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Gold Moon Mental Collar Chain Necklace

Gold Moon Mental Collar Chain Necklace

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  • Length :33+8cm
  • Stone Size :12.5cm*2.3cm
  • Styles :Vintage
  • Stone Type :No Stone

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squeers 10 Sep,2014

This is a great necklace

lune 14 Aug,2014

ummm collar de oro de la luna mental? jaja ya solo el nombre promete :D

Elena 13 Aug,2014

Great necklace, i love it a lot !

bobagreent 22 Jul,2014

Not bad for how much it is. Like someone else said, it is shinier than the pictures (there was a tiny little bubble on the front but it's so small that I don't really mind it) and I like how it is easily adjustable to how tight you'd want it around your neck. 16 Jul,2014

Acabo de dar con esta pag. Por comentarios buenos en YouTube y de verdad que encanta ,me haré clienta frecuenta de esta tienda

hello 06 Jul,2014

this necklace is so trendy!

anaross 04 Jul,2014

Great! I love it! I have this necklace and is wonderful

nerak0890 25 Jun,2014

lovely necklace, me encanta la forma

NONO 09 Jun,2014

so cute and perfect for hours of whole the day

lyla_ 08 Jun,2014

I use a lot of this type of necklace, very beautiful

tiquip 01 Jun,2014

Simple y muy fashion el collar

bublle's 28 May,2014

Collier élégant et sophistiquée vraiment jolis.

lubieciejesc 23 May,2014

This necklace is really cute :) want it so much

sylwa 20 May,2014

I love gold. This necklace is very sumply and beautiful

lyla_ 20 May,2014

Love collar necklace!I want it!

squeers 19 May,2014

Fashion, cute and simply. It's perfect.

hey 18 May,2014

very lovely necklace, very elegant style

Lagean 18 May,2014

Très beau collier à acheter

geannys92 13 May,2014

Super divinoS los collares, cada uno tiene un toque unico y son originales!

saruky_97 06 May,2014

Me encanta este collar es muy ponible :))

Luciana 30 Apr,2014

The necklace is horrible in person. I bought it and threw out as soon as I saw a huge bubble on it. It's not worth 1 cent!

bella thorne 26 Apr,2014

C'est super !!! Genial pour tous !!!

bella thorne 26 Apr,2014

Magnifique It's so swag !!!!

allyjay105 24 Apr,2014

i bought it and love how it looks with dresses

zanszu 23 Apr,2014

It is chain in Kleopatra's style xD 19 Apr,2014

This necklace is really cute :)

ana maria 17 Apr,2014

ohhh!! pero que precioso collar doradoo!!

santhama13 16 Apr,2014

REally pretty really thinking of buying this ive seen it in alot of looks

lorebe80 14 Apr,2014

Queda muy bien y súper economico 12 Apr,2014

I've been trying to find a necklace like this and I love this one

tiinaje 01 Apr,2014

WOW! I am so gonna buy this. So elegant and pretty!

tayderz 04 Mar,2014

ugh I need this right now! will go perf with my dresses….. 8-/!!!!!!!!! <3

wer 25 Feb,2014

i want this, i want this. i waaaaaaaant this.

m 25 Feb,2014

looks so great in the buyer's show.

vb 23 Feb,2014

Gold Moon Mental Collar Chain Necklace

verolomy 20 Feb,2014

I like the way this fantastic necklace look.

verolomy 20 Feb,2014

Very rich and pretty look.

Patricia 19 Feb,2014

Quiero una gargantilla como esta pero en plata¡¡ A ver si la sacáis¡¡

meronnum 18 Feb,2014

Very bright look, I want to buy it!!!!

Nastya Nastya 16 Feb,2014

very very very beautiful necklace

aizea1982 15 Feb,2014

This is a very fashionable necklace 12 Feb,2014

great! very cool :)

Kenny 10 Feb,2014

Cool <3 se vería genial con una blusa de cuello :D

ale 04 Feb,2014

Wooow, i like it i would like to buy it!!

mollynek 04 Feb,2014

so so cute and pretty

Vicki 04 Feb,2014

I was excited to order this necklace but when it came it was tarnished and looked rusted. I tried to contact Customer Service by email for an exchange but I didnt receive any response. I will try to order again on the site, but hopefully will have better luck. It is unfortunate since this was such a pretty piece, but it wasn't too expensive so I just decided to let it go.

elena1912 02 Feb,2014

Me encanta es muy lindo y sexy 01 Feb,2014


sopolomun 31 Jan,2014

Pretty and really cute and attractive

sopolomun 31 Jan,2014

I really like this pretty necklace

Nastya Nastya 30 Jan,2014

Very beautiful Very beautiful Very beautiful

girlcalledmercy 18 Jan,2014

The necklace itself doesn't feel like quality, it's pretty light and cheap. But it is way more shiny than on the pictures and very pretty.

LNK 07 Jan,2014

this is absolutely gorgeous, i love everything about it

BrownSugah 07 Jan,2014

it's a dope! must have

ewa 05 Jan,2014

collar de cadena en color dorado

c 02 Jan,2014

this is absolutely gorgeous, i love everything about it

c 02 Jan,2014

this is absolutely gorgeous, i love everything about it

c 02 Jan,2014

this is absolutely gorgeous, i love everything about it

c 02 Jan,2014

this is absolutely gorgeous, i love everything about it

c 02 Jan,2014

this is absolutely gorgeous, i love everything about it

c 02 Jan,2014

this is absolutely gorgeous, i love everything about it

x 02 Jan,2014

this is so cute! i love everything about it

rerully 01 Jan,2014

Cute and pretty chain, so cute

zc 29 Dec,2013

very beautiful and original necklace

zc 29 Dec,2013

very beautiful and original necklace

zc 29 Dec,2013

very beautiful and original necklace

zc 29 Dec,2013

very beautiful and original necklace

zc 29 Dec,2013

very beautiful and original necklace

zc 29 Dec,2013

very beautiful and original necklace

zx 29 Dec,2013

It's so majestic, I need this in my life

dii 27 Dec,2013

simple but nice necklace, it gives elegance to the apparel.

molydu67 27 Dec,2013

very lovely necklace, very elegant style

Paulina Arredondo 25 Dec,2013


l89 23 Dec,2013

I like it so beautiful

kely_goncalves 11 Dec,2013

divino este colar muito chique

alhelisantiago 09 Dec,2013

Este es el famosisimo collar que todo el mundo usa! Es fabuloso! Espero tenerlo pronto!

barbi 05 Dec,2013

I've just recieved it and it looks very pretty. :)

oz 04 Dec,2013

It looks gorgeous! I love it

olyamama 04 Dec,2013

It looks gorgeous! I love it

aidajuan 01 Dec,2013

love this, it is amazing

zaya 29 Nov,2013

Very lovely necklace, very elegant style.

j 29 Nov,2013

Gold Moon Mental Collar Chain Necklace

j 29 Nov,2013

Gold Moon Mental Collar Chain Necklace love

olyamama 27 Nov,2013

Gold Moon Mental Collar Chain Necklace

Mia 25 Nov,2013

já há muito que não via uma peça assim, linda.

michellesofiaa 25 Nov,2013

Absolutely love this necklace. Perfect piece.

olkj 21 Nov,2013

Gold Moon Mental Collar Chain Necklace

hivertmarion 21 Nov,2013

superbe collier qui se combine très facilement avec tout !!!

melamarela123 21 Nov,2013

Gold Moon Mental Collar Chain Necklace

me 17 Nov,2013

troppe cose belle su questo sito! le vorrei comprare tutte!

sarirasimoes 16 Nov,2013

simple but make a difference

jessica salinas 15 Nov,2013

me encanta el color y lo asimetrico

flori 15 Nov,2013

me encantaaa esta!, e cualqier look casual va bien.

bozus12 14 Nov,2013

Very nice necklace i love it !

jn 11 Nov,2013

Gold Moon Mental Collar Chain Necklace

Jay 10 Nov,2013

This is simply beautiful!!! I'm in love.

wiltshirek 08 Nov,2013

Could wear this with everything, so obsessed.

iriana93 07 Nov,2013

i really want this necklace!

kasiakowalska93 07 Nov,2013

Very nice, i want this. <3

ssss 03 Nov,2013

Gold Moon Mental Collar Chain Necklace

NBudnik 03 Nov,2013


me 02 Nov,2013


ixone_cc 02 Nov,2013

The necklace of the year!

Kristen28 02 Nov,2013

Absolutely love this necklace. It's so different

SNG 01 Nov,2013

super cute! about to order

thepolonaise 01 Nov,2013

cool. nice colors and material is okay 30 Oct,2013

esta hermoso el collar :3 muero

Agata.Kowalewska 29 Oct,2013

Bardzo mi sie podoba, jednak troche za duży na mnie. Jednak na innych wyglada super!

Agata.Kowalewska 29 Oct,2013

It is very fashionable. In Poland promote it Maffashion and Jemerced.

Deusa Luh 22 Oct,2013

Na moda, lindo e chique!

Chariiiii 22 Oct,2013

i really want this necklace!!

marciakaweski 20 Oct,2013

Very lovely necklace, very elegant style.

Giss 12 Oct,2013

Esta hermoso el collar, aparte que lo puedes combinar con todo.

jexvil 12 Oct,2013

I absolutely adore this necklace.. I have worn at least 3 times since it arrived!

aimee 11 Oct,2013

love this necklace and the gold

vittoria.giorgi 10 Oct,2013

Mum please buy it to me :P

vittoria.giorgi 10 Oct,2013

I rEally have to have it ! I LOVE IT IN GOLD

domciks 09 Oct,2013

wow. this is so sweet.

wlochata 09 Oct,2013

Love this necklace, is so simply and stylish

sofiajbrites 02 Oct,2013

It looks gorgeous! I love it

biba45654565 29 Sep,2013

so looks very brilliant!

Jelena 28 Sep,2013

Great necklace! It looks totally amazing with a plain white shirt<3

andiellie 27 Sep,2013

I'ts Great, i love it, believe me, it fits perfect with a black shirt<3

fify 21 Sep,2013

such a fine necklace would look good with anything! 21 Sep,2013

Love this necklace, simple and bold.

S 21 Sep,2013


D 21 Sep,2013

precioso collar en dora do 12 Sep,2013

This is just perfect! Instant favorite.

fuuun 30 Aug,2013

I love this one ! Lovely necklace

rdhr 25 Aug,2013

This will go well with a lot of outfits; giving an elegant and and sophisticated!

msmp77 19 Aug,2013

this is the perfect necklace! 14 Aug,2013

Me encanta como luse este collar ba a ser mi proxima compra..

R 14 Aug,2013

so gorgeus necklace ho fits white the most 08 Aug,2013

Its just so beautifould! Im so happy its on sale!

chrysaki19 02 Aug,2013

lust received it. much more beutiful than the product photos!

tammylgoodson 12 Jul,2013

love this necklace but before i even got the chance to wear it, it turned colors on me! :(

shell 10 Jul,2013

I just ordered. I can't wait until arrives. I love it

ru 18 Jun,2013

Gold Crystal LOVE Heart Wing Necklacerurrur

amex 28 May,2013

Such a gorgeous necklace, looks so polished and expensive. It really accentuates every outfit.

Ayomide 18 May,2013

nice necklace that fits really well, it's bright as well but it tends to look quite orange but a good accessory.

lissverito 05 May,2013

Thanks!! I love this neckale

lauraaakammmxd 28 Mar,2013

This necklace will make any outfit look elegant and more professional. I need to get this soon!

lauraaakammmxd 24 Mar,2013

This gold necklace makes any casual outfit look stylish! <3

NostalgiaKlein 24 Mar,2013

Nice necklace, shiny and came as pictured. I like how the necklace is able to fit around my neck like a collar, and looks chic. I recommend.

kokiinlow 09 Mar,2013

It arrived in perfect condition and it's such a simple yet bold statement! LOVE IT :)

Solcito 27 Feb,2013

OH! I MUST TO HAVE THIS! my english is bad :(

Breannayaj 19 Feb,2013

Super pretty. I love it !

zzamorskaya 17 Feb,2013

Wonderful, cool collar chain necklace!

Ronjakristin 11 Feb,2013

Very pretty and minimalistic, was a perfect christmas present

k 30 Jan,2013

this is amazing, beautiful earrings

mari 21 Jan,2013

this is a must have!

ktrnaflrs 20 Jan,2013

Love it! I've been looking for a necklace like this.

tcookie80 17 Jan,2013

Looks a bit cheap in person.

naya 11 Jan,2013

wonderful necklace for a great price, i really love this piece :)

lau 10 Jan,2013

This kind of necklaces are perfect. Going to order one! 09 Jan,2013

i love it uau wonderful i want it

Ivana 06 Jan,2013

Love, love, love it...Amazing necklace!!!

bz 06 Jan,2013

such an amazing gold necklace

meghankaryn 02 Jan,2013

Love this! Going to order this as soon as I have the money to! 30 Dec,2012

Was a little shorter than expected, but it still looks great

Renata 13 Dec,2012

Great necklace, looks just like in the photo

Tanya 01 Dec,2012

My favorite necklace! Looks absolutelly great! I love wear it with simply white shirt!

Jantar 01 Dec,2012

Wow! I love this fantastic Gold Moon Mental Collar Chain Necklace! <3

fe 26 Nov,2012

this is very beautiful gold necklace

mari 23 Nov,2012

this necklace is so cute!

Ingrid 15 Nov,2012

I need this! So sophisticated, elegant and classic, loved!

ivanaos 13 Nov,2012

Love the design! This is a must have...

v 11 Nov,2012

Must. I'd love to get it.

ivanaos 09 Nov,2012

Beautifull necklace! This is a must have..

Kinga 08 Nov,2012

Just great gold moon mental collar chain necklace! Unique style!

Olka 08 Nov,2012

Wonderful, cool collar chain necklace!

AbbeyGK 02 Nov,2012

I am so sad because it is sold out

ivy 31 Oct,2012

nice gold chain metal necklace

kathy 31 Oct,2012

very stylish moon collar necklace

l 15 Sep,2012

so amazing ^ 13 Sep,2012


MA 13 Sep,2012

QUERO AGORA 12 Sep,2012

amazing 09 Sep,2012

This is such a perfect accessory. Perfect for making a statement.

Sarah 27 Aug,2012

Simple and chic, a must have when wearing a shirt

Z 23 Aug,2012

Love this!!

Z 20 Aug,2012

I absolutely love this necklace!

Gabby 15 Aug,2012

Been looking for a necklace like this for a while now, glad I finally found it for a reasonable price. The necklace looks amazing!

JaszelHernando 11 Aug,2012

Love the design! This is a must have!!

Z 06 Aug,2012

Amazing necklace! When it will be back in stock? 30 Jul,2012

beautifull necklace !

aaagaaataaaaa 27 Jul,2012

Amazing necklace. It looks gorgeous!

ameng 27 Jul,2012

beautiful earings

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