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Green Stripes Loose Sweater with Pocket

Green Stripes Loose Sweater with Pocket

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Collar: 22cm
Sleeve Length: 34cm (short-sleeve)
Shoulder Width: 67cm
Chest Width: 57cm
Length: 55cm
Sleeve Width: 11.5cm
Material:elastic knitted

  • Shoulder(cm) :67cm
  • Size Available :one size
  • Bust(cm) :57cm
  • Sleeve Length(cm) :34cm
  • Length(cm) :55cm
  • Item :Pullovers
  • Color :Green
  • Material :Knit
  • Style :Casual
  • Neckline :Round Neck
  • Sleeve Length :Long Sleeve
  • Types :Bat
  • Pattern Type :Striped
  • Decoration :Pockets

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miumiu 03 Sep,2014

so cool.this is great combination of different details.little bit of stripes, little bit of great orange and elbow patches details

Kinga 30 Aug,2014

This is amazing sweater :3 I like it.

Rayssa Godinho 30 Aug,2014

Lovely sweater I need one

alouette6 22 Aug,2014

Świetny sweterek, wygląda na cieplutki :)

anh.nguyenvan7798 10 Aug,2014

cute sweater for winter, it's a pity that there's only a unique size

squeers 08 Aug,2014

this too cute striped sweater!

kgrahamcracker 20 Jul,2014

i mean, the best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time, am I right?

jakkilew 20 Jul,2014

really love how unique this piece is!! 20 Jul,2014

wow chciałabym ten sweter

aylin 19 Jul,2014

nice colours like that sweater

aylin 19 Jul,2014

It is adorable and comphy

ESRA 18 Jul,2014

LOVE the color block zipper combination!

esra 18 Jul,2014

Love this sweater! Simple but very nice!

ELVAN 12 Jul,2014


ELVAN 12 Jul,2014


mya 25 Jun,2014

It looks so comfortable and cute!!!

vladermurachi 21 Jun,2014

It's just adorabl if look like in the picture 19 Jun,2014

I love this green color. <3

jessica 19 Jun,2014

Lovely stripes, very comfortable and warm blouse.

Hipsteria 14 Jun,2014

Muy bonito, la foto se ajusta bastante a lo que es en realidad. Cortito, como decis las que lo teneis, pero estiloso.

mica_sofi_9 06 Jun,2014

me fascina este sweater, lo voy a comprar, me inspira a hacer muchos outfits. me gusta el estilo y el color :D

pats 14 May,2014

El color es precioso y le da un toque romántico al outfit!!! ME ENCANTA.

casper 07 May,2014

I have & love this sweater but it is pretty short on definitely have to wear something under it if you don't want your stomach exposed when you move. Otherwise it is very comfy and cute. 03 May,2014

Very nice and modern blouse, I want for ME <3

panna_kolorowa 02 May,2014

Ten sweterek jest taki słodki. Ta kieszonka to kwintesencja całości.

nika98 16 Apr,2014

śliczny kolor i krój, bardzo mi się podoba ;)

Yu 03 Apr,2014

I have a doubt I want to purchase this sweater in this colour but the measurements in the size chart seem wrong, because in the grey-white sweater (which is exactly the same as this one)the centimeters are completely different. If anyone can help me that'd be great.

nenita_im 03 Apr,2014

Me encanta este suéter lo quiero

Paula 01 Apr,2014

Me acaba de llegar y es igual a la foto. Muy bonito para los noches de verano. Sólo tener en cuenta que es bastante corto al igual que las mangas.

Hybridlove 24 Mar,2014

Es genial! Me encanta! Es perfecto para la primavera, ya que no es muy calentito y tiene colores alegres!

olya0320 23 Mar,2014

Great sweater,it's really pretty! Included it in my wish list

valiusha14 16 Mar,2014

lovely style and nice color

Morphine 14 Mar,2014

Nice sweater, but I was just a bit disappointed that It's actually light green and a light brown colour instead of a creamy white that it looks in the preview. The pocket is just sewn on and isn't a real pocket but that's nothing. Some people say it's pretty short... I'm a tall girl and I didn't have too much of a problem with it. The neck doesn't stretch at all but again, thats nothing. I'm just the kind of girl who loves oversized sweaters that hang off the shoulder and sweater paws. Anyway. Cute sweater, you can wear it with a million things a million ways.

maika.serrrod 13 Mar,2014

Es de muy buena calidad. Abriga bastante pero creía que era mas larga.

Maria 13 Mar,2014

I ordered this sweater, it is beauful, the fabric is really nice and soft, it is exactly like the picture and fits so well, I am gonna get this sweater in other color for sure.

S_Cora 03 Mar,2014

Très bon article, très bonne qualité, et qui taille très bien ! Je suis très satisfaite de cet achat et je vous le conseille ! :)

alkaasa 27 Feb,2014

super cute,would love to have one my self

alkaasa 27 Feb,2014

Love it!!! <3 love the green color

pacediamore 27 Feb,2014

es precioso!Ideal para las noches de verano

martina 27 Feb,2014

i love that colour, lovely!

mady 23 Feb,2014

i adore the green stripes

maria 15 Feb,2014

Este sweater es exactamente igual al de la imagen, el material es de muy buena calidad y es muy suave, gratamente sorprendida con el!

Lorena22 15 Feb,2014

Los colores dan mas brillo a la piel clara y hace un tono más bonito, lo recomiendo.

dondawid 09 Feb,2014

it is very nice jacket <3 ;pz 05 Feb,2014

Great sweater, really comfy and trendy!

Liz 05 Feb,2014

this is great combination of different details.little bit of stripes, little bit of great orange and elbow patches details

Mfr_mirelia 03 Feb,2014

Es original, me parece estupendo

jk 01 Feb,2014

Fantastyczna zieleń, idealna, delikatna. Fajny ten sweterek

DaaiOliveira 30 Jan,2014

is really beautiful, i like

k 26 Jan,2014

it looks really very nice

AkaneDee 23 Jan,2014

Love this sweater-- the sleeves are a little short to I push them up, but it's still great <3

georbri14 22 Jan,2014

absolutely love this sweater! ive gotten so many compliments already!

beeitta 21 Jan,2014

Que bonitoooo este jersey!! M eencanta. Como vienen las tallaS?

yaynee 17 Jan,2014

This sweater is absolutely adorable! It's fashionable and comfy

smileypc 13 Jan,2014

absolute cutest sweater I own

irinaK 07 Jan,2014

It's so cute but also bit small.

tomolluny 06 Jan,2014

So so pretty and with a pocket!

ichbinmanu 06 Jan,2014

I really like the sweater for a casual look. It's a bit short, but I'm a small person (165cm) and no problem for me. But if you're taller than 175cm it might be too short

Bexybarl 05 Jan,2014

adorable, so cute, would buy!

kaykay 01 Jan,2014

This is super fashionable and very cozy. Would recommend to all.

Jay 29 Dec,2013

Casual sweater, it's pretty cool!

Aks 29 Dec,2013

This looks so nice and warm

ertumer 23 Dec,2013

Very very pretty sweater, I like it!

niikii 22 Dec,2013

i love it!its great for a casual outfit

dsf 16 Dec,2013

this is one of my favs. great sweater

nata_96 15 Dec,2013

Green Stripes Loose Sweater with Pocket Amazing sweater!

vee_loos 15 Dec,2013

very comfy and easy to wear, loving the pocket!!

amanda 14 Dec,2013

looks great for a loose comfy but stylish outfit

gogo 14 Dec,2013

this is very nice! i like it

nata_96 14 Dec,2013

Green Stripes Loose Sweater with Pocket 14 Dec,2013

Estou apaixonada por tudo do site!

LIDA_9406 13 Dec,2013

The color looks really pretty 12 Dec,2013

I really like it, but it's quite short considering it's just right for me and I'm only 5.3! Also, its not the most flattering, since the stripes are really wide and its a loose fitting... but other than that the colour and shape is nice and its comfy!

carlita20002000 11 Dec,2013

waw would love this sweater

anik 10 Dec,2013

nice Green Stripes Loose Sweater with Pocket

jayb 10 Dec,2013

beautiful striped sweater!it looks comfortable! ;)

irinaK_088 10 Dec,2013

such a cute stylish sweater! i want it!

mirks459 09 Dec,2013

very very nice stripes sweater .. very i like you

ler 07 Dec,2013

I really want this sweater. Great for fall!

dawid 06 Dec,2013

nice greey colour it is nice

olya 06 Dec,2013

this sweater is so cute!

salifano 06 Dec,2013

Looks nice but why are the sleeves are so short

zagaetskjayai 06 Dec,2013

Great colour, and great print

thanhthuytweety 05 Dec,2013

This is a really nice color

mamganna 04 Dec,2013

my best friend have it, very nice desing

ton 03 Dec,2013

love this top looks super comfy

scab 03 Dec,2013

Conveniently it is fashionable and stylish.

Dalina 02 Dec,2013

Does anyone know how to track your order? I've clicked the button "track" in "my orders" but it wont lead me to anything!

JCarvalho 01 Dec,2013

Grey Long Sleeve Crane Embroidered Knit Sweater-I WANT IT! SO NICE!:p

npoon 29 Nov,2013

cute sweater. cute colours. hope it fits

ramaczanka 29 Nov,2013

Nice, but harm it is not in black

melamarela123 28 Nov,2013

Green Stripes Loose Sweater with Pocket

tammysbatmitzvah 28 Nov,2013

wow this is really cute! must have it

scab 27 Nov,2013

I thought it was very functional

biba45654565 27 Nov,2013

so pretty Green Stripes Loose Sweater with Pocket

vittoria.giorgi 27 Nov,2013

this is great combination of different details.little bit of stripes, little bit of great orange and elbow patches details

amandamikol 26 Nov,2013

I really love this sweater for fall

sopolomun 26 Nov,2013

Extra ordinary and good looking!

retoksy 26 Nov,2013

I think this sweater will be nice not only with jeans.

gala95 26 Nov,2013

I thought it was very functional

theresa 25 Nov,2013

this is so cute! looks lovely on the girls in the photos but wish the pocket wasnt so big :/

sng 25 Nov,2013

what a very fashionable piece 25 Nov,2013

LOVE LOVE LOVE. Perfect with dark jeans and combat boots. 25 Nov,2013

I saw this online on Pinterest and was so excited to see this on sale for a great price! Definitely going to buy :)

teresako 25 Nov,2013

such a nice casual sweater!!!

bozus12 24 Nov,2013

nice colours it is the best

tiger 23 Nov,2013

my sister have it and is great

penhorjoana 22 Nov,2013

Green Stripes Loose Sweater with Pocket

Judilli 21 Nov,2013

I received mine today:) It fits perfectly. Don't have any problems with short sleeves and it's "loose" and oversized. Absolutly adorable:)

Paola 20 Nov,2013

This sweater is super cute, I loved it.

ads 19 Nov,2013

Green Stripes Loose Sweater with Pocket

marjolijnoostermeijer 18 Nov,2013

i love this sweater, there are so many things you can pair it with

Skye 17 Nov,2013

Just got this sweater- & it looks so adorable! It's just like in the picture (so don't worry about it looking any different) & even the quality seems pretty nice. Lovely item, glad I purchased it!

lucy777 17 Nov,2013

woww! Is very,very beutiful!!

flori 13 Nov,2013

me encanta ese color. es hermoso. muy lindo.

ssa 12 Nov,2013

This sweater looks very cute

alex 11 Nov,2013

want it now, it's so pretty :)

ninahenny 09 Nov,2013

love this cardigan, very nice , modern, casual

mmat 09 Nov,2013

this is a great sweater

biba45654565 08 Nov,2013

so pretty and adorable sweater

mirks459 07 Nov,2013

it's very good .. i like it

mirks459 07 Nov,2013

this is love .. very very nice

pt.teixeij 06 Nov,2013

I can't decide which color I like best in this model, both are so cute!

lstairs 06 Nov,2013

Very cute and comfortable in person. Sleeves seem they'd they'd be full length, but more of a ¾ length. Still adorable!

vittoria.giorgi 05 Nov,2013

in ogni foto ha un colore diverso, qualcuno sa dirmi di che colore è ? è verdino menta ?


me gusta mucho este jersey

thuychi 04 Nov,2013

this is so cute !!! want it so much :)

thuychi 03 Nov,2013

I want it now, it's so pretty :)

c 02 Nov,2013

Green Stripes Loose Sweater with Pocket 30 Oct,2013

donde puedo ver los comenarios?

Alexis 28 Oct,2013

Takes a while to ship

karma.grindl 27 Oct,2013

great sweater, amazing colour, perfect fit. 26 Oct,2013

it's fabulous!!!!!! i like it so much

amyjlie 24 Oct,2013

The color is very wearable and versatile for any season!

daisy.estam 24 Oct,2013

i like it but wish the pocket was a bit smaller

regina 23 Oct,2013

its looked really good the style was nice but material not that good

lmacairan1 22 Oct,2013

its a great casual sweater!

helena 22 Oct,2013

if the sweater was a bit longer and the sleeves weren't as short, it would be amazing!

Rui 20 Oct,2013

I ordered this for my friend and she loves it. The sweater is soft and the fake pocket is unique because of the small belt. Overall, great sweater.

Deb 17 Oct,2013

Such a cute sweater i love it

onyu.myung 16 Oct,2013

SO pretty! and So comfy

palm0817 16 Oct,2013

I love this sweater so much! I expected the pocket to look strange but I ended up loving it.

Jen 15 Oct,2013

This sweater is so nice. I wish the sleeves were longer though.

lol 14 Oct,2013

omg this sweater is so cute :3

shellz 14 Oct,2013

Sweater is cute but a bit small. The pocket in the front is abnormally large and the white stripe is more cream. Pretty thin material but I did not expect anything great for that price. 14 Oct,2013

this is soo pretty i want it 14 Oct,2013

i want this so bad!

a 14 Oct,2013

great sweater, i bought it! :D 12 Oct,2013

Looks super cute! A bit small though~

Alice 12 Oct,2013

This design should be made into a longer sleeve sweater

orianneeee 11 Oct,2013

so pretty, and beautiful colours too! so easy to match stuff to that :) 07 Oct,2013

Green Stripes Loose Sweater with Pocket

nuriacg 05 Oct,2013

It's so cute but also bit small. 04 Oct,2013

This sweater is short and does not fit right. I have a normal sized (med) body and this made me look like a xxxl

Maddie 04 Oct,2013

Looks super cute! A bit small though~

t 03 Oct,2013

This is an adorable sweater. I bought something similar to this for my cousin and it looks great on her.

annett08 03 Oct,2013

Smaller than anticipated, but very cute and casual nonetheless!

stacyd533 01 Oct,2013

I was really excited about this sweater. It ended up being a lot shorter than I expected in the body length as well as the arms. The arms were also tighter fitting than I anticipated. I'm 5'8, and it's just too short in the body for me. I expected it would be a nice, over-sized sweater, but it barely hits at the top of my jeans. To be fair, in some of the pictures posted, it does show it hitting rather high up. I'm just disappointed that I can't wear it.

jhg 30 Sep,2013

es hermoso! tal como luce en las fotos, muy lindo material.

pos 27 Sep,2013

this sweater is so cute! love the colors

Bila 22 Sep,2013

This is great and easy to combine

Silvia 22 Sep,2013

I completely love this one with green army chiffon blouse <3

Silvia 22 Sep,2013

I love this sweater along with army green chiffon blouse <3

gogopyokoultra 22 Sep,2013

This sweater is so cute!

cezy7 21 Sep,2013

It's lovely. I can't wait to have it :D

R 21 Sep,2013


cant wait to get this

Patricia 14 Sep,2013

Tengo este jersey desde el año pasado y me sigue gustando cada día más. Es precioso

ToVul 13 Sep,2013

Really cute sweater! Love it so much

kyle_atreides 12 Sep,2013

I just received this sweater and I can't be happier! The fabric is soft, better than what I imagined. It's comfy and quite warm. I think he color is greener than pictured above, and the white stripes are not quite white, it's more in the line of cream or light brown. Having said that, I definitely will order again from sheinside!

evie 09 Sep,2013

Love the style of this! The pocket makes it so unique

Lulu 31 Aug,2013

Cute sweater. I am usually a size S or M in tops, with bust of 32 C. If you didn't notice, all of the pictures have the girls with the sleeves ROLLED UP and that's because they are pretty short!

naduz85 31 Aug,2013

es hermoso! tal como luce en las fotos, muy lindo material.

jessy 30 Aug,2013

esta camisola é mesmo linda me faz lembrar o mar !

teddeybear28 27 Aug,2013

So adorable and cute! Not to mention super comfortable! I love it

Marta 23 Aug,2013

I love it!! I would wear it always! And matches with almost everything. The only bad thing is that if your are taller than 1.60 the sleeves can be quite short. For me it is perfect!

twhiz 21 Aug,2013

I love this sweater! It's cute and comfy! I wear it all the time. You can dress it up or wear it to lounge around in. Either way you will look and feel amazing in it!

chikis3092 13 Aug,2013


Josie 13 Aug,2013

Because its one size the jumper size wasn't too great. The sleeves were too short and my belly was a bit exposed. So I couldn't wear this in cold weather. It's ok though because I wear a strappy beige top underneath tucked into my trousers so that my belly is never out and it's not getting cold! Lovely material and design just be weary about the size issue!

Munirah 10 Aug,2013

it is so cute and it matches with everything ahhh i love it!!!

Sabrina Paradis 02 Aug,2013

C'est vraiment beau ce style :)

Sabrina 01 Aug,2013

Jadoooore vraiment trop ce style!

machopig 30 Jul,2013

The sweater is just as it looks and it is really a great buy <3 It's so cute and soft and makes you look cute in return :D

kello0gs 15 Jul,2013

I brought this in green and pink. super cute and soft :) pretty inexpensive too, especially since i used a coupon. warning for taller girls (like 5'1 and up) or someone with a longer upper body, this sweater would look very short on you. my sister whose 5'4, when she wears this the sleeves goes up to her elbow and the sweater is more like a crop top for her. but for me it fit perfectly fine. Love love :)

nikaxxd 15 Jul,2013

Ma bardzo uroczy kolorek, kocham ♥

Chachachica11496 08 Jul,2013

If I had this, I would wear it all the time

l 03 Jul,2013

This is seriously so cute!

annikalaura98 25 Jun,2013

This sweater is so comfy and cute. Goes great with a button-up shirt and nice skater skirt :)

emski1 25 Jun,2013

Very cute but on the short side. I'm 5'6" and it fits more like a crop top.

thesushieyes 18 Jun,2013

Cutest sweater can't wait to get it 06 May,2013

This sweater is very very cute 05 May,2013

So cosy to wear! Awesome and nice colors! Mint is my fav for now ;)

tara.benson0 01 May,2013

I absolutely love this sweater, i get so many compliments on it. Its comfortable and looks good with just about anything!

belinda.marie86 29 Apr,2013

Love this sweater! Probably my favorite piece of clothing in my closet now!

lolo21797 29 Apr,2013

Great for everyday wear and a lovely sweater for the winter/spring!

j 25 Apr,2013

my best friend have it, very nice desing 23 Apr,2013

got mine a couple weeks ago and I really love it! the colors are off and I bought it when there weren't exact measurements so I wasn't expecting it to be so short. also the pocket is more in the middle and I wish it was more on the side. still a very cute sweater 19 Apr,2013

this is kinda cute!love it

LizzH 17 Apr,2013

its perfecT, want to wear this all time

hoda 13 Apr,2013

This sweater is cute with jeans and all dressed up

speciallymade 12 Apr,2013

Would look great with a skirt and boots!

an 10 Apr,2013

Green Stripes Loose Sweater with Pocket

wq 31 Mar,2013

This sweater is amazing! I love it!

we 31 Mar,2013

i loooooooooooooooove this sweeater! :D

lucia 22 Mar,2013

love it, but sleeves are too short!

atc 10 Mar,2013

het heeft vrij goed materiaal voor het maken van outfit..

Melanie_969 08 Mar,2013

Bonito jersey, pero las mangas son un poco cortas para mi gusto...

gigi 04 Mar,2013

I'm in love with this sweater in all colors and combinations!

ventrikula 26 Feb,2013

This sweater is so nice!

kdallie 26 Feb,2013

I love this sweater! Just so you know the belt on the pocket is actually black not brown! Cute!

Sorry,the belt is black,we will fix the picture on our site as soon as possible.

26 Feb,2013

ala 24 Feb,2013


Breannayaj 19 Feb,2013

Ordered this for the beautiful color and I love it !!

Breannayaj 18 Feb,2013

Such a cute sweater ! I'm pretty petite (5'2) and it fits super comfy and cute !

amandapie 18 Feb,2013

looks so cute in the picture, and the belt at the top of the pocket is a perfect touch to the nautical color scheme. a bit worried about ordering the sweater, though, because of reviews that the colors are darker and the size runs small. this is a problem for tall athletic girls like me haha, but thanks SheInside for adding many more specific size measurements :)

well, a slight colore difference can't be avoided , while it doesn't matter too much as it's nice as well .for the size , just check the measurements for details .

19 Feb,2013 08 Feb,2013

Great colour, and great print

Cassiel 02 Feb,2013

received it few days ago, and i just looove it! the length is perfect for me, and it fits great.

aurorahe 01 Feb,2013

So cute! Just ordered one and very exciting to get it.

Katydid 28 Jan,2013

I bought this sweater and it is so cute! It is much smaller than the picture shows. So the sleeves only go quarter length and it isn't as long. But it is still way cute.

kmarinac 20 Jan,2013

Get this two sizes bigger than you need, it is a tight fit. 20 Jan,2013

very stylish! cute pocket design!

ktrnaflrs 20 Jan,2013

This looks so comfy, I love it

at 19 Jan,2013

great work with that leather detail

k 14 Jan,2013

loose fit and great colors

Abigail 11 Jan,2013

I'm actually wearing this as I type, and it is fabulous! The sweater is better than I had expected - the shade of green is perfect, it is so soft and warm, and I love how it falls on my body (i'm 5'7"). I truly recommend!

crystaura 08 Jan,2013

such a cute stylish sweater! i want it! 06 Jan,2013

Conveniently it is fashionable and stylish.

nashleah 06 Jan,2013

Such an incredibly cute and casual sweater

Annananana 05 Jan,2013

Its cute but it wasn't exactly what I expected. I thought it was long sleeves but there kinda short (I'm 5'7") and its more of a crop top but it still works!

Batwoman 04 Jan,2013


Kyra 02 Jan,2013

Love the stripes and the pocket unique and trendy I am ordering it today 29 Dec,2012

This sweater is very cute but is a little smaller than i would like.The sweater did get pills the first day i wore it though. still my favorite clothing item right now and i would recommend it for someone maybe smaller than me! (Im about 5'7.)

aaa bbb 26 Dec,2012

very good ,very good ,very good

riss 24 Dec,2012

Absolutely love this!! The pocket is SO cute!!

vingx3 23 Dec,2012

Loved this sweater! So soft! A little shorter than I had hoped but very comfortable

carmenxs 13 Dec,2012

my friend has this one and it is amazing

vazonik 10 Dec,2012

I like Stripes and colour.

rischaa 07 Dec,2012

I want this so badly, aaaaaa.

kammizer 05 Dec,2012

I love clothes with stripes! 03 Dec,2012

fabulous cozy piece works well for Fall and Winter. Slouchy, soft, lightweight yet durable.

nononana 29 Nov,2012

Really want this sweater. Love the pocket detail and the green color. 28 Nov,2012

looks nice and casual to wear in any season :]

oliviapatrice1 24 Nov,2012

I LOVE this sweater! so happy with my purchase it is perfect!

Becca29 24 Nov,2012

Absolutely LOVE this sweater! So cute and comfy, goes perfect with leggings and skinny jeans :) perfect sweater for fall

Clara 24 Nov,2012

Loving the buckle! Mint is such a cute color!

christina 24 Nov,2012


amber. 23 Nov,2012

this sweater is beautiful!

Shay4 23 Nov,2012

So cute!! Looks so comfy!

Karen 23 Nov,2012

I love this sweater and I really want to win it! ^_______^ I'm part of the sugarnspice giveaway!

courtney 20 Nov,2012

fit perfectly; item i was most happy with in my order for sure (: definitely didn't fit small, but i guess the one size can really mess with people. i would definitely recommend it though!

Vronik06 19 Nov,2012

Run a little short (I'm 5'7), and the colors are a little bit off. But it's still very cute, and i'm happy with this purchase.

tammyhuang123 14 Nov,2012

This sweater is so cute with pocket and the color is perfect! Pair it with leggings and boots for a stylish fall outfit!

Kinga 14 Nov,2012

I really love this fantastic sweater! Great color combination!

Jadzia 14 Nov,2012

Very cute, trendy, comfortable green sweater! :) 12 Nov,2012

this looks really cute, especially with that pocket

Cheloutbro 11 Nov,2012

Loooooove this sweater so much

Sarah 10 Nov,2012

Wow, this must be the most commented item ever

vivliu91 08 Nov,2012

the style looks great, the length and sleeve of this top is very short though. otherwise great sweater. i just wish the sleeve length and the sweater would be a little longer.

Megan Morgan 08 Nov,2012

I just ordered this, super excited to receive it in the mail! :D

charliee 05 Nov,2012

Just got it in the mail! Very cute, and it looks exactly like the picture! Very content with my purchase! 05 Nov,2012

really cute. pocket is sort of big and in the middle. alothough its still cute. i love wearing it. but its soft of thin

beechen48 04 Nov,2012

super cute. I love the colour.

Jo 01 Nov,2012

Love this sweater!! It fits perfectly. I am 5'4" and 104 lbs and it hits right below my hip. It isn't tight, a little loose but not that bad. 29 Oct,2012

Cant wait to order this! Love the color, pocket and fit

jennwatkins 28 Oct,2012

Love the pocket! So cute!

Alpaca 14 Oct,2012

I love the color and it looks so cute!

Gabyram39 14 Oct,2012

Soooo Amazing! Super comfy and gorgeous!! Love it! 10 Oct,2012

i love this sweater, its so comfy! its a bit baggy which i wanted and the material is very cozy. great for fall and winter with a pair of jeans!

m 10 Oct,2012


miklapic 09 Oct,2012

Can't wait for this to come! Ordering today!

tasha 08 Oct,2012

SO cute! ordering this today!

aka 08 Oct,2012

great style!!

carosoul 07 Oct,2012

I'm excited to get this sweater. People say it fits small, but so far the photos i've seen with people wearing it, it isn't as small as I thought it would be. It would most likely fit you perfectly or just a bit loose.

JacksonZT 06 Oct,2012

Super Cute!

lm 05 Oct,2012

lovely stripes!!

susyq10 02 Oct,2012

Hi can anyone tell me how long this takes to ship because I ordered it a few days ago and it still says it is "waiting for shipment"

LNDA 30 Sep,2012

Super comfy sweater overall, the colour, fit and material is lovely.

Sue 27 Sep,2012

Nice jacket with nice colours! A bit skeptical about ordering it though. 26 Sep,2012

so cute!!

Laura 23 Sep,2012

Beautiful in the picture, hesitant to buy it though

l 23 Sep,2012

love the pocket^^^

M 21 Sep,2012

Me auedN dos vamos yitas

Darlingniki316 18 Sep,2012

This is a must have for any wardrobe!

lysett 17 Sep,2012

I got this sweater and yes the colors are darker, but I still love it! My buckle is also black but that does not bother me. I am 5'4" and 100 lbs. I have to push the arms up a little due to them being a little short on my arms but the overall length still works for me and it is still baggy! 13 Sep,2012

exactly what i need

Liizy 11 Sep,2012

Great sweater for winter

tes.eileen 11 Sep,2012

this is the CUTEST sweater ever! I MUST get it!

yoyoyo 11 Sep,2012


cappucinocream91 10 Sep,2012

cute, but I wish it was a little longer.

alexdaze 09 Sep,2012

Definitly my style! 08 Sep,2012

Exactly what my wardrobe needs! 08 Sep,2012

LOVE THIS!! To die for cute!

heyitzsarah 07 Sep,2012

soooo comfortable! looove it!

Kate 07 Sep,2012

Fits and looks great! (120, 5'6") Just be VERY CAREFUL with the buckle so that it doesn't pull the sweater!

erikaaa 07 Sep,2012

As long as your not in a rush to get this, I would recommend it! the beige is a little darker, and the green is not as much of a mint green like it looks. Still really cute though and super comfy! everyone commenting seemed smaller than me, but I ordered it anyways (about 5'6" 140lbs) and it fit nicely. would fit people bigger than me for sure. (and also smaller) :) hope that helps everyone! 07 Sep,2012

Love the sweater, but it is tight on my arms and a bit short in the torso. also, the green is an olive green and the white is a beige color. other than that its awesome :)

meagannx47 06 Sep,2012

do u think this would be comfortable?

meagannx47 06 Sep,2012

i want this so bad!

iarehyelynn 05 Sep,2012

Oh my god i love this so much, you don't even understand. The only issue is that it's almost a true green, and green is my least favorite color in all the universe. The picture shows a more bluish-toned green, almost a dark turquoise. But the shirt is SO cute that i love it even with the color issue.

lvs 05 Sep,2012

it's so short on me maybe because i'm 5'10 but looks so much longer in the picture. sleeves are really short on me too. almost doesn't reach my hips. very disappointed

ismatjun 04 Sep,2012

how is the fit on this sweater?

you can check our size reference

04 Sep,2012 04 Sep,2012

so cute but scared to order because of comments that it is small!!

amytran-1 03 Sep,2012

I'm so excited to get this! This can go with combat boots, converse, or flats! I'm so excited!! :-)

kerryberry13 30 Aug,2012

i just ordered this sweater in both colors, i just love the look of it. hoping it fits good, seeing i am fairly tall..

Eunice 28 Aug,2012

I was disappointed at first when I opened my package. I felt like the colors were a lot darker, but when I pulled it out and tried it on, it was still cute. The strap on the pocket on mine is black and not brown. I am about 5'2"/5'3" and weigh 125-130 lbs. It fits nicely but a little scratchy. I still like it though!

JustEmmie 27 Aug,2012

Love the pocket and the colour! 27 Aug,2012

Love the colors! So cute!

Tmatt28 27 Aug,2012

Adorable, casual, and so comfy!

guest 26 Aug,2012

I was disappointed that the pocket is sewn starting at the middle of the sweater (while it looks like it's more positioned to the left side like in the picture), which makes it sort of awkward. The neckline also doesn't stretch so it's inconvenient to pull over, and the belt design on the one I received is black instead of brown.

MichelleJiafang 26 Aug,2012


I'm about 5 4 and this sweater fits me perfectly. Love it sooo much and you can't go wrong with the amazing price! So worth the wait and money! I also received a really cute necklace with the order for free.Love the sweater and I can tell I will be wearing this alot in the fall!!!

thewita 22 Aug,2012

perfect outfit! can be boyish or girly 22 Aug,2012

Just recieved this sweater in the mail and i love it! The colors are a little bit off, the blue is more teal and the white is beige but overall its still a great sweater! Its fits me fine and it seems to be made out of a REALLy good quality material. Perfect sweater for the fall!

ive85 21 Aug,2012


ALIE.G 21 Aug,2012


Accio_Username 21 Aug,2012

I was afraid like everyone else about how this would fit. I'm 4'11 so i was worried. But it looks like it'll fit perfectly. the colors are a bit darker than the picture but it's still very cute! You have to have this sweater for fall and winter! I could not be happier with the great shipping and customer service. So awesome. (:

blablarblarh 21 Aug,2012

Ordered this teal one! So excited! Will let you all know how it fits!

erikaaaa 20 Aug,2012

looks so cute and comfy! perfect for fall!

Leah 20 Aug,2012

I would really like to get this sweater but I am scared it won't fit, as previous comments have mentioned that it is tight fitting.

Nina 16 Aug,2012

This sweater arrived today, super cute! Fits me perfectly because I am only 5'1. But it might be too small for people who are taller. I was a little bit disappointed because the color of the white stripe is more of a beige color in person but overall very cute! They also threw in a necklace as a gift, great customer service! Will come back and buy from Sheinside! =)

anaclaudiaencomendas 16 Aug,2012

LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Katherine 12 Aug,2012

This sweater is very cute. I was a little disappointed that the sweater is not long enough to wear with tights. Overall I am very satisfied with the quality and look of the sweater They even sent a free accessory with my order. Great touch! Will definitely order again. BTW I am 5'2 and 115lbs just for reference with size.

shoppinkid1 11 Aug,2012

beautiful fall sweater!

Deanna 11 Aug,2012

this is so adorable and im so excited to wear this in the fall!

Kwyn 10 Aug,2012

Going to be purchasing this sweater in grey, way too excited to welcome fall with it! The belt detail on the pocket is a gorgoeus touch. Way too cute to pass up!

dmb 10 Aug,2012

not a loose sweater. very disappointed. 09 Aug,2012

I've just received it... WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! it's super short! in the picture you can imagine it's long enough to cover your hips, but not. And it's tight in arms and breast. I'm very disappointed...

dianaparreira 09 Aug,2012

this will be mine :)

jaimebabee 08 Aug,2012

I can't wait to get this sweater!

Nicole 06 Aug,2012

Love the fit of this! And love the color selections! Goes great with combat boots!

Candace 05 Aug,2012

Is the 57 cm the entire circumference of the bust or just half?

just half

06 Aug,2012 05 Aug,2012

Really cute sweater! Love it!

katie 04 Aug,2012

i love this sweater its soo cute and comfy but isn't as long as i hoped. also its not a cream color as shown, its more of a beige. other than that great sweater!

Francisca Ribeiro 03 Aug,2012

I love the sweater. It´s very comfy and cute. It looks very cool with skinny jeans. It´s a little small but it fits loose and it looks great on me.

mariah 03 Aug,2012

This sweater looks so cute and COMFY! The added measurements are a great help! All of the clothes should come with these detailed measurements.

Eleanor 03 Aug,2012

if my bust is 36-37 inches will I fit this sweat?

Our bust size is 57cm you can click the size reference to see the details.

03 Aug,2012

susanb334 03 Aug,2012

cute, but I'm only 5.3 and the sweater is a lot shorter then it appears to be. 03 Aug,2012

So cute!! And amazing price! So excited to get one! 03 Aug,2012

I love this sweater it is so loose so big it's perfect for winter and fall if you just wanna get cozy it's just so comfortable. 03 Aug,2012

I love the style, but is mine the only one thats so small?!? it looks as if it should be a comfy baggy sweater, and im a size small but the sweater it too small on me. Im thinking i might have gotten a defective one considering you all love your as i would too if it were a bigger size!

for this item is one size you need to check the size reference first to see our size :-)

03 Aug,2012

kate 03 Aug,2012

Does anyone know how long it takes to ship? ordered this and a few other things the other day! Excited!!!!

katemcguire 03 Aug,2012

Does anyone know about how long it takes for them to ship? Just ordered this the other day! So excited!!!

MadonnaLogue 02 Aug,2012

It says this sweater is loose, so you would thing it would be oversized. Was really really small. Maybe the sweater would fit loose on a 13 year old.

danielle1127 02 Aug,2012

cant wait to get this its so cute!!

KatN 02 Aug,2012

Very cute and comfy! 02 Aug,2012

so cute!!!

Elizabeth 02 Aug,2012


Nicole 01 Aug,2012

This sweater is so cute and comfy.

ijds 31 Jul,2012


dsdsd 31 Jul,2012


Roksana 31 Jul,2012


agatha 31 Jul,2012


chessarook 30 Jul,2012

i am so excited to get this in the mail. It looks so comfortable and cute!

aagaataaaaa 29 Jul,2012

Wow! I love casual style! This sweater is great! 29 Jul,2012

This is the PERFECT addition to dark skinnys, and crochet TOMS. Complete the look with long wavy locks and a bohemian head wrap with layered, dainty gold jewelry and you'll be ready for a stroll along the beach for the sunset!

kaymay12 29 Jul,2012

Can't wait to wear to class in college!

lovadlina 29 Jul,2012

loose fit and great color!

cch 28 Jul,2012

thanks for adding more measurement info!

anners 27 Jul,2012

Love the loose fit! i want one in every color!

kel2gram 26 Jul,2012

i love this sweater!! amazing fit :)

insusiesshoes 25 Jul,2012

Love this sweater!

Thank you!

25 Jul,2012

aatorres03 24 Jul,2012

Super cute and comfy

thank you so much

24 Jul,2012

SAMANTHA 17 Jul,2012

The only size measurements offered in the description next to this sweater is 50cm long and "one size" Can you further expand on size details please? What is the width of the bust on this particular garment? Th length of the sleeves, etc? I usually buy medium or large sized clothing, and I'm worried about the fit.

yes we have added more size information please check again

17 Jul,2012 15 Jul,2012

Please could you detail the sizing as it only says 'one size' fits all. Approximately what size is it? Just concerned it will be tight as per previous reviews.

you can check the description beside our item you will find the exactly size measurements.

16 Jul,2012

Audrey 13 Jul,2012

Is this sweater supposed to be so tight? It said it was "loose" so I was expecting something more loose. Besides that it's a great sweater.

thank you and you can check our sweater exactly size meausres

13 Jul,2012

kgo529 10 Jul,2012

Amazing sweater!

thank you!

11 Jul,2012

Brookiegirl8 09 Jul,2012

Cute clothes

thank you!

11 Jul,2012

JULIA 06 Mar,2012

Great sweater for casual !

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