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Khaki Long Sleeve Pockets Loose Cardigan Sweater

Khaki Long Sleeve Pockets Loose Cardigan Sweater

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  • Length(cm) :71CM
  • Sleeve Length(cm) :55CM
  • Shoulder(cm) :35CM
  • Size Available :One Size
  • Bust(cm) :114CM
  • Season :Fall
  • Item :Cardigan
  • Color :Khaki
  • Material :Knit
  • Style :Casual
  • Neckline :Cocoon
  • Sleeve Length :Long Sleeve
  • Types :Long
  • Pattern Type :Plain

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Mickey 16 Sep,2014

Received this today. It is a touch too big on me around the shoulders and the sleeves a tad too short, other than that, it is super cute and snuggly! Love the fabric! Looks good over everything :)

Bmthx3 09 Sep,2014

This sweater is very comfortable, I love it!

naz 08 Sep,2014

I would love to have this cardigan!

naz 08 Sep,2014

love the style, super trendy

aaa 29 Aug,2014

This looks so good, who would tell

as 26 Aug,2014

I just got this in the mail and it's super cute! I'd like to know what material it is though so I can wash it without it shrinking. Thanks

wacky_banana 19 Aug,2014

this looks exactly like the pictures, and it's very soft and warm. the only thing is it tends to slide off the shoulders but it actually looks better/more oversized that way

vkou168 08 Aug,2014

Perfect cardigan because khaki goes with anything. Soft and warm and will keep you cozy. Can wear a pair of leggings and a cute top underneath.

Ashley 25 Jul,2014

Sooo comfy ! I'm 5'8", it falls a little past my butt, sleeves stop just past my wrist, perfect! It has a strong chemical smell to it, I'm sure it'll wash out though.

Yagirl 16 Jul,2014

This cardigan is SOOOOO soft and warm! Slightly uneven and a tad shorter than expected, but overall well made and perfect color.

olxai 15 Jul,2014

I have this sweater and I love it! :D

Nuzhat 12 Jul,2014

I hope this cardigan is the right one that ive been looking for this fall. I think oversized cardigans like these are perfect for colder days and everyone should own one! 25 Jun,2014

just what i was looking for,,,hope it will be the perfect size..should i order or not????? heehee i like it i will definetly

Enchanted ANa 23 Jun,2014

I love the brown shades

S 22 Jun,2014

I've had this cardi for about six months now and I'm still in love! It has held up very well through washes and wear, remaining soft and cozy. The sleeves do come up a bit short, but personally that does bother me. Overall, a great piece.

ann 19 Jun,2014

Nice cute comfy cardigan! Love it!

Emcfar 14 Jun,2014

I'm sure it will be great once I get it... Ordered it on the 24th of June and still have not even received a tracking number..

sarge7 08 Jun,2014

This is a great classic sweater, the color is perfect, goes with all. This should be in everyone's closet!

otkljucava 07 Jun,2014


georgiamb13 05 Jun,2014


va 05 Jun,2014

I just received it today and I love it! It's a bit rough but it keeps me warm.

jj 02 Jun,2014

love the design and colour on this cardi

shija 02 Jun,2014

jest cudowny, jak pluszowy miś :)

hwilliford1 30 May,2014

Just love love love this adorable sweater! Ordering now!

alicerog 26 May,2014

i need a cardigan like that asap

nerak0890 24 May,2014

is a nice, comfy cardigan

santaziuta 18 May,2014

na pewno bardzo cieplutki i miły

mariamanfredigasset 15 May,2014

Really love this one! Very stylish

Enchanted Ana 13 May,2014

Loose cardigans are very comfortable

gew 07 May,2014

i think it s the most beautiful sweater i ever seen !

hdhdhdhdhd 01 May,2014

EN la descripción pone que es de color rojo, pero yo lo veo rosa. me encanta

lauren_ 01 May,2014

This sweater is very delicate, but still quite thick, soft and warm. I have broad shoulders, but this sweater still hung pretty nicely. I'm around 5'4" and this sweater goes down to the tops of my hips. It's not as long as I expected but still very nice quality.

zara_alm 29 Apr,2014

great product loved it!!! thank you

zara 29 Apr,2014

loved it, just like the picture.

dumitrascu florentina 12 Apr,2014

sweet cardigan, is lovely color.

hmranschau 06 Apr,2014

i want this so bad!!! !

Keiei 05 Apr,2014

I have it! It's okey. Shorter than in pictures, but it covers butt. Arms are a little bit short, but it looks good if you wear a watch or other arm candy. It had a horrible smell when i opened the package, even after i washed it, my room was smelling like chemicals. I considered giving it to dry cleaning, but now the smell is almost gone. Very warm.

lisdi 01 Apr,2014

i love this khaki cardigan

Bb23 27 Mar,2014

Great sweater, just as pictured soft and better quality than I anticipated

erinrose 19 Mar,2014

This cardigan arrived way faster than I expected so I was extremely impressed! It is super soft, warm and very cute. It looks just like the picture too! Its only downfall was that it smelt really horrible on arrival (like chemicals) but it came out eventually (:

Liz 04 Mar,2014

This is the kind of cardi sweater that'll look SUPER SOFT AND COMFY even from far away! LOVE THIS! :)

alex 04 Mar,2014

i love this cardigan, it's so stylish

adushka15 03 Mar,2014

great knit cardigan, love it

sverimolle 03 Mar,2014

Looks amazing and really pretty! Love this cardigan.

sverimolle 03 Mar,2014

So so cute, I love this cardigan.

grnofkm 23 Feb,2014

prefect for fall! i love it

fwkn 23 Feb,2014

nice color and so cozy

gimme_ur_tots72 21 Feb,2014

Even though it arrived smelling like a plastic factory and the seam at the back of the neck was coming undone, this is still somehow a fantastic sweater hehe! The smell came out with Frebreeze and the seam was easy enough to stitch up. The sweater is so comfortable and drapes really nicely on the body. Definitely worth a purchase

sarahaha 20 Feb,2014

just ordered it, I'm so excited :))

dsfgre 20 Feb,2014

i want this! the color is so pretty

helennnie 20 Feb,2014

cute and comfy but it has a very strong chemical odor

alex 19 Feb,2014

I ordered this cardigan and today it arrived. I only had to wait for week and half and it looks exactly like on the picture! It's really nice and comfy but the only thing is that you have to wash it right away because it smells like rubber

jess 18 Feb,2014

I'm in love with this sweater! It's very warm and comfortable, and looks amazing with almost every outfit that I own, but it's a little uneven (one side is longer than other) but it's not really visible. I'm happy with my purchase

klopserry 10 Feb,2014

Cute and really pretty cardigan

clau 05 Feb,2014

imi p l a c e mult

andreea 05 Feb,2014

Very comfortable, and I love the color

niallhoraanfuuckmeepleasee 05 Feb,2014

I love this cardigan sweater

niallhoraanfuuckmeepleasee 05 Feb,2014

Khaki Long Sleeve Pockets Loose Cardigan Sweater

clchang93 02 Feb,2014

love this sweater! it's really warm and very versatile

irinae 02 Feb,2014

Perfect color, length and material. Every girls baggy sweater must have.

valalex80 01 Feb,2014

so pretty, so nice I like it

safia.gourari 30 Jan,2014

Ce gilet est juste magnifique c'est mon plus bel achat sur ce site !

S.N 27 Jan,2014

Je vient de le commander ! je suis trop contente !!

brekehinde 24 Jan,2014

Looks very cute and comfy

georbri14 22 Jan,2014

even though it was a lot shorter than i had expected i love it because its soo comfortable!

geema ward 17 Jan,2014

very very chic cardigan/sweater!!

ewe 08 Jan,2014

bardzo ciekawy sweter - przyjemny krój i kolor!

Ilona 07 Jan,2014

Kolejne cudo na mojej wishlist :)

Annie 03 Jan,2014

I love this cardigan!I will definitely order this in the future.

penhorjoana 02 Jan,2014

Khaki Long Sleeve Pockets Loose Cardigan Sweater

Em 02 Jan,2014

Totally fashion forward!! A lot of people seem to like it too! That's always a good sign!!

Madison 01 Jan,2014

wish it wasn't in one size :|

mdg 01 Jan,2014

Cute and comfy. A very versatile piece.

lo 28 Dec,2013

Cool thing! I would wear it

k 27 Dec,2013

This cardigan looks so warm and comfy!

katharina.kaeufl 26 Dec,2013

Love it, really nice piece! Definitely going to order it!

lokobase 25 Dec,2013

Oh amazing cardigan sweater, I like it.

anyajang 24 Dec,2013

It looks comfy. Just ordered it!

eu 23 Dec,2013

Khaki Long Sleeve Pockets Loose Cardigan Sweater

Clauss 23 Dec,2013

Beautiful ... I love the color and style

brendalewis910 23 Dec,2013

i lik this sweater a lot

havana 22 Dec,2013

Khaki Long Sleeve Pockets Loose Cardigan Sweater

mircea 22 Dec,2013

Khaki Long Sleeve Pockets Loose Cardigan Sweater

klj 22 Dec,2013

Sleeve Pockets Loose Cardigan Sweater

valalex80 20 Dec,2013

Pretty and beautiful cardigan sweater.

caserter 19 Dec,2013

So nice and warm cardigan sweater

tammysbatmitzvah 18 Dec,2013

this sweater is great for layering and to just throw on. and looks super comfy

tswohlbr 18 Dec,2013

love this sweater. looks so comfy and perfect with some boots

dana 17 Dec,2013

i want this beautiful cardigan!

eviestevie 15 Dec,2013

This knitted cardi looks super cozy!

brunchi 13 Dec,2013

wspaniały sweterek i ten piekny kolor

galya 13 Dec,2013

Love this so much supper cute.

rialakhani 10 Dec,2013

Just received this yesterday!! So warm and fuzzy! Love it!

Nestea 10 Dec,2013

I ordered this November 24th and it arrived about 10 days later. Reading all the reviews some said it would take about 2-3 weeks and the customer service told me as well. i was really skeptical of purchasing at sheinside but because i love all their clothes i was willing to wait. The customer is thru chat online, they responded to my questions right away. I'm 5'3, 120lbs i wear small or medium, it depends. I was also scared about the one size/sizes but thankful for those buyers who also made comments about measurements. Overall. i give sheinside 10 stars!!! I was really happy for all the clothes i purchased, i spent almost $250 but its i loved it!!! I will order more soon. I love this sweater!! Very comfortable/ Warm/ cozy and very cute for any outfit! Buy it you wont regret!!

Andreea 10 Dec,2013

I love very much the colour and the material.

georgia 09 Dec,2013

very very chic cardigan/sweater!!

lovemanga16 08 Dec,2013

looks really comfy, but it probably won't look oversized on me ;/

nini444 08 Dec,2013

I just love it, it looks so comfy and fashionable.

jaycheee 07 Dec,2013

looks like a very nice cardigan

sng 07 Dec,2013

Khaki Long Sleeve Pockets Loose Cardigan Sweater pictures Khaki Long Sleeve Pockets Loose Cardigan Sweater 1K+ Khaki Long Sleeve Pockets Loose Cardigan Sweater

natalie 07 Dec,2013

best cardigan I ever had!

Vero4 07 Dec,2013

just received it. I love everything about it. Great sweater!

poonjinx 04 Dec,2013

cozy and comfy for the winter

mrDen85 04 Dec,2013

Love this so much supper cute.

iryna 04 Dec,2013

Great) Passes to many clothes

g.defriese 03 Dec,2013

Love it. Super comfy, oversized, and soft. It goes with tons of outfits. I've gotten many compliments!

Marita 02 Dec,2013

I'm wearing this cardigan at this moment, and I love it! Warm and comfy. But it's a bit short in the arms.

Zozox 29 Nov,2013

Tellement agréable!!! je l'adore!!! Dehors, dedans, partout! Il est trop beau!

Gaby 28 Nov,2013

Kinda irritated that the price went down right after I bought it...

mrDen85 28 Nov,2013

this looks so cute and comfy!

joanabr 26 Nov,2013

é lindo em preto seria perfeito


I really do love this sweater.

jordiechick 26 Nov,2013

This sweater is 100x smaller than pictured. which is annoying because you can't even choose your size. i waited a month for it to arrive, for it to not even fit like SheInside falsely advertises

joelevy1990 26 Nov,2013

this is a veyr cute sweater

marizza16 26 Nov,2013

I´m in love with this cardigan.Its so warm!!

hih 25 Nov,2013

I'm in love with that sweater, looking soo warm and soft <3

ttchi 25 Nov,2013

wooah this is so cool but looks so big :/

iryna 24 Nov,2013

Wonderful cardigan! I love it

mnjh 24 Nov,2013

Khaki Long Sleeve Pockets Loose Cardigan Sweater

jaaa 24 Nov,2013

nice khaki sweater love it

R 23 Nov,2013

This sweater is so awesome it made me cry!!!!

jhgf 22 Nov,2013

Nouvelle acquisition, hate de le recevoir :)c'est genial

oly 22 Nov,2013

cute fall sweater. looks comfy

Visitmeinprism 21 Nov,2013

It's so cute but I'm scared something will happen in postage!!

b 21 Nov,2013

This is so cute and looks so comfy I'd love to have this

marciakaweski 21 Nov,2013

cute fall sweater. looks comfy

gg 20 Nov,2013

cute fall sweater. looks comfy

lucy777 20 Nov,2013

Such a cute fall sweater! Can't wait to get it in the mail!

thuychi 20 Nov,2013

i want it, it's so cool !

A 19 Nov,2013

Khaki Long Sleeve Pockets Loose Cardigan Sweater

Monique 19 Nov,2013

This sweater really wasn't what I was expecting. if it is going to be one size it should be oversized and it is not. The sleeves are pretty short. The material is also a little scratchy too. Hopefully it will soften after the first wash.

kamilla21 18 Nov,2013

so perfect,really cute, especially on autumn and winter!

ana 16 Nov,2013

Just received this cardigan and its different in person than in the picture. Im 5'4, Its not as long, goes just passed my butt, sleeves are a bit short and color is lighter than picture. But very soft and comfy.

Sam 16 Nov,2013

Great length to go with some cozy leggings

Mrs. Stewart 15 Nov,2013

Im 5'4 and 115 lbs. This sweater is different in person. In the picture it looks longer and darker colored. This sweater on me covers my butt and the sleeves are a lil bit too short for my taste but its super soft fabric and comfy. Still like it. Im sure ill eventually love it.

lynneas 14 Nov,2013


lynneas 14 Nov,2013


delma321 14 Nov,2013

Nice sweater i love it ! :D

joelevy1990 13 Nov,2013

this looks so comfortable love it

dmmmm 13 Nov,2013

The cardigan is a different color than pictured, darker like tan.

Danielle 09 Nov,2013

Khaki loose cardigan sweater, perfect for autumn evenings.

Ewelina 08 Nov,2013

uwielbiam kardigany, na zimowe wieczory!

Jessica 08 Nov,2013

A bit too long for tiny me (5'3''), but it looks lovely and it's warm and cozy. Perfect this time of year.

paulinha_g's 08 Nov,2013

Amazing, Simplesmente lindo lindo demais

paulinha_g's 08 Nov,2013

Adorei a cor desse suéter, demais

jaycheee 07 Nov,2013

looks like a very warm cardie :)

Dim 06 Nov,2013

I'm def going to buy this one. Loving the careless yet stylish vibe it has. Perfect for autumn walks, that's for sure.

berta 05 Nov,2013

monisiimo gardigan de color topo!

n 05 Nov,2013

Khaki Long Sleeve Pockets Loose Cardigan Sweater

violetspring 04 Nov,2013

finally arrived in the mail! warm and cozy. totally satisfied!

asd 04 Nov,2013

this is such a nice cardigan, looks perfect for autumn and winter

Anais 02 Nov,2013

So beautiful, I need this one too.

Jess 31 Oct,2013

Seems very comfy and warm! I love the two different textures. The neutral colour could match anything :)

thepolonaise 30 Oct,2013

this looks so cute and comfy!

gabyventura58 27 Oct,2013

this is perfect for the cold weather! plus i've been looking for this type of long cardigan. very exited.

Licazy 26 Oct,2013

It is spring here and I really want to wear this cardigan, it is too cute.

jay 24 Oct,2013

this cardigan keeps me very warm.

Jmartinez8455 23 Oct,2013

I live the fit and I love the feel!! Would highly recommend 22 Oct,2013

so perfect for fall and winter

smcgrath 19 Oct,2013

so cute and perfect for fall!

bethany wynkoop 18 Oct,2013

Love this so much supper cute.

jmahugs09 18 Oct,2013

I looove, love, looooooooove this sweater. Just got mine in today. It's very well made, the exact color, very thick material.... The only thing I didn't like about it is that it's not as long as I thought it would be. I'm 5'5", 150lbs, athletic build and it falls just past my butt. I thought it would fall mid thigh, but oh well. Still worth every penny!!!!!

ll 17 Oct,2013

I've been eyeing this cardigan for a while now and thought it was a great bargain for under 20 euros. Today I finally gave in and came back to this website. Turns out the price has been upped by 7 euros. Not impressed.

Maddie 16 Oct,2013

I really would like this for winter too.. I need more jackets/coats!

palm0817 16 Oct,2013

The original pictures don't do it justice! I love the color combination with the material.

jesswuzherelol 13 Oct,2013

It seems so soft and comfy!

chloe.devaney29 12 Oct,2013

been eyeing this cardigan for a while, it looks so soft and cuddly! love it

fashionfrommabel 11 Oct,2013

So cute! Great for fall :)

allydefranco 11 Oct,2013

beautiful sweater. great knit and texture!

julia.saliani 10 Oct,2013

Such a good buy. i wear it all the time. looks great and keeps me very cozy 10 Oct,2013

This looks so cozy and comfy!

Larissa 09 Oct,2013

This sweater looks beautiful, can't wait to wear it!

Deb 09 Oct,2013

I love love love this sweater.

Anastasija 09 Oct,2013

Looks sooo comfy! I can't wait till it arrives

thaingar 08 Oct,2013

looks warm and fashionable. added to wishlist!

Brisa 07 Oct,2013

This is the most cozy fall sweater I have ever own!I love it because is very warm and stylish, I will wear it with everything! It's my favorite sweater of fall 2013! :) Me encanta porque es bién comodo y calientito, está es mi sweater favorita del 2013 :) te la recomiendo mucho.

bff 07 Oct,2013

so cute perfect for fall

alexis 07 Oct,2013

Love it! Super cute and perfect for any fall getaway. 06 Oct,2013

I have kept this in my shopping cart just so i can look at it again and again. Obssession!!!

domciks 06 Oct,2013

I want it! Seriously I'm fall in love in this sweater

wlochata 06 Oct,2013

Such a great cardigan perfect for fall

michelle 05 Oct,2013

excited. i want this soon

domciks 05 Oct,2013

I love the bagginess and comfy feel to this sweater plus it can work over so many outfits

drumcats 04 Oct,2013

perfect sweater, so soft and comfy.

twinkletoes0913 27 Sep,2013

this sweater looks so soft and comfy! and it could be paired with absolutely anything. definitely a good find.

kas 26 Sep,2013

LOve such a great price wear it alot

gabriela.ficek 25 Sep,2013

cudowny, cieplutki, przyjemny materiał. polecam w 100% 25 Sep,2013

Love it! It's just perfect for this season! :)

Jaji 25 Sep,2013

This is so cute definitely would want it!

Ashleynicole 24 Sep,2013

Great knit cardigan for fall

JJ 24 Sep,2013

This is so pretty, im definitely going to order this! 23 Sep,2013

I need this right now!

trisha 23 Sep,2013

such a cute cardigan..cant wait for it to come in :)

e 22 Sep,2013

ai que cosa tan maravillo

eriiinm 22 Sep,2013

This is the kind of cardi sweater that'll look SUPER SOFT AND COMFY even from far away! LOVE THIS! 22 Sep,2013

Khaki Long Sleeve Pockets Loose Cardigan Sweater is perfect for me

Johanna 19 Sep,2013

Got mine yesterday and really like it! It is just perfect for fall. 19 Sep,2013

Just ordered this cardy. Can't wait to wear it!

lickorishgirl07 19 Sep,2013

This is my pumpkin day sweater. rawr

ally 17 Sep,2013

woooow looks so cozy :>

Yodit 17 Sep,2013

I'm so excited to get this piece. It's absolutely perfect for those days when you don't feel like dressing up but you don't want to look like a hot mess either. This was exactly what I was looking for.

mila 17 Sep,2013

Such a great cardigan perfect for fall

slockwood 08 Sep,2013

Ahh I can't wait for this to come in! It's a perfect fall transition piece to pair with some summer clothing items and is so cute!

teddeybear28 07 Sep,2013

I love the bagginess and comfy feel to this sweater plus it can work over so many outfits

katiehock 06 Sep,2013

this is perfect and can work over so many outfits

ellebell562 06 Sep,2013

LOVE this cardigan cannot wait for it to arrive!

saraxo 05 Sep,2013

this is perfect for fall and winter, looking forward to buying it

DanaeAllan 31 Aug,2013

This is a lovely cardigan, can't wait to wear it.

jessy 30 Aug,2013

mas adoro este cardigan ! é mesmo perf

abigailindc 29 Aug,2013

really cute for fall. Want this so bad!

jamie.lynn 28 Aug,2013

A cozy, comfortable and cute look for fall and winter! I can't wait to get this!

Svetlana6 28 Aug,2013

This is a very cool thing, especially on autumn)))

sarahsaru 27 Aug,2013

Seriously in love with this sweater - I want it for Fall time now!

ab 17 Aug,2013

this is beautiful. i really like it, color, shape.. everything.

laumas69 13 Aug,2013

Nouvelle acquisition, hate de le recevoir :)c'est genial 08 Aug,2013

Love this look for fall!!

gracelcoury 07 Aug,2013

Such a cute fall sweater! Can't wait to get it in the mail!

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