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Coffee Batwing Long Sleeve Pullovers Sweater

Coffee Batwing Long Sleeve Pullovers Sweater

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  • Length(cm) :54cm
  • Sleeve Length(cm) :17cm
  • Shoulder(cm) :
  • Size Available :one-size
  • Bust(cm) :132cm
  • Season :Fall
  • Item :Pullovers
  • Color :coffee
  • Material :Cotton
  • Style :Cute
  • Neckline :Boat Neck
  • Sleeve Length :Long Sleeve
  • Types :Bat
  • Pattern Type :Plain

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alexismeyer10 12 Sep,2014

Beautiful color and such a comfy sweater! It has a nice oversized look!

nerea001 01 Sep,2014

se nopta que teiene muchos comentarios, porque es ideal

Anda 24 Aug,2014

This sweater looks really comfy. And I also love this brown shade

elizkitkat 21 Aug,2014

I love this sweater!!! I bought it in the other colour available too, the only downside is that it's really big, especially around the neck

S 18 Aug,2014

I really love this sweater.

jurgitakackyte96 17 Aug,2014

Really cute cozy vintage sweater

guna 16 Aug,2014

this sweater looks great! beautiful color and looks warm and comfy. love it!

Tea 06 Aug,2014

What a nice colored sweater

olifjja 04 Aug,2014

perfect sweater for cold winter

Coopa 31 Jul,2014

This look so nice and warm and comfy. So pretty.

Giadapanda 30 Jul,2014

This is just perfect!! I love it!

iamn0tarobot 30 Jul,2014

looks so comfy and the colors are perfect!

tunacantw 28 Jul,2014

Very unique color want this right now eventho it's summer

kmueller12 27 Jul,2014

the orange is so perfect for fall and layering

rk 22 Jul,2014

what a pretty colour! it might be longer for me

snailiens 22 Jul,2014

looks so comfy and the colors are perfect!

L 16 Jul,2014

Cute, except too boxy for me.

natchatl 06 Jul,2014

I have been wearing this knit over months. It is really thick and cozy; nice quality. I only have problem with the one size fit all. I think it is too big for my xs-s sized body. 06 Jul,2014

Loove the colour and the wide oversized cut!

tomolluny 23 Jun,2014

Rather pretty and very attractive sweater!

celia 21 Jun,2014

the color is great, i really want this sweater for fall/winter!

Andrei 13 Jun,2014

The sweater is beautiful.I like the colour.

luci 13 Jun,2014

muy bonito yo lo tengo

ana 13 Jun,2014

me gusta mucho este color 05 Jun,2014

Super schönes Muster sowie auch eine schöne Farbe

j 30 May,2014

the color is great for fall

Andrei 19 May,2014

This sweater has a beautiful coffee colour. 17 May,2014

great shape and perfect fall/winter feel and color

giovanna_ 14 May,2014

i love this sweater, cant wait to get it! 03 May,2014

mas que linda jersey, adoro imenso!

Smallpackages 02 May,2014

One of the best buy ever!

loreto.aga 02 May,2014

I love that color. it is a must for fall. I need it 28 Apr,2014

this sweater is amazing! i asked for it for my birthday and it is mamazing! so loose and cozy!! perfect to throw over anthing or wear on its own! it is quite big so if you want a tighter but still loose fit you may want to go down a size but you could still sty with your normal size! i got large i think and im around 12-14 uk !

leslie.kieffer 25 Apr,2014

vraiment très confortable et agréable à porter :)

Lorettadavis 18 Mar,2014

Received this approx 2 weeks after ordering, which is pretty good, it is my new favourite jumper, colour is great, it is slouchy and soft and is flatteringly oversized without looking like a tent. Very happy with this purchase!

alice 17 Mar,2014

want want want want want

Wow 16 Mar,2014

so cute nice color omg i cant believe it god bless xx 07 Mar,2014

it has very bright colour!

jupresser 04 Mar,2014

Eu preciso muito desse suéter. Que bom que o preço baixou! hahahh

cari 04 Mar,2014

just love dark brown sweaters

yosi 06 Feb,2014

a classic winter sweater, the coffee colour makes it awesome

gthi 06 Feb,2014

cool pullover with perfect colour!

martina 05 Feb,2014

certamente è un bel colore però sembra un po troppo sformato

mary 30 Jan,2014

wow this color is my lovely 30 Jan,2014

Adoro este jersey, perfeito mesmo!

gia macoveanu 30 Jan,2014

seems so cozy..and the girls found a lot of different ways to wear it

tomolluny 29 Jan,2014

I like the way it looks

hjraymond13 10 Jan,2014

I love love love this sweater! It fits so well, great quality, good color, and very versatile.

Mel 23 Dec,2013

Beautiful color for autumn. can't wait to purchase

justynebrs 23 Dec,2013

Very nice sweater. This color is to good this season. :)

Niikkii 22 Dec,2013

this sweater is extremely comfy and great for winter!the down side is that its over side and its wide and short but i still like the sweater.

CBZX 20 Dec,2013

Cool thin!!g! Really want this!

BXCB 20 Dec,2013

Very, very nice and go!!od!

edenit5 19 Dec,2013

i want that sweater so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

vik 19 Dec,2013

This sweater is perfect. So beautiful and comf

vik 19 Dec,2013

This sweater is perfect. So beautiful and comf

sh3342 18 Dec,2013

So so so nice and cute look.j

k 18 Dec,2013

Such a beautiful color! Must have for winter!

anica 18 Dec,2013

this one looks so cozy!

coololiviadas2007 17 Dec,2013

its so warm and thick! i just wish i had waited until it was on sale.

Wiki 17 Dec,2013

P E R F E C T !!!!!!!!!!!

jessie 15 Dec,2013

stil love this so perfect

eviestevie 15 Dec,2013

This rust coloured sweater is lovely!

DFR 13 Dec,2013

I lo!ve it, can;t wait for buying

leeseunghyun9590 10 Dec,2013

When I save up enough money I'm getting this!

( 0 ) sll3 09 Dec,2013

C O O O O O L!!!!!!!!!!!

zoe-schedler 08 Dec,2013

a beautiful sweater, love it's colour!

anita 05 Dec,2013

its so warm and thick! i just wish i had waited until it was on sale.

poonjinx 04 Dec,2013

cute sweater for the winter

Kom 04 Dec,2013

This is a perfect sweater for winter!

forerness 04 Dec,2013

i love this color this remind me fall

ale 03 Dec,2013

el color la forma todo me encanta lo comprare!

Ana3 02 Dec,2013

I like the color of it

joelevy1990 02 Dec,2013

i really want this sweater badly.

YuliyaShmarova 02 Dec,2013

I love this colour combination, beautiful color

Ella 01 Dec,2013

Love love love this color! Looks like it would go with a lot of different outfits too.

Mille 01 Dec,2013

Love it! I got so many compliments on this sweater!

leeseunghyun9590 30 Nov,2013

curious to see what this color will look like on me

Sh3342 29 Nov,2013

wow I love it this is amazing buy.

pt.teixeij 29 Nov,2013

this color is adorable, love it

Mille 28 Nov,2013

Got so many compliments on this sweater!

melamarela123 28 Nov,2013

Coffee Batwing Long Sleeve Pullovers Sweater

meline1984 28 Nov,2013

I love the color of this sweater and it looks great in person.

klopserry 26 Nov,2013

Very nice and warm pullover.

mnbvcx 24 Nov,2013

Coffee Batwing Long Sleeve Pullovers Sweater

s.fl 24 Nov,2013

got this, the colour is beautiful but it is HUGE. Wouldnt have minded so much is the neckline wasn't so big but its nice to wear along the shoulder.

Sana 22 Nov,2013

I just received this sweater recently, and while I do love it very much, the only downside is that it is really, really big. I usually wear small-medium, but this sweater is just too oversized.

joelevy1990 20 Nov,2013

the color of this looks gross.

ismene 20 Nov,2013

es un poco más marrón de lo que luce en la foto, color teja más bien. es calentito y super cómodo!

lucy777 20 Nov,2013

wow, looks great! going to purchase it soon!

A 19 Nov,2013

Coffee Batwing Long Sleeve Pullovers Sweater

stardust 18 Nov,2013

perfect knit sweater for fall 18 Nov,2013

The skull makes all difference

allie 17 Nov,2013

I really love the color

mat 17 Nov,2013

I love this colour! So autumn

sng 16 Nov,2013

the color is so gorgeous

tre 15 Nov,2013

Love the color and over sized looked!

fsd 15 Nov,2013

Love this sweater so much

giggl3s_4 14 Nov,2013

i want this sweater sooo bad!

mia 13 Nov,2013

nada melhor para este tempinho de inverno.

korason4ik 12 Nov,2013

This sweater looks so warm! For the winter it will be that it is necessary.

stardust 10 Nov,2013

The coffee color is perfect for fall.

a 10 Nov,2013

so amazing for fall i love it

aq 10 Nov,2013

This shirt is really pretty !

kasiakowalska93 10 Nov,2013

Sweet! But this is one size. This is big sweater. 10 Nov,2013

I love this colour combination

klk95 09 Nov,2013


Dee 09 Nov,2013

wow! very nice perfect for fall

cdcs 08 Nov,2013

this is a nice onev

claudi-girl 07 Nov,2013

Oversized but not that long, very comfortable and warm!

MaryGrace 07 Nov,2013

Absolutely love this sweater. Its perfect & beautiful

Mirabella 06 Nov,2013

Oooo this looks so comfy! I can see the outfits forming in my mind

Monique 06 Nov,2013

Love the color and oversized silhouette!

JZ 06 Nov,2013

I love the color and the pictures from lookbook!

konoee 06 Nov,2013

love the color,looks so good in fall! :3

scclarke90 05 Nov,2013

beautiful sweater, perfect for fall!

v 05 Nov,2013

gorgeous x o x o

f 05 Nov,2013

Coffee Batwing Long Sleeve Pullovers Sweater 05 Nov,2013

The colours on this are really nice.

DR 01 Nov,2013

Nice rusty color, perfect for winter

asdfghjkl 31 Oct,2013

i love the color, so cute!

t 31 Oct,2013

Coffee Batwing Long Sleeve Pullovers Sweater

Melissa 29 Oct,2013

This sweater is so cute,and perfect for fall, love it

difference 29 Oct,2013

its a little bit too oversized, but the feeling is great and it keeps me very warm :)

luca_schmitt 27 Oct,2013

Just got this sweater, absolutely love the slouchy look of it! Its perfect and warm! A Definite buy!

helena 24 Oct,2013

color is so cute great for fall!

Sara 24 Oct,2013

Love this colour and the sweater

adushka15 24 Oct,2013

This color is totally amazing!

allycatmoon 23 Oct,2013

LOVE this sweater. It fits perfectly baggy, quality is pretty good, keeps me warm and looks amazing!

helena 22 Oct,2013

such a wonderful sweater for fall/winter!! 21 Oct,2013

Coffee Batwing Long Sleeve Pullovers Sweater

em 21 Oct,2013

I've been searvhing for something like this for ages! Gotta love it

Berta 21 Oct,2013

I love this sweater and this color!

AntoniaH 19 Oct,2013

Super cool! Fitting and color are amazing

María PL 18 Oct,2013

I love the color and so the form!

taelyn_rhai 17 Oct,2013

I'm in love with this color! This is now my must have sweater for fall!

jessiez1215 16 Oct,2013

Definitely about to buy this! It looks so comfy and warm :D

nadialesiv 16 Oct,2013

really cool and warm! I love it.

cinnamoncatie 13 Oct,2013

ordered it, can't wait for it!

ch 07 Oct,2013

looks so comftable, going to order this for fall/winter

claudi-girl 03 Oct,2013

A great color note for winter!

Merche 02 Oct,2013

Me parece muy bonito como queda

El.M 29 Sep,2013

i love oversided sweaters...and this one looks amazing!great colour!

angelic_bunnies 29 Sep,2013

so comfortable and warm. the colour is perfect for fall!

marianaps 29 Sep,2013

This color is perfect for fall

Molly 25 Sep,2013

i recently received my sweater and i was so disappointed on how wide it was it looks ridiculous

Hanna 25 Sep,2013

a really nice oversized sweater, and just fits everyone. also perfect for the cold weather

adalmiina 23 Sep,2013

This would look awesome with some leather pants.

jreichardt 21 Sep,2013

I love the colour! Wonderful Pullover!

tswilli96 20 Sep,2013

I love this sweater. Beautiful colour and fits really big

angie 17 Sep,2013

this looks totally perfect for fall and it seems super cozy and comfy c:

Marina 02 Sep,2013

I absolutely love it!! Really comfortable, it looks just like in the pictures!

naduz85 31 Aug,2013

Es un poco mas ancho de lo esperado, pero el material lindo y suave. Con un pantalón chupín va genial.

Inez 28 Aug,2013

super thick, this is winter essential. love it so much ;)

ejeer 25 Aug,2013

This looks soo warm and stylish!!

Vero 19 Aug,2013

Perfecto con un pantalón pitillo o leggin color beige o azul celeste, me encanta

Hans 09 Aug,2013

looks so comftable, going to order this for fall/winter

deannalankin 05 Aug,2013

Just ordered and am so excited! Hope it becomes my staple sweater this fall/winter~

Silje 02 Aug,2013

Going to buy this! Will be perfect to have in the fall/winter season with black skinny jeans and boots!

Kamryn 22 Jul,2013

This looks like the perfect fall sweater

nikaxxd 15 Jul,2013

Uroczy! Uwielbiam ten sweterek, a nawet kocham ♥

breutnon 27 Jun,2013

whats with the fucking retarded sizing

fran 19 Jun,2013

nice and warm and oversized

tantan 11 Jun,2013

so warm and comfy for winter! a must-have for winter/autumn :)

IO 18 May,2013

it look so sweet and confy!!

lucy 13 Apr,2013

i'm in love is this sweater!

hoda 13 Apr,2013

This sweater looks so comfortable

caro.glemus 31 Mar,2013

I ordered this item and I must say: I LOVE IT. It is soft, warm and the color is amazing. You can use it with almost anything. Totally recommend it <3

Méline 13 Mar,2013

i love this color, and the style too!

Anne 05 Mar,2013

i'm in love is this sweater!

lisa 27 Jan,2013

This sweater looks so comfortable. Ordered it, cannot wait to wear it! 22 Jan,2013

love the color and simple design

lau 19 Jan,2013

the perfect sweater, I'm in love!

sarah 16 Jan,2013

This one has become my favorite sweater this winter! The color is perfect! The material is good too and it feels warm and comfy. So recommended!

meg 14 Jan,2013

i love this color, and the style too

mrsmary3 04 Jan,2013

looks very warm and the color is so in!

bastet 25 Dec,2012

I was quite satisfied with this! great color and good sweater for winter

nisauliams 20 Dec,2012

Comfort, warm, beautiful, smooth! Perfecto. Really well-designed sweater. I love it.....amazingly vintaged sweater. Great!

brookelaing 20 Dec,2012

Just ordered, can't wait to get it!

Tuzza 19 Dec,2012

I really love the color!! :) Thinking about getting it!! 19 Dec,2012

Definitely going on my wish list!

seabeard 18 Dec,2012

Softest sweater I own! A little short, but otherwise so comfy.

l 16 Dec,2012

very nice coffee color sweater

Abby 13 Dec,2012

Ahh I love this sweater!

rainbows 12 Dec,2012

the color is wonderful, wish list.

caseymcmahon 11 Dec,2012

It is very oversized but I love it. I am about 5'2 and normal weigh and its big on me but very cute and very comfy.

coco 11 Dec,2012

looks cute but the fit is wide and short and the neckline is round even though it look a bit like a v neck in the picture.

nmintare 09 Dec,2012

It looks so comfy and warm

Elizabeth 05 Dec,2012

This sweater is so soft! The color is exactly like it is pictured! It is the perfect lose sweater!

v 03 Dec,2012

I adore coffeee brown sweaters

Dahlia 02 Dec,2012

Really pretty sweater! Great design, vintage style.

Tanya 02 Dec,2012

I adore this sweater! I love this coffee color!

danabean4 28 Nov,2012

Omg so adorable. Perfect to wear with leggings and riding boots!!

m 28 Nov,2012

this is absolutely perfect, the colour and everything

ARIS1207 24 Nov,2012


taymiller92 24 Nov,2012

ahhhhh the color. and it looks so comfy

Lok 21 Nov,2012

looks like the perfect sweater!

Alpaca 21 Nov,2012

Love this sweater, great color for fall!

Vanessa 21 Nov,2012

ahhh this is the comfiest thing!

112605 20 Nov,2012

these is such a perfect sweater!!! 18 Nov,2012

so amazing. love love love it

rachmitch 13 Nov,2012

this sweater is adorable with a pair of leggings and some combat boots! LOVE!

Sarah 10 Nov,2012

It's really charming sweater

Madison 22 Oct,2012

Love the color and over sized looked!

nita 12 Oct,2012

nice i love this color very much cause it is trendy

ann 12 Oct,2012

beautiful fall winter sweater!

Lizzy 16 Sep,2012

Love this sweater so much

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