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Black Round Neck Long Sleeve Lion Print Sweatshirt

Black Round Neck Long Sleeve Lion Print Sweatshirt

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A true casual all round sweater. This stylish yet simple pullover features lion head print on front and full-length sleeves. Toss it over a light vest top and style it with a pair of skinny jeans for a simple, everyday look.

  • Length(cm) :60cm
  • Sleeve Length(cm) :58cm
  • Cuffs(CM) :18cm
  • Bust(cm) :104cm
  • Material :Cotton Blends
  • Types :Pullovers
  • Color :Black
  • Neckline :Round Neck
  • Sleeve Length :Long Sleeve
  • Pattern Type :Graphic

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msfreakshow 23 Aug,2014

The lion print is so cute.

ale.figueroa 15 Aug,2014

El estampado es de muy buena calidad, y es muy muy abrigador increíble, es de un tamaño normal, no es gigante.

taddahead1 29 Jul,2014

This is a must have! its perfect every way possible!<3

becca5943 29 Jul,2014

I LOVEEEE it! so gorgeous, a MUST HAVE! 23 Jul,2014

i am in love with thissss it is so adorable and soft

Abi 23 Jul,2014

I am in love with this! If i could i would wear it all the time, it is so soft!!!

hajarantaki 23 Jul,2014

amazing! really cool, cant wait till it reaches

hajarantaki 23 Jul,2014

amazing! its really cool, cant wait till it reaches.

danielle.baker23 07 Jul,2014

THIS IS SO CUTE, can't wait for mine to come in

mskathleensmith 05 Jun,2014

The best sweater I have seen in a very long time! it is bold and fashion forward, I can't wait to get it in so I can start making outfits with it.

lovinglam1 04 Jun,2014

love it!! perfect, so cool!

roxana 26 May,2014

oh i love it,it`s wonderful,thanks sheinside :)

sor_le 24 May,2014

Love this sweater! very happy with my purchase!!

asd 22 May,2014

gorgeous! this lion is awesome

makijoeffy 19 May,2014

Very, very cool print, comfortable and warm, but beware if you're 5'7" or above, it's a bit short.

Denimiella 18 May,2014

Wonderful shirt, I love it! The print is really nice and it's cozy and comfortable. As all other clothes here it's a bit small in the size, so onsize basically means XS/S. But since that's my ordinary size this shirt fits me perfect!

anet1992 15 May,2014

świetna bluza w drapieżnym stylu

DailyFashions 09 May,2014

amazing Sweater! I love it.

agusia2112 09 May,2014

is lovely I l ove lion graphic

nothing 07 May,2014

Adorable print, lions are georgeous animals. I wanna wear it every day.

Kristen 07 May,2014

It's warm and perfect! I love it...

estc 06 May,2014

It's not very thick, but the inside is super fleecy and cosy! I've had so many compliments on this sweatshirt!

ratco67 01 May,2014

La qualité est vraiment top et le pull vraiment beau. C'est juste dommage qu'il déteint au lavage et qu'il faut donc toujours le laver appart. Sinon super produit, Je recommande.

Lawn 01 May,2014

Really fashionable sweater, very soft!

efate 01 May,2014

It is so fine! Really powerful print! And all those styles in look book...

ksenis 30 Apr,2014

I love this sweatshirt. This print is amazing

Vasile Cosmina 28 Apr,2014

i love this print! so nice lion

shija 27 Apr,2014

jestem zodiakalnym lwem, więc bluza idealna dla mnie! :)

divadee003 22 Apr,2014

Love this sweatshirt! Great Quality! 16 Apr,2014

I love animal prints, i ts amazing

shari.adiel 12 Apr,2014

I bought this for a friend for Christmas last year and she absolutely loved it. The image is super cute and it's a good quality make, perfect for colder, comfy days.

minna.riiins 11 Apr,2014

It is so fine! Really powerful print! And all those styles in look book... I gotta have this.

lorebe80 08 Apr,2014

l love it.This diferent

jmoench 08 Apr,2014

Oh my god! I just love this jumper! The lion looks so awesome!

lorebe80 03 Apr,2014


xristina 03 Apr,2014

Loving this gorgeous print lion!!

dagmara159 01 Apr,2014

it's look so good, love it

olyamama 01 Apr,2014

This is just perfect for me.

Chayadah 30 Mar,2014

This shirt is very different

SIRIA 29 Mar,2014


Andreea 29 Mar,2014

The lion is so beautiful.

alkaasa 27 Mar,2014

this is so cool looooove it!

Panait Diana Ionela 26 Mar,2014

This sweater is so amazing!

Mary 25 Mar,2014

I absolutely love this lion print!

berta 24 Mar,2014

Diseño muy original! muy bonito

ccc 24 Mar,2014

pretty good cute lion sweatshirt

alkaasa 24 Mar,2014

this jumper is just sooooo cool! waow, no wonder why so many have bought it :D love it!

darika93 22 Mar,2014

Very nice swetshirt, i love it!

tamara 20 Mar,2014

me gusta mucho, es muy calentita por el pelo de dentro, la talla es algo pequeña para una sudadera es como una S en españa!

leooo 17 Mar,2014

difinitely love this blouse so much

shannascissorhands 15 Mar,2014

Just got in the mail. Love this hoodie! The pockets are and added plus, and it's so soft not to mention cute and attention grabbing!

Anette 14 Mar,2014

Cool and nice. Want this now! 12 Mar,2014

Poleron que me encantaría tener HERMOSO!!

NoPenguin 12 Mar,2014

This Jumper is my favourite jumper ever!

Gosiaa 09 Mar,2014

I love it <2 it's so warm and looks so beautiful

Maria Akari 08 Mar,2014

I just love this cute sweater. Im so proud of this purchase.

Pohene 08 Mar,2014

I love it. The inside of this sweater is just so soft and fuzzy. ending up passing it on to a friend as a gift and he loves it. The picture of the lion is amazing, doesn't look like it will be fading any time soon.

Liz 06 Mar,2014

lol so many reviews for this already! This piece is so unique and totally on trend with crewneck type and print!:)

mayers 06 Mar,2014

The fit is a bit awkward but this is my new favorite sweater!! The inside is so soft and wonderful aha and it helps me embrace my inner LEO :D

brekehinde 03 Mar,2014

this picture of the lion looks so strong and cool

fredricke 02 Mar,2014

I love lions and this sweatshirt was just... perfect. I have no words....

kidlusz 02 Mar,2014

very lion so wow, like it

Andreea 01 Mar,2014

The sweatshirt has a beautiful print.

durly100 27 Feb,2014

Es una sudadera caliente, perfecta para la primavera o el otoño, en invierno se puede combinar con una cazadora de cuero. Va bien con faldas y pantalones Una buena inversión.

Dominika 23 Feb,2014

Beautiful hoddie, i love it!

meddyx64 20 Feb,2014

cool print,remainds me of movie lion king!

Bego 19 Feb,2014

Mola. Es muy bonita y queda genial.

klopserry 17 Feb,2014

Look rather attractive, the nice print of lion

airun 16 Feb,2014

Absolutely love this sweater! I got one similar and its awesome!

airun 16 Feb,2014

Absolutely love this sweater! I got one similar and its awesome!

AIRUN 16 Feb,2014

Awesome! i got it one similar and it's so beauty!

lilymccrorie12 13 Feb,2014

I love lion graphics, I hope this fits xx

dayicmb 13 Feb,2014

I like that sweater is very nice 10 Feb,2014

Got it like a week ago or so - just amazing! Cozy inside, amazing outside.

szczurek0123 09 Feb,2014

blouse is lovely. lion theme is great. Sweatshirt I really like.

lusia22 09 Feb,2014

OMG so beaufifil sweatshirt! I love sweatshirt :3

Eloise 09 Feb,2014

Ce sweat est juste magnifique! *.*

paulina19987 08 Feb,2014

omg,it's gorgeous. so soft and comfy.. you'll fall in love with it.. :)

deusia 08 Feb,2014

wow amazing sweatshirt, it's perfect I love it

olgapjona 07 Feb,2014

AWESOME sweatshirt, wonderful Lion print

nitaxpp 06 Feb,2014

just got it today! its lovely and so cozy ^.^

caserter 05 Feb,2014

Very cute print of a lion

Tania 04 Feb,2014

Really amazing this sweater!Love the lion! 01 Feb,2014

Esperando a que me llegue, estoy deseando ya estrenarla

rose 29 Jan,2014

just ordered this! can't wait to wear it. :)

grzesiek1307 28 Jan,2014

świetnie wyostrzony na czarnym tle lew prosto z afryki, genialna bluza.

kristina 28 Jan,2014

I really like this print!

juz10 28 Jan,2014

can't w8 to arrive

Lili 27 Jan,2014

Great lion sweater, so majestic!

kraspouet54 18 Jan,2014

Looks really cool and can fit with anything!! The design looks very detailed!

Jovana 18 Jan,2014

Lovely lion with great picture and good colours..

Reetta 17 Jan,2014

Looks amazing and feels so comfy, cause the inside is so soft. Love it!

Vorobievae 15 Jan,2014

Great one, love it. It is very warm, good quality. 15 Jan,2014

aarowar lion like a real king

Catherinezeng44 11 Jan,2014

I like the lion very much! It's fierce.

nitaxpp 07 Jan,2014

just bought it :) can't wait to wear it!

Dominika 05 Jan,2014

już niedługo moja, JEST NIESAMOWITA ! :) 05 Jan,2014

I got this lion blouse and it's very warm. It looks beautiful.

Louise 02 Jan,2014

Magnifique sweat, très jolie couleur

Femy 01 Jan,2014

I love the sweaters her and this is no exception, especially with the print.

justynebrs 01 Jan,2014

This sweater is so adorable! i love it, it's very cool and it's an amazing print.

lesly montalvo 31 Dec,2013

me encanta como se ve los looks con esa sudadera, me encanta! ♥ 30 Dec,2013

Piękna właśnie ją zamówiłam :)

agaggaga 29 Dec,2013

Black Round Neck Long Sleeve Lion Print Sweatshirt

katharina.kaeufl 26 Dec,2013

Love it, it's so unique and the first sweater with animal print I really like.. can't wait for it to arrive!

KATYA 26 Dec,2013


lora 25 Dec,2013

lol so many reviews for this already! This piece is so unique and totally on trend with crewneck type and print!

justynebrs 23 Dec,2013

Just ordered this! So excited to wear it, the print is gorgeous!

laursabert 23 Dec,2013

Ahhh! I love this so much! It's comfy, stylish, and so so cute. Love it!

ivitoy_saeva 22 Dec,2013

Black Round Neck Long Sleeve Lion Print Sweatshirt is so cute

rick 22 Dec,2013

Black Round Neck Long Sleeve Lion Print Sweatshirt

theri 22 Dec,2013

cooooool :o i think i will buy it

Azzabell 21 Dec,2013

Love it. happy with my purchase.. fast delivery too

black 21 Dec,2013

Just look at that majesty.

MJH 19 Dec,2013

I love the lion print, perfect

leeseunghyun9590 19 Dec,2013

My friend would really like this!

mariachamumila 18 Dec,2013

mas de una chica se sentira identificada con este poderoso animal. es simplemente genial.

martyna 18 Dec,2013

Bluza robi robote lew wygladaa jak zywy

jhg 17 Dec,2013

Black Round Neck Long Sleeve Lion Print Sweatshirt

dfsads 16 Dec,2013

wait ugh I want this now

Gingi 15 Dec,2013

Me encanta la sudadera,a la espera de que llegue ya a casa!

tyu 15 Dec,2013

!Nice print and blouse is awesome 14 Dec,2013

polecam super jakość i wygląd

sh3342 14 Dec,2013

great print, im in love !f

sh3342 14 Dec,2013

great print, im in love !

Marina 13 Dec,2013

¡Cómo me encanta el león, está muy conseguido!

nasty 12 Dec,2013

Wow! Animals print it is very cool!

aliciaprecious 11 Dec,2013

I absolutely love the print! Just got it)

exoexo 09 Dec,2013

It's very nice and beautiful !!! I received it and I really love it ^^

didi 09 Dec,2013

The print is pretty awesome and the image is perfectly placed and cropped.

AIRUN 08 Dec,2013


katy 08 Dec,2013

soooo nice, pretty, warm, comfortable and fashionable. I love this lion

jkro 08 Dec,2013

In love with this sweater.

zagaetskayai 08 Dec,2013

it's such a pretty print!

sarah-hieke 06 Dec,2013

Ohh, i wants it, my precioussss xD

aagagaga 06 Dec,2013

this tiger is very baetiful!

brunchildzia 06 Dec,2013

ta bluza jest świetna, musze taka miec! :)

Bionda13 06 Dec,2013

Świetny Bluza I Ten Nadruk Z Lwem ! 06 Dec,2013

I order it and it looks great

dg 05 Dec,2013

love this so so much :*

defecktid 05 Dec,2013

I'm loving this print! 04 Dec,2013

Black Round Neck Long Sleeve Lion Print Sweatshirt

Anca Maria Zaharia 03 Dec,2013

Black Round Neck Long Sleeve Lion Print Sweatshirt

Kom 03 Dec,2013

Oooh i love this sweatshirt! Love the lion

ramirezmkd1 29 Nov,2013

Just ordered one! I can't wait to get it. I love the print.

elenact88 25 Nov,2013

Very good quality! I am really happy to have purchase this item, it is so cool!

jgj 24 Nov,2013

und Neck Long Sleeve Lion Print Sweatshirt

gjj 24 Nov,2013

Black Round Neck Long Sleeve Lion Print Sweatshirt

ingvild_bta 23 Nov,2013

Loving this gorgeous print, lion , cool

Irina 23 Nov,2013

Very good quality. The material soft and comfy to the body.

Juliaaj 21 Nov,2013

So rawrr :3 this sweater rocks!

klaudiapk 21 Nov,2013

this lion printed sweatshirt is cute

Becky 20 Nov,2013

This jumper is amazing !! The lion is gorgeous.

drea_martin 20 Nov,2013

Love this sweater.It's soft and true to the photo

Kate 19 Nov,2013

I love this blouse <33

Agata Kowalewska 17 Nov,2013

Fajny print, sliski material, przyjemny w dotyku

Mihaela 16 Nov,2013

I just received it. I LOVE it:x It is very warm and cozy. I adore it. And the delivery was fast. I will definitely buy more clothes. Thank you!!!

Eliza 15 Nov,2013

I love lions so this sweatshirt is just perfect!

Ola 14 Nov,2013

OMG! nuhhvvvbnrewergntrccznmubrwx ! *-* i love it <3

ttchi 14 Nov,2013

wooah this is so beautiful I WNAT IT !!!

leela 14 Nov,2013

lovely print and great fit, although the sleeves were a little short. wished the print was a bit lower. love it nonetheless, get tons of compliments on it!

moss 13 Nov,2013

love the lion print, it's a must have

lol 13 Nov,2013

I love the lion print, it's a must have

karapav 12 Nov,2013

LOVE this sweatshirt! I saw the same exact one in LF for triple the price and this price is absolutely a steal! can't wait for it to arrive :)

Ola 10 Nov,2013

amazing! This sweatshirt is my number onee !

lequeirozcarvalho 09 Nov,2013

Loved it! One of the cutest sweaters I've even seen!!!

lequeirozcarvalho 09 Nov,2013

Loved it! One of the cutest sweaters I've even seen!!! 08 Nov,2013

Preciosaaa estoy deseando comprarla, que tal queda?

hr 08 Nov,2013

nice sweatshirt. i love the print

hr 08 Nov,2013

nice sweatshirt. i love the print¡ 06 Nov,2013

the quality is really light and the print is nice goes really well with the black

adushka15 05 Nov,2013

Awww I am totally in love with this! 03 Nov,2013

Good quality ass well! Amazing sweatshirt!

nikinolo 03 Nov,2013

so pretty, i really want this!

shaniacimone 03 Nov,2013

Love, love, love it. Just received my sweatshirt and I cannot wait to wear it. Definitely a great site to order from. 02 Nov,2013

Muito lindaaaa! adoro adoro adoro!

Emily 02 Nov,2013

I love the lion print

poly_makeup's 01 Nov,2013

Essa estampa é muito real e muito linda

poly_makeup's 01 Nov,2013

Que lindo essa estampa de leão

Gaby_11 31 Oct,2013

really really love this sweater! 29 Oct,2013

soft material and great quality

Iza 29 Oct,2013

Świetna bluza! Widziałam ją u znajomej!

Martins 28 Oct,2013

Le felpe cpn le facce degli animali sono un must di questo inverno!Ancora nn so se sn convinta

maricuxi246 28 Oct,2013

Esta sudadera es preciosa y perfecta para combinar de mil maneras. Estampado animal imprescindible este año!

Agata.Kowalewska 27 Oct,2013

This is the most popular pullover in Poland.

Emilka 26 Oct,2013

great jacket. can be seduced

czarnatruskawkaa 23 Oct,2013

Takie printy są ostatnio bardzo modne i popularne. Ekstra to wygląda

luci 20 Oct,2013

I absolutely adore this sweater its so cool n i've been looking at this for the past year 19 Oct,2013

Oh my, I love it

Marianaaaaa_ 17 Oct,2013


iriana93 17 Oct,2013

it's such a pretty print!

wlochata 07 Oct,2013

Absolutely love this top! Simple, but comfortable and chic!

carlie 05 Oct,2013

im in love with this sweater!

musicbox 05 Oct,2013

love this, im actually about to order it!

qw243 02 Oct,2013

So comfortable and fuzzy inside! The print is awesome

hope 01 Oct,2013

1 se demoro casi un mes en llegar pero valió la pena! me encanto *-*

adushka15 30 Sep,2013

This is totally great! Love it!

yulya852 28 Sep,2013

I like so much! Very warm, but a little bit short(((

babettbarta 26 Sep,2013

in love with this sweater, so cute and cool.

frannn 25 Sep,2013

i love this so much, it's so comfy to wear and i love the lion on the front!

jazzie 24 Sep,2013

What a cute lion :) I love these shirts with cute and majestic animals on them

S 22 Sep,2013


sstephen003 17 Sep,2013

In love with this sweater.

sugar 10 Sep,2013

Molto calda e bella. E' morbidissima sia dentro che fuori!E' stato davvero un ottimo acquisto

gemarodriguez.20 06 Sep,2013

Tengo esta sudadera y la verdad que os recomiendo que la compréis. Queda preciosa puesta y la calidad de la prenda es insuperable.

gema rodríguez 06 Sep,2013

Tengo esta sudadera y la verdad que recomiendo que la compréis. Queda preciosa puesta y la calidad de la prenda es insuperable.

Mima 05 Sep,2013

I love this print, amazing!

AttackOfTheJello 01 Sep,2013

Ordered this on the 13th and it arrived on the 30th, absolutely in love! The inside is that silky fur and the screen is superb.

JalinaB 26 Aug,2013

SO COZY! The inside is soft and comfy and it's perfect for the chilly fall weather.

kungstina 26 Aug,2013

I really love animal prints! amazing

Alexa 23 Aug,2013

This sweatshirt is very soft and comfortable!

erikabenavent 18 Aug,2013

Adoro esta sudadera! Simplemente es perfecta, y la prueba está en la cantidad de fashionistas que la lucen en las fotos del catálogo de Sheinside. Ya la tengo en el carrito para adquirirla hoy mismo.

diggi 14 Aug,2013

I absolutely adore this sweater its so cool n i've been looking at this for the past year

Miirte 14 Aug,2013

I can't wait to get this sweater!

AttackOfTheJello 14 Aug,2013

Ordered this last night, SUPER excited:)

alenka0550 07 Aug,2013

The best!!!! Really great! Love it! 31 Jul,2013

must have it! such a nice lion print aaw

Denisehdz 29 Jul,2013

Me encanta! Es mi prenda favorita!

meee 26 Jul,2013

i love it so much

amelia 19 Jul,2013

super awesome sweatshirt. i love it

vale 16 Jul,2013

esta bellisimo! me acaba de llegar hoy, crei que no me llegaria 08 Jul,2013

This is so cute! I absolutely love it. Animal prints are so awesome and unique!

Diana 08 Jul,2013

Este sweater es hermosoo, me encanta el lion print

Philippa O´Connor 05 Jul,2013

Love this sweater! The lion is gorgeous

Lisette 03 Jul,2013

I love this sweatshirt! It's really soft and comfortable. :) 27 Jun,2013

This can be paired with anything..

val 19 Jun,2013

esta hermoso, me encanta, espero poder comprarlo

kristinahr 29 May,2013

just recieved it today and i live it! :)

Gea 20 May,2013

This sweatshirt looks so good in so many combinations!

Josephine 19 May,2013

Love this one so much! It's soft, warm and comfy!

Kalexbel 11 May,2013

Estoy enamorada de este sweater.

mawully 10 May,2013

awesome! like it! :)) it looks great. i want it! 10 May,2013

wow, really nice! want it!

Becca 08 May,2013

I love this sweatshirt, I received it yesterday and Its amazing!

jayydaddy 05 May,2013

love this! the colours contrast with anything!!

Cindy 04 May,2013

I ordered this and it didnt look like it did on the picture !

Lola 02 May,2013

animal graphics are so in right now

rox-cooper 30 Apr,2013

Best sweatshirt ever! I love it!

sarah 11 Apr,2013

this print is beyond perfect

fesw 02 Apr,2013

omg, how pretty and cool, amazing thing

emily 29 Mar,2013

It looks great *,* I must have!

Ayokalii 28 Mar,2013

I need this! Leo pride im obsesssed with lions oh my god

StrasznaSzafa 18 Mar,2013

It's soft and warm, with awesome print <3

Hailey 12 Mar,2013

I love this! I can't wait to wear it!

Ric 12 Mar,2013

I loooove this! Cannot wait to wear it!

Crosscandy117 16 Feb,2013

living the lions head print!!

ayejaymack16 12 Feb,2013

i cannot wait until i get this! so cute!

imane 09 Feb,2013

I like this sweater it's really pretty

Jasmine.Johnson147 09 Feb,2013

I want this so BAD but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to fit it. Could you guys use regular sizes.

just check the measurements for size details :)

19 Feb,2013

j 09 Feb,2013

this is perfect, i love it. this gorgeous lion print is to die for

k 09 Feb,2013

this lion print design is so gorgeous 06 Feb,2013

Can't wait to get this sweatshirt xD

Janika 02 Feb,2013

Amazing sweater! Absolutely love this !!

Linda 02 Feb,2013

Love it! Can´t wait to reveice my order! Looks gorgeous! :)

Tkent 01 Feb,2013


Taylor 01 Feb,2013

It's so soft inside the jumper so happy i got this LOVVVEEEEE ITTTTTTT <3

Tegan 01 Feb,2013

This is so cute and looks so comfortable! 30 Jan,2013

Ahh, Lion and on my blouse, can it be better for blog post!

renitabs 27 Jan,2013

animal graphics are so in right now. Straight off the givenchy line. A must have

lope 20 Jan,2013

so cute! Totally loveee it! <3

ca 19 Jan,2013

very nice bright colors love also that print

lovely 17 Jan,2013

really diggin the lion graphic

ZoeTyr 17 Jan,2013

Just look at that majesty.

s5jierdm 15 Jan,2013

it's such a pretty print! 11 Jan,2013

Omg!!! I absolutley love this sweater :)

elleC623 11 Jan,2013

I love this Lion Sweatshirt! Roar!!!

rose 31 Dec,2012

i hope it fits me:)

shannonminnor 28 Dec,2012

Absolutely love this top! Simple, but comfortable and chic!

Lauren 28 Dec,2012

Love this sweater! The lion is gorgeous

Novi 28 Dec,2012

great print, im in love !

Sarah 27 Dec,2012

Loving it, that photo print is gorgeous

Herakok 26 Dec,2012

Wow, really great. So fashionable.

lok 26 Dec,2012

very nice sweater! loving the lion!

alpaca 26 Dec,2012

i love the lion print :)

Sarah 19 Dec,2012

Loving this gorgeous print, it's perfect and I love it

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