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Colorful Shining Bib Collar Necklace

Colorful Shining Bib Collar Necklace

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  • Material :Metal
  • Shape\pattern :Geometric
  • Color :Colorful
  • Styles :Fashion

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squeers 10 Sep,2014

very pretty necklace, I want it

sukhmanee.sohi 28 Aug,2014

Versatile, can be worn with many different items

roo 13 Aug,2014

Awesome piece. Perfect for summer

nyny 01 Aug,2014

It's really adorable and is the perfect statement necklace

fridaerikzzon 30 Jun,2014

this necklace is so rad :)

Putnoki 29 Jun,2014

I absolutely love this necklace!

Mélanie 15 Jun,2014

So beautiful this Collar ! Love it !

llllknin 09 Jun,2014

so beautiful colours!and its perfect for my necklake

grace.ann.girl 06 Jun,2014

I love how this could be paired with so many different things. So cute and fashionable. 01 Jun,2014

I simply love this one :)

greete.kereme 31 May,2014

Very lovely, goes with casual look and formal.

abby 30 May,2014

i love this colourful necklace! it is so nice..

squeers 24 May,2014

Necklace multicolor, perfect for summer!

Xerinx5 23 May,2014

Love the colors, will look great with a black dress

dina 23 May,2014

amazing colors its beautiful to wear

gabrielastratin 22 May,2014

foarte frumusel pentru orice ocazie

conroym390 21 May,2014

Great necklace, broke the first day but easily fixable. Well work the price.

nf 10 May,2014

I really like the Necklace and color

Amanda 07 May,2014

Absolutely gorgeous necklace, however it is quite heavy but I dont mind it.

Kiki 05 May,2014

This necklace is pretty awesome!!

asd 30 Apr,2014

like this coloured necklace trendy

Maga 28 Apr,2014

qué bonito! además combinable con todo !

Ewulica25 26 Apr,2014

Very elegant and colorfull necklace 25 Apr,2014

Je l'ai commandé et j'en suis très ravie! C'est un très bon produit que je recommande et qui fait plus d'une jalouse!

adelaynas 24 Apr,2014

This looks so nice; very elegant!

Diviana_Diva 23 Apr,2014

This necklace is colorful and very chic.

nerak0890 21 Apr,2014

this necklace is perfect for this season.

niallhoraanfuuckmeepleasee 19 Apr,2014

Colorful Shining Bib Collar Necklace

princess_j415 19 Apr,2014

I love the different colors on this necklace...very pretty...

Petru 17 Apr,2014

very colourf! i love this unique necklace

Anca Gabriela 16 Apr,2014

i want this necklace! <3 so nice

Petru 11 Apr,2014

it`s a nice Necklace! my daughter love it!

ann 11 Apr,2014

I really want to purchase this cute necklace.

ninap52 10 Apr,2014

Just got this, and I love it! Can't wait to wear it!

dora.dorchy 06 Apr,2014

So cute and colorful! Love it!

lorebe80 04 Apr,2014

Me encanta como complemento para el verano

adrienne 03 Apr,2014

This necklace is absolutely gorgeous! I love how it doesn't smell like other necklaces you get at more expensive places. It's really adorable and is the perfect statement necklace. It easily spices up your outfit! :)

Lisa 29 Mar,2014

Ce collier est super beau

joanabr 28 Mar,2014

It's so summer time this Necklace

belinda 26 Mar,2014

Es precioso y colorido este collar!

HeyBClay 26 Mar,2014

Deeply in love with this necklace! 21 Mar,2014

Un collar muy alegre, me gusta.

Gill 19 Mar,2014

Beautiful necklace. Elegant and glam

dumitrascu florentina 18 Mar,2014

Ce colie dragut. Imi plac culorile.

tiquip 16 Mar,2014

Temgo este collar y combina muy biem conntodo

sweet_little_sheila_mt 16 Mar,2014

Absolutely fabulous!!! Love the colours!

gillirausquin 14 Mar,2014

I really recommend it! Its a beautifull necklace

rathore.kamia 12 Mar,2014

bold, draws attention to anyone wearing it. complements solids in light colors

katt 10 Mar,2014

i love to match this necklace with a white blouse

mercuril 09 Mar,2014

So bright and pretty colours.

eileen 09 Mar,2014

this is so perfect for summer

valerikuli_20 08 Mar,2014

Oh My God .. must have :)))))

Katie 06 Mar,2014

this necklace is ideal for summer!

Amanda 06 Mar,2014

Love this necklace. Goes with just about any outfit. Very cute for spring/summer.

sophieleger 03 Mar,2014

Hyper beau et très quali !

Bipopular 03 Mar,2014

Comes in three parts, good colour.

zertun 02 Mar,2014

I like the way this nice necklace looks.

zertun 02 Mar,2014

I like all the colours in the necklace.

eleorlati 28 Feb,2014

it makes you feel like an egyptian!

iphy 21 Feb,2014

It's really pretty and eye catching. Had lots of compliments when I wore it.

dogginom 20 Feb,2014

Soooo pretty necklace, I like it!

retruk 18 Feb,2014

Amazingly pretty, really very very cute!!!!

marteggg 07 Feb,2014

LOVE IT, perfect for summer

gerta 06 Feb,2014

i like this necklake, is so cool for the summer!

stellachiara 05 Feb,2014

I want this gorgeous necklace

ruxandra_david 05 Feb,2014

I absolutely love it! The colour combination is perfect!

aizea1982 04 Feb,2014

I am in love with this necklace

valalex80 04 Feb,2014

Very very cute and pretty

moklein 04 Feb,2014

Ohh what a nice and awesome necklace

breplin 29 Jan,2014

oryginalny i kolorowy cos co lubie :) mozna nosic na codzien

Wen 28 Jan,2014

Such a beautiful and colourful necklace!

rossy 17 Jan,2014

Hermoso collar para mi colección jejeje

ewa 05 Jan,2014

I love this vintage-looking necklace

a 03 Jan,2014

this would look good with anything!

Aks 02 Jan,2014

Colorful Shining Bib Collar Necklace

v 02 Jan,2014

BARDZO ładne zestawienie naszyjnik <3

ewa 02 Jan,2014

It's in my wishlist!

katashu 29 Dec,2013

Very interesting colors and model!!!!

zs 29 Dec,2013

Yey! Totally great chain! Love it!

za 29 Dec,2013

i love this necklace but, how long is it?

katashu 28 Dec,2013

Very unique! Adding to my wishlist!!! 27 Dec,2013

I love how colorful this necklace is

Kate 27 Dec,2013

great necklace and it is just right what ever you wear!! 26 Dec,2013

Colorful Shining Bib Collar Necklace 25 Dec,2013

I've gotten so many compliments

Symone1998 19 Dec,2013

Loving the style and color. Super cute ^^

Liz 17 Dec,2013

Oh man! I'm in love with this little piece of art. So colorful and nice! It's on my wish list now :)

monika 11 Dec,2013

I like it! Perfect for summer

kely_goncalves 08 Dec,2013

divino este colar super adorei

mnnn 05 Dec,2013

Colorful Shining Bib Collar Necklace

leonor brazao 05 Dec,2013

omg, i really love that

oz 04 Dec,2013

I love how colorful this necklace is

olyamama 04 Dec,2013

Lovely necklace. Adding to my wishlist :-)

vvv80 30 Nov,2013


Elena 30 Nov,2013

I Want ghid for christmass

badre 30 Nov,2013

I so love this pink design, so eye-catching

flori 29 Nov,2013

me encanta, original. hermosok. si 29 Nov,2013

Swietny naszyjnik, idealny do wielu stylizacji

kely_goncalves 20 Nov,2013


sarirasimoes 16 Nov,2013

cute colorful necklace,great for summer

katua30 16 Nov,2013

va con todo, pq tiene muchos colores

flori 15 Nov,2013

es hermosooooooo!, me encanta. son hermosos esos colores :D

Daisy 14 Nov,2013

it is amazing and beatiful

bozus12 14 Nov,2013

Nice colours, this necklace is my favorite ! :) 13 Nov,2013

Simple and pretty design, I like this necklace

q 07 Nov,2013

great necklace, really like it

wee 07 Nov,2013

i bought this jacket and i can't wait for it

silvia 03 Nov,2013

colorful colar necklace is wow

adushka15 28 Oct,2013

Totally amazing colorful necklace! Love it!

frida 27 Oct,2013

i love it so much !!

carlie.clark35 22 Oct,2013

So colourful and fun! Great piece.

valeria 20 Oct,2013

me gusta mucho por los colores y tambien porque lo puedes combinar muy bien con todas las prendas de vestir, por eso y por muchas cosas deseo comprarme este collar

hf 17 Oct,2013

Lovely necklace. Adding to my wishlist :-)

hg 17 Oct,2013

very colorful and unique, dont know what i would wear it with though

vittoria.giorgi 16 Oct,2013

La voglio troppo comprare, su un vestitino bianco monocolore sarebbe perfetta!

vittoria.giorgi 16 Oct,2013

Che amore tutta colorata così ! Mi piace da morire !

tunstar79 14 Oct,2013

Loved this necklace. It's definitely a show stopper. Even my dad commented on this necklace, and he doesn't notice anything! You'll look like the Queen of the Nile in this necklace for sure.

tiffani51 14 Oct,2013

I love how colorful this necklace is

dsds 14 Oct,2013

Lovely necklace. Adding to my wishlist :-)

dxa 14 Oct,2013

very colorful and unique, dont know what i would wear it with though

alliecatYO 11 Oct,2013

I love the colours! Nice Statemnt!

domciks 09 Oct,2013

n my opinion it's a very nice necklace. cool style

wlochata 09 Oct,2013

very colorfull nacklace! I like it! perfect for dark clothes

adushka15 07 Oct,2013

Co colorful! I love it!

paolabasmagi 06 Oct,2013

colorful and beautiful! compliments every outfit 06 Oct,2013

colorful and simply beautiful! compliments every outfit

isabelakaweski 06 Oct,2013

this is a great necklace, the colors go wonderfully together

barbi027 04 Oct,2013

I recieved this today and I love it!

betnymusiuita03@hotmail 02 Oct,2013

Colorful Shining Bib Collar Necklace i'm loving

sugar 02 Oct,2013

I have this item, I get it yesterday and colors are really beautiful

biba45654565 29 Sep,2013

so looks good on the girls

bosmanski11 21 Sep,2013

so pretty and bold! i love it

Johanna 19 Sep,2013

Such a great necklace with bright colours.

norm_eli 17 Sep,2013

So cute and versatile.. You can

sugar 13 Sep,2013

very colorfull nacklace! I like this one, seems so charming =D

sugar 13 Sep,2013

very colorfull nacklace! I like this one, seems so charming =D

erenee31 07 Sep,2013

I bought this necklace recently and love it! It goes well with a lot of things and neon is really in this Fall!

speciallymade 03 Sep,2013

I have this! Matches really well with everything.

Alice 17 Aug,2013

I like this pretty looking colours

Alice 17 Aug,2013

I so like this multi colour design

R 14 Aug,2013

Very nice color full neklace ho fits great to a sweet summer dress

nadya 23 Jul,2013

looks very nice and impressive)

Winkie74 13 Jul,2013

This necklace was absolutely gorgeous! I was truly amazed that a necklace that was so inexpensive would look so good 08 Jul,2013

Este collar me parece precioso, muy veraniego y fácil de combinar.

theo.arva 04 Jul,2013

Stunning necklace! I love it because it helps me cheer a boring outfit. I'm gonna wear it a lot this summer. Also a love the material, it didn't changed it's color.

Julia 19 Jun,2013

I like it! :) Pretty jewerly :)

yese1493 04 Jun,2013

this necklace is stunning with all those colors I loved

anutik310555 11 May,2013

This necklace will be great look to any of the clothes ! Cool !

an 14 Apr,2013

I love all the different colors. it can match with so many things

Lupandana 01 Apr,2013

Adorable necklace. Perfect for the summer time and not only. Added to wishlist.

clauhl17 06 Mar,2013

love the colors of this necklace , relly cute .

EvChelseaclub 14 Feb,2013

It´s so adorable necklace. I recommend this.

EvChelseaclub 14 Feb,2013

Lovely necklace. Adding to my wishlist :-)

k 12 Feb,2013

very colorful and unique, dont know what i would wear it with though

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