,2013

Good with leggings ! S U P E R

misslarem 29 Nov,2013

sweet cozy pink sweater a muust :D

Liv 28 Nov,2013

I love this sweater! It's warm, comfortable and cute. But when I just got it, there were already threads hanging out :(

mossss 25 Nov,2013

hahah lame sweater lame everything :D

adrianna98 25 Nov,2013

Really cool! I like this :)

Liz 24 Nov,2013

IT's very comfy! A bit oversized, I wish it came in different sizes, but the design is so cute I had to have it :) Thanks

Liz 24 Nov,2013

It's a little oversized, I would prefer it to come in different sizes so I could pick the one that fits me better. Thematerial feels good, even though it's pretty thin and won'tbe warm enough for winter :) I like the swater overall

imanalshami 20 Nov,2013

cutest ever!! I love the color

saga 16 Nov,2013

u definitely don't look lame while wearing this.. haha

sarirasimoes 15 Nov,2013

lovely over sized, cool color. 14 Nov,2013

the wait was totally worth it! it's in brand new condition and it's so amazing I love it so much!

Ola 13 Nov,2013

very very nice sweatshirt. I like it. ;D

cody 12 Nov,2013

cute cute cute cute cute

robin 11 Nov,2013

I'm about to order this right now and i'm so excited! This is very cute and it reminds me of how I feel about other people..

Jinxxiekid 08 Nov,2013

Although I did have complications with the ordering, its a really good sweater. It's so soft and warm and all my friends love it :D I literally love to sleep in this sweater, id wear it everyday if i could

Mackerdd 08 Nov,2013

Expresses my life perfeclty, i needz it

shaneli1020 06 Nov,2013

I just received this sweater yesterday and I'm in love with it! It's super comfy and fits perfectly, too.

princesssadrii 04 Nov,2013

i really want this sweatshirt!

vik 04 Nov,2013

So cute! Totally perfect! Love it

vik 04 Nov,2013

So cute! Totally perfect! Love it

kkk 30 Oct,2013

really cool Thing, and a lovely color

sofielah 28 Oct,2013

This is so cool and sweet

Jz 27 Oct,2013

This one is so cute and cuddly

Emma 27 Oct,2013

So gorgeous and absolutely amazing! I love it aaah <3

scarlettmchale 26 Oct,2013

really comfy and super warm- just what i wanted for winter!!!

inesjan 26 Oct,2013

i want this so bad. cant wait to wear it to school

tamkat97 24 Oct,2013

This is so cute! I cannot wait to order this!!!

EbbaChan 22 Oct,2013

I relly love it, the colour is amazing and it so cute ^^

:) 15 Oct,2013

I was worried about the size but it fits wonderfully- its also quite stretchy. The material is very soft and overall very comfortable. Looks just like it does in the pictures!

asdfghjkl 08 Oct,2013

cute cute cute cute cute

ralu 06 Oct,2013

suuuuuper cute!!! the colours are perfect

laurenrobins 05 Oct,2013

this jumper just looks fab okay omfg

meghano557 30 Sep,2013

this sweatshirt is so cute

Alice 30 Sep,2013

I am so tempted to wear it to school, because it's just lame

IoanaAdam 29 Sep,2013

Lovely! I love the color!

pia.t 26 Sep,2013

Super cool sweater! Bought it for my sister and she loves it. The material is really thin, like a T-Shirt, so it's not that warm, but cool ;-)

Beth 26 Sep,2013

This is so cute, I want it!

meuwlin 21 Sep,2013

really warm, soft and comfortable, arrived really fast and is just perfect to wear! love it! 17 Sep,2013

It's super comfty and soft <3

emii^^ 16 Sep,2013

Just ordered it, super excited for it to arrive because its adorable!

catia 03 Sep,2013

i just love this "LAME" 3D print, it's amazing

m 02 Sep,2013

This is super duper adorable!

maddryoshka 28 Aug,2013

Such a cute sweater! The material is really nice!

macaroni54321 25 Aug,2013

i want this sweatshirt so badly!! its such a cute color.

kawaiihime 18 Aug,2013

Super cute and PERFECT for a night out! 11 Aug,2013

this shipped really fast and i love the material 06 Aug,2013

Just ordered this! cant wait to get it!

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