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Light Grey Zippered Curved Hem Jumper

Light Grey Zippered Curved Hem Jumper

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  • Size Available :one size
  • Bust(cm) :98cm
  • Length(cm) :front:56cm back:62cm
  • Season :Spring
  • Item :Pullovers
  • Color :Grey
  • Material :Polyester
  • Style :Star Stalker
  • Neckline :Scoop Neck
  • Sleeve Length :Long Sleeve
  • Types :Bat
  • Pattern Type :Plain
  • Decoration :Zip

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sydney.cardarelli 30 Aug,2014

The zipper detail is so cute!

Denisa 14 Aug,2014

It s simple but so pretty!

H 27 Jul,2014

This is so cute. I loveee!

bykeevah 23 Jul,2014

OMG how pretty, and supper edgy design :)

jakkilew 20 Jul,2014

adore this sweater for the fall, can't wait to get it!!

esra 18 Jul,2014

i love that colour, lovely!

esra 18 Jul,2014

Love it!!! <3 love the gray color

violette.matta 12 Jul,2014

love the color combination so nice

sarajmoore20 28 Jun,2014

i love the look of this sweater! however i need to know the size of this sweater, i'm 5'7 and a bit over 58cm in sleeve length, can anybody possibly who is over 5'7 tell me if they have purchased this item and if it fit or not? let me know! i really really like this sweater!

Please check it if it will fit you well:) Size Available :one size Bust(cm) :98cm Length(cm) :front:56cm back:62cm Hope you enjoy your shopping here with us:)

02 Jul,2014

fashionblabber 25 Jun,2014

Me encanta ya está en mi wish list y no puedo esperar para ordenarlo

glamourqueen 13 Jun,2014

Very nice. Love to wear it with a skirt

ipodner 03 Jun,2014

I love the look of this sweater! It would be so fun to get the matching pants too!

buffay 03 Jun,2014

It looks so cozy. I want it.

yolimpg 29 May,2014

Me encanta la combinación. Liked and shared

lyla_ 22 May,2014

looks so nice and pretty!

ada 18 May,2014

Lovely jumper! It looks trendy and cool!

martus 18 May,2014

I like this jumper! It will go with anything!

mimi 17 May,2014

Love that classical cut! Less is more, thinking of ordering this :)

Liz 15 May,2014

This is still one of my favorite sweater purchases ever. It's a really nice colors and can be dressed up or down. I'm about 5' and it is only a little bit big on me, but it comes down to around my hips so it's not too big. After a while it does start seem to pill slightly, but it's not too noticeable and the sweater is still pretty sturdy.

tiinaje 30 Apr,2014

So pretty and so fitting! Love it

Angel 27 Apr,2014

it looks cute with the skirt like the last picture

lara 16 Apr,2014

Classic jumper but the black tips give it a nice touch!!

iriana93 16 Apr,2014

So stylish and really pretty and cute.

sylwia.sowinska 15 Apr,2014

bardzo ładny sweterek i bardzo praktyczny:)

Piuchaq 13 Apr,2014

Me gusta mucho, se ve como un chaleco muy suave, hermoso y combinable. Se puede usar en todas las temporadas y con cualquier estilo se ropa, se ve a la moda y sin duda se ve muy cómodo.

hmranschau 06 Apr,2014

one day i will own this sweater!!!

monikaxo 04 Apr,2014

Cute and casual sweater, very nice.

ilemus77 28 Mar,2014

Es corto y muy finito. Equivale a talla S

buffay 25 Mar,2014

I'm in love with this jumper !

adriana 23 Mar,2014

I simply love this jumper! 23 Mar,2014

I love combination of black and gray, look so good

chg12706 21 Mar,2014

Material is nice and soft. Bit short in the front. Fits M/L size.

ccc 04 Mar,2014

this jumper is so hot

azzon 25 Feb,2014

This T-shirt looks really very modern and quite cute!

azzon 25 Feb,2014

So stylish and really pretty and cute. 25 Feb,2014

Camisola bem simples, mas eu adoro!

PanaitMaria 25 Feb,2014

O bluzita foarte simpatica si la moda

Florentina Mazilu 24 Feb,2014

i think is good quality and looks great

mercuril 22 Feb,2014

What a nice and really pretty style this cute T-shirt is.

mercuril 22 Feb,2014

Sooo nice and pretty looking T-shirt!

carmen 21 Feb,2014

sexy, adult colour and style

nevamai 20 Feb,2014

Poor quality. Awkward fit. Too short but doesn't look good for crop top. Small in chest area.

anna 16 Feb,2014

i love this jumper, it's casual but so cute

Noémy 14 Feb,2014

Il est vraiment parfait ce haut


muito bonita esta blusa amei a cor cinza e seu detalhe do ziper

sopolomun 11 Feb,2014

The nice and pretty look

sopolomun 11 Feb,2014

The quality seems to be really good

uy 11 Feb,2014

i love this must buy it

Rocio 10 Feb,2014

Great color..!! With a skirt or shorts is very good combination..

Noémy 09 Feb,2014

Wow ! Je n'ai pas les mots !

BCH738 07 Feb,2014

this shirt looks really cute with burgundy jeans and tan boots

didi 07 Feb,2014

This sweater seems light, perfect for warmer nights

noyoin 06 Feb,2014

Un sweater muy versátil.

andreea 05 Feb,2014

It look simple and and original

Anais 03 Feb,2014

Me gusto mucho, aunque si tienes frio no es muy buena opcion

sahoma 31 Jan,2014

Like the products and price is fair

corina 29 Jan,2014

i imagine it with a pair of shorts and some snickers :D super

aurelitab 28 Jan,2014

very nice jumper,short cut but can be weare with something underneath,I like the zips!

uy 27 Jan,2014

love it! especially the zip detail

Andreea 26 Jan,2014

I like the zip so I like the jumper.

zanchik 25 Jan,2014

I love this Silver sequined dress

femy 25 Jan,2014

Its simple but it would look great with leather and it looks comfy.

saragold92 24 Jan,2014

Love the contrast between the sleeves and the shirt!

luizinhalacerda10 24 Jan,2014


Andreea 24 Jan,2014

The colour is very cute.I love the zip.

cv 08 Jan,2014

Very nice thsi Light Grey Zippered Curved Hem Jumper

fowkes_katie 02 Jan,2014

Very happy with this product! Looks real cute. I've been wanting loose long sleeved tops for a while now and I'll be ordering more tops like these come pay day!

KRI 27 Dec,2013

Light Grey Zippered Curved Hem Jumper

alexwashere7 21 Dec,2013

nice shirt, seems comfy but a little short

lourdes91 19 Dec,2013

Me encanta el color block porque le da un toque original y a la vez puede ser un basico que combina con todo, me encanta esta prenda <3

vik 19 Dec,2013

I love this curved hem jumper. it's so amazing

vik 19 Dec,2013

I love this curved hem jumper. it's so amazing

antoss 19 Dec,2013

I`d wear`it on sunday like pj.. I don`t know..

ccc 18 Dec,2013

Light Grey Zippered Curved Hem Jumpe

xlilypop 16 Dec,2013


miana_simina 15 Dec,2013

Light Grey Zippered Curved Hem Jumper

thanhthuytweety 14 Dec,2013

Wow, this is very nice.

Nikita206 12 Dec,2013

I ordered it for my mom, it just arrived after two weeks, which I think is a reasonable time for me, since I live in central Europe. The shirt looks nice, it fits as well, its just cut short, so you might want to wear something longer underneath, otherwise really pretty

GHUJ 12 Dec,2013

I love! it, can;t wait for buying

SigneJohanneHR 08 Dec,2013

I love it, defintely cool! xx

reyesjocelyne64 08 Dec,2013

This sweater is very thin but it's still a very cute sweater. I can layer it with a jacket for the cold weather.

wee 08 Dec,2013

i reallyy love this sweater

JZ 06 Dec,2013

I really like this kind of shirt I have a black one but want this one aswell :)

thanhthuytweety 06 Dec,2013

This is simple but so cute!

leeseunghyun9690 06 Dec,2013

This is so so cute!!

mia 06 Dec,2013

i must have this in my wardrobe

( 0 ) bibo80 05 Dec,2013

C O O O O O L!!! !!!

wertuppy 04 Dec,2013

B E A U T I F U L!!! !!

carmenxs 04 Dec,2013

Oh I love it so much

yhj 03 Dec,2013

Light Grey Zippered Curved Hem Jumper

joelevy1990 30 Nov,2013

this is a very stylish shirt

Sh3342 30 Nov,2013

This is soooo pretty gonna have it ghjvfh

Sh3342 30 Nov,2013

This is soooo pretty gonna have it ycchvubi

antar65 29 Nov,2013

C O O O O O L!!!!

vvv80 29 Nov,2013

Very interesting colour and model!

bredikhina911 27 Nov,2013

Very, very good and nice!

anita 27 Nov,2013

I love this! It looks a little short though

regalclone 27 Nov,2013

This is so pretty and cool

silvia 27 Nov,2013

=inside. com Hem-J umper-p-1 07574-cat-1734.html

retoksy 26 Nov,2013

This is what I really like!

regalclone 22 Nov,2013

Nice sweater. Very comfy and oversized

JZ 22 Nov,2013

I love this shirt I have one like this got it on my birthday



alexandrabrod 19 Nov,2013

» Light Grey Zippered Curved Hem Jumper

Charlie 18 Nov,2013

Very nice shirt, I liked the colour

an 18 Nov,2013

love this! it's simple and sooo pretty

mirks459 17 Nov,2013

very i like you . . ! this is the TOP

Charlie 17 Nov,2013

Nice jumper the colours contrast really well for winter, The jumper itself is very warm and although quite small in length it is very warm and the black sleeves are very nice as they keep in the warm perfect winter wear!

melamarela123 16 Nov,2013

so cute this Light Grey Zippered Curved Hem Jumper

angie 15 Nov,2013

Gorgeous sweater, seems so hip and cool 14 Nov,2013


I have this. Its great, but runs small in size, im 171cm, and its too short 13 Nov,2013

La combinacion de telas esta padrisimo sin mencionar los detalles que tiene de los cierres la convierten de una playera casual a un toque chic

carla 12 Nov,2013

It looks great but in my opinion is too baggy.

m 11 Nov,2013

Simple but still a very chic shirt with the black details

evi 11 Nov,2013

its so bad that is made out of polyester :(

pudelko93 11 Nov,2013

Very nice to black shorts or skirt !

Eliza 10 Nov,2013

Simple but interesting at the same moment. Luv it!

monicasantos.aa 09 Nov,2013

so adorable! i love the zipper

miks459 09 Nov,2013

oh .. it is very nice

ramaczanka 08 Nov,2013

Light Grey Zippered Curved Hem Jumper

mirks459 08 Nov,2013

úžasný sveter .. v kombinovateľných farbách .. no super .. jednoduchý a krásny

carlita20002000 08 Nov,2013

cute, nice CONFORATBLE and nice cut, VERY Stylish

eviestevie 07 Nov,2013

Cute but still edgy, love it!

wannabe 02 Nov,2013

got this one in black and white. very nice sweater

mmat 02 Nov,2013

great colour of this t-shirt

kelliej95 24 Oct,2013

I love this sweater. It fits well for being one size and was super comfy!

daisy.estam 24 Oct,2013

super cute but dont love the material

helena 22 Oct,2013

chic sweater. i love it!

Berta 21 Oct,2013

Different sweater! I love his simplicity

arianna 20 Oct,2013

looks a bit large but totally in my style, love it! :D

JZ 20 Oct,2013

It looks good and comfy!

das 17 Oct,2013

Great blouse, looks very comfy

Jdub 14 Oct,2013

Way shorter than appears in photo. I can't even where it. Looks redicoulous on but super cute in photo.

princessgirl8869 07 Oct,2013

Ordered this a while ago and still haven't worn it. super cute and comfy; what more could you want?

I 04 Oct,2013

perfect sweater for this autumn

barbbrys 25 Sep,2013

lo ve this sweater so much !!

Johanna 22 Sep,2013

Great sweater, I definitly will buy it! 22 Sep,2013

Light Grey Zippered Curved Hem Jumpe is very cool I want

D 21 Sep,2013


jessy 06 Sep,2013

que camisola é linda adoro mesmo é perfeita !

truemadeleine 05 Sep,2013

Co moge powiedziec? jest cudowna 25 Aug,2013

me gusta mucho este jersey es muy lindo tiene un toque especial

sdemain 14 Aug,2013

the perfect sweater with some edge!

Kami 13 Aug,2013

Esta hermoso este buso ademas de que es fácil de combinar y queda muy bien para el día como para la noche.

nahmms2 10 Aug,2013

Impossível esse iten não ir para a minha lista de desejos. Olha que coisa linda, meu deus <3

norasg97 08 Aug,2013

Love it! Simple but great!

mariana-fortes 04 Aug,2013

absolutely perfect! on my wishlist for sure

Firefly 29 Jul,2013

That's exactly what I need!

nikaxxd 15 Jul,2013

Wspaniały! Zamek nadaje temu swetrowi wdzięku ♥

y.asgaby96 14 Jun,2013

cinza e preto, combinação perfeita.

Gea 20 May,2013

Very cool and modern jumper

Guja 13 May,2013

I love this sleeve contrast

speciallymade 06 May,2013

Very simple but it's super awesome! The color is especially great for winter!~

hoda 13 Apr,2013

Black and grey contrast are the colors of this winter 10 Apr,2013

Just got it today and it really does look simple but pretty and original. Love it. Bas sam ga dobila danas i izgleda jednostavan ali lep i originalan. Stvarno mi se svidja. Fick den precis idag och den ser väldigt enkel med fin och originell ut. Älskar den!

leduc4019 09 Apr,2013

ordered two, both are frayed at the bottom, strings hanging off of it too. Looks like crap.

nina 09 Apr,2013

1) It took 2 full months to arrive (I'm based in Europe). 2) Extremely poor quality. Wore it once and the thread on the left sleeve started to come off and ripped the it open. 3) Color is different than on the pictures. It's not grey flecked but one shade of grey (no pun intended).

are 07 Apr,2013

nice colour! and very confortable for very differents type of bodies

mija 01 Apr,2013

fora, samo nisam sigurna dal je materijal kvalitetan

GloriaFox 27 Mar,2013

Less is more! Definitely in love with the sweater. <3

Tater143 26 Mar,2013

Bought this and love it!! Love the sleeves with black ... They look great with the gray.

lauraaakammmxd 24 Mar,2013

i love that this could go casual or formal. it's goes great with anything. :)

pips 22 Feb,2013

love this one. the zipper gives another look

Anacronica 18 Feb,2013

Nice cut and composition overall. The zipper is a good touch.

Agnieszka_AP1 15 Feb,2013

Very nice sweater, soft to the touch, draws attention of passers-by. 11 Feb,2013

Just ordered this and can't wait to get it!! Love the cuffs!! 03 Feb,2013

Lovely smart but casual style, looks very easy to wear.

sungah 01 Feb,2013

Very cute. Love that there's a model pic!

androg 29 Jan,2013

Love the arms.. Cool and cozy in one sweater, love it! 27 Jan,2013

Black and grey contrast are the colors of this winter. You can find it anywhere in the stores

conceptzuz 25 Jan,2013

I really love the black-grey combination!

ktrnaflrs 20 Jan,2013

I love the zipper on the top right and how the ends of the sleeves are black. Gives a great contrast to the grey. Cool combination. I love it!

rac 19 Jan,2013

this is really great cannot imagine that this shirt can looks amazing with skirt

v 13 Jan,2013

lovely contrast! it looks awesome

k 12 Jan,2013

This is such a unique style 08 Jan,2013

LOVE the color block zipper combination! bat wings tops it off ;D

Elo 08 Jan,2013

Love this sweater! Simple but very nice!

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