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Black Long Sleeve Front Flecked Zip Cardigan

Black Long Sleeve Front Flecked Zip Cardigan

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  • Bust(cm) :93cm
  • Length(cm) :64cm
  • Sleeve Length(cm) :57cm
  • Size Available :one-size
  • Season :Fall
  • Item :Cardigan
  • Color :Black
  • Material :Knit
  • Style :Casual
  • Sleeve Length :Long Sleeve
  • Types :Loose
  • Pattern Type :Geometric

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isla 18 Sep,2014

it's a great piece of winter wardrobe. love it. :)

squeers 14 Sep,2014

thid cardigan is so cute!!

Sunny 06 Sep,2014

Just received it. Cute sweater jacket. Messy stitching here and there esp the shoulder areas but overall would be great in the fall.

anastasia 05 Sep,2014

just like the photo and It fits perfect! I'm 160cm and 60kg

miumiu 03 Sep,2014

I just got to say that this jacket is so elegant and classy

Beccata 30 Aug,2014

Stupendo cardigan! Da usare anche come giacca da ufficio!

bib 30 Aug,2014

Very elegant and classy, just perfect.

adelaynas 30 Aug,2014

This knit cardigan is really my style.

dimitraNat 28 Aug,2014

One size is OK for large if you don't have wide shoulders. On small and medium fits perfectly. Great quality as always.

andreea 28 Aug,2014

Love the color of the cardigan, and the zippers are a nice touch

_shope 23 Aug,2014

Just received this cardigan today and I love it! Such good quality and it's very classy looking, it'll dress up an outfit perfectly.

ThaoGurl 20 Aug,2014

I just got to say that this jacket is so elegant and classy. Its so beautiful. Its something I would wear.

sandrab_2k 18 Aug,2014

Very elegant and classy, just perfect.

lalalalacee 14 Aug,2014

ordering and can't wait to receive it. chic and versatile

Cynthi_0091 12 Aug,2014

I loved it! I looks really nice 10 Aug,2014

Wygląda bardzo elegancko i stylowo. Milusi!

mcc 08 Aug,2014

looks very elegant and the quality looks good.

mui tau 05 Aug,2014

Pretty cardigan and very nice quality.

cqy 02 Aug,2014

Received this jacket, love it! very good quality. Highly recommended.

isamariafq 21 Jul,2014

Este casaco entro diretamente para a minha lista de favoritos

cinn 18 Jul,2014

i love the way the zippers on the sides look.

meowmeowmeowmeow 15 Jul,2014

Such a classy and cute combo. Love this look.

Carolina 10 Jul,2014

I just bought this cardigan for myself and I can't wait to get it! Looks AMAZING

nemphis 08 Jul,2014

This is super chic!<3

shathi.mehdi 19 Jun,2014

simply classy and fabulous!!must buy!

anna 19 Jun,2014

A beautiful jacket! I love the zipper

cc 02 Jun,2014

have been eyeing this cardigan for ages- will definitely buy it

shija 01 Jun,2014

bardzo orginalny, podoba mi się! :)

nastjaaok 28 May,2014

wow, really beautiful and cute.great for autumn 28 May,2014

Muito bonito este casaco, amei!

olya_strange76 27 May,2014

very nice cardigan for autumn

olya_strange 27 May,2014

I in love with this sweater

Username 27 May,2014

It is really amazing. I must have somethink like that in my wardrobe.

damar26 26 May,2014

esta super bonito y muy combinable

rosaosum 23 May,2014

This is the perfect cardigan for fall, because it keeps you warm outside, but doesn't make you hot indoors... Would go great with a simple dress and some boots!

Marian 19 May,2014

This cardigan is so sporty and beautiful.

micvha 18 May,2014

Adorable black and white cardigan! I love this look!

kas 18 May,2014

I adore this cute cardigan! Looks wonderful! 16 May,2014

Bardzo oryginalny i cieply cardigan doskonale ochroni przed chlodem. 16 May,2014

Bardzo oryginalny i cieply cardigan doskonale ochroni przed chlodem.

dumitrascu florentina 15 May,2014

cute and really pretty cardigan.

charm 13 May,2014

This sweater is so beautiful, perfect for spring season and autumn!

MM 06 May,2014

Nice knit jacket. Looks nice on and happy with my purchase.

dumitrascu florentina 02 May,2014

Very very lovely cardigan. Amazing.

merru2009 20 Apr,2014

I think it's very fashionable 17 Apr,2014

SO adorable! I love the style and seems to fit everyone so nicely!

nothing 17 Apr,2014

This cardigan is so stylish and practical. Great.

katarzyna 16 Apr,2014

super ramoneska, wzór śietny i kolory !!

ana_dark84 14 Apr,2014

An interesting cardigan for spring time!

monikaxo 04 Apr,2014

What a beautiful classy cardigan! The gold zippers add nice detail.

Liz 29 Mar,2014

Easy to dress up or dress down-I get complimented every time I wear it! Heavy enough to wear as outerwear on a mild day yet light enough to keep on indoors, left open, this Cardona is simply Amazing! :)

Liz 28 Mar,2014

I absolutely adore the color and style of this sweater!! the zipper accent is so great! :) 25 Mar,2014

Great item for this Autumn, stylish and classy, can be dressed up or worn casual. A staple item!

marya 24 Mar,2014

i'm buying this cardigan and i'm so excitate.

egorgan 12 Mar,2014

it looks nice want it

medeti 03 Mar,2014

me encanta el cardigan, es precioso

Chewbecca0 01 Mar,2014

Il cardigan è bellissimo. Un pó rozze le cuciture ma per quel prezzo è davvero ottimo!

rawr 25 Feb,2014

I like the gold zippers on this cardi

anfreutza8520 24 Feb,2014

A cardigan that should not miss from our wardrobe :)

luv2glam 22 Feb,2014

sooooo cute omg got to get this

Sofia 22 Feb,2014

pretty and cute cardian , really love it

Loulou 11 Feb,2014

I'm in love with this sweater. Totally going to order it!

breehay 09 Feb,2014

Incredibly elegant cardigan, the attention to detail of the zippers and lining is amazing.

kasia 08 Feb,2014

it is very nice jacket <3 ;p

fashion 08 Feb,2014

I can't wait to buy this of my faves on here

diana 04 Feb,2014

this is a very elegant cardigan, do you like it?

dogginom 04 Feb,2014

cute and really pretty cardigan

giamacoveanu 01 Feb,2014

it is a must buy

olgapjona 01 Feb,2014

stylish grey classy cardigan! I want it! 26 Jan,2014

I wish there was a fixed collar but looks sophisticated!

Simona 26 Jan,2014

This is very beautiful.I like it. 25 Jan,2014

This cardigan looks very nice ;)

brekehinde 24 Jan,2014

I really like this print nd coloe

Patrice_xo 24 Jan,2014

I have this in black. It's really good quality . I'd like one in every colour!

ANI_JIBLADZE 22 Jan,2014

I can wait to buy it

Andreea 21 Jan,2014

It is a very interesting cardigan. 19 Jan,2014

Great cardinal! Love it. Nice share. 07 Jan,2014

I love it, wearing it right now, it`s very comfy! 30 Dec,2013

Amazing Front Flecked Zip Cardigan

antos 29 Dec,2013

I'd wear it in my office at work

pegki 29 Dec,2013

just received this cardigan, Like it so much! nice quality!

l89 24 Dec,2013

this is an elegant sweater

mamganna 22 Dec,2013

This is super chic!!! Love it!

kristina 20 Dec,2013

Wow! Original thing)) i want it!

juliteczka 20 Dec,2013

I just received that. Looks exactly like on picture, is warm, good quality, really cute. 20 Dec,2013

I got this stripped sweater to my wishlist

xlilypop 18 Dec,2013

I love the style and how the colors blend.

C. 18 Dec,2013

Totally in love with this item!!!!

maro 17 Dec,2013

i love this jacket..i like the pockets!

lantnguyen 14 Dec,2013

Very cute sweater. light knit and drapes well.

moklein 14 Dec,2013

Quite warm and soft, I like it

ozaga 14 Dec,2013

this one is cool! i want it :)

ozaga 14 Dec,2013

this one is cool! i want it :)

tamaraa234 12 Dec,2013

classy and chic. best purchase!

mspindell 12 Dec,2013

very pretty! love this sweater

samira 11 Dec,2013

really cute i think i'll buy it

katy 10 Dec,2013

these zippers look amazing. i want it 09 Dec,2013

I can wait to buy it

agagaga 06 Dec,2013

this sweather is very baetiful

zahaedska 01 Dec,2013

This is so cute!I love it.

w 01 Dec,2013

what a nice cardigang with zippers!!

w 01 Dec,2013

i like the golden zipper

n 01 Dec,2013

Black Long Sleeve Front Flecked Zip Cardigan

mirks459 30 Nov,2013

nice sleeve .. :) plain .. in plain is nice

kate 29 Nov,2013

Black Long Sleeve Front Flecked Zip Cardigan

Chambers 28 Nov,2013

Has anyone had difficulties with their order shipping? I placed an order over ten days ago and it still shows up as processing??? No one will email me back! GRR

lil 27 Nov,2013

ouu this sweather is very baetiful

zdavanut 26 Nov,2013

a nice cardigan, works for any season and eveyone

zdavanut 26 Nov,2013

such a nice cardigan, works for any season, nice cut

ptb_q8 26 Nov,2013

a must get very nice !!!

joanabr 26 Nov,2013

ideal para o inverno frio

cba_q8 26 Nov,2013

great love it , a must buy !

kely_goncalves 26 Nov,2013

super adorei os detalhes desse cardigan

eli.maria 25 Nov,2013

this cardigan is so cool !

juliteczka 24 Nov,2013

Jeszcze jakieś 4 dni i będzie Twój :D

marta 24 Nov,2013

this cardigan looks really average, nothing special.

bad 23 Nov,2013

i like very very cute

mircea 23 Nov,2013

Black Long Sleeve Front Flecked Zip Cardigan

amanda 22 Nov,2013

definitely interested in this cardigan

lilymoran7 22 Nov,2013

so cute!! love the gold zippers!

uzt 22 Nov,2013

inlove with this cardigan, must buy!!

iuz 22 Nov,2013

Black Long Sleeve Front Flecked Zip Cardigan

dolapperisi 20 Nov,2013

This is so cute!I love it.

misscb 20 Nov,2013

Love the seam contrast, perfect for casual friday!

joelevy1990 20 Nov,2013

this is such a nice cardigan

gg 20 Nov,2013

ahh someone put buyers pictures up

thuychi 20 Nov,2013

very nice cardigan, i like it :)

mirks459 19 Nov,2013

nice loose sweater .. ) very i like you

stojisavljevicm 19 Nov,2013

Love this cardigan! applied for it at free trials! I would wear it with a white tee and leather leggings! great piece of winter wardrobe.

Marianne 18 Nov,2013

Jiizez, this looks soo great!! Really want it!

valentinadivenere 16 Nov,2013

fantastico maglione caldo caldo per l'inverno

Luisa92 13 Nov,2013

Black Long Sleeve Front Flecked Zip Cardigan

Luisa92 13 Nov,2013

Black Long Sleeve Front Flecked Zip Cardigan

juliatoplean 12 Nov,2013

So excited to get this, great price hope it looks great on me! 10 Nov,2013

I love the little leather details and zippers, so chic!

Isabelpradilla 09 Nov,2013

Wonderful and cozy for working outfit

alguibel 05 Nov,2013

I hve in my wishlist: I would want to see some photos of looks please!!!

Adri 05 Nov,2013

This is super chic!!! Love it!

Jen 04 Nov,2013

Wow! love the design! nice cardigan.

asd 04 Nov,2013

i love this cardigan, so glad that i bought it before the price was raised

blue_heart68 03 Nov,2013

Gotta love the zipper details!

natka43 01 Nov,2013

this one is cool! i want it :)

lokoo 31 Oct,2013

This cardigan looks very nice

regina 31 Oct,2013

would like to see photos of this on someone

ramaczanka 31 Oct,2013

I think it's first cardigan that I actually want to have in my wardrobe!

Glanti 31 Oct,2013

Fabulous piece. Sheinside's gonna ruin me for sure!

albaguibel 30 Oct,2013

It looks perfect!!I must buy it now!

ANN 30 Oct,2013

Black Long Sleeve Front Flecked Zip Cardigan

srf 29 Oct,2013

Black Long Sleeve Front Flecked Zip Cardigan

Maaku 27 Oct,2013

I like this one, can't wait for someone to put their picture

yolanda 26 Oct,2013

Una belleza de pieza muy polivalente y levanta cualquier look

san 26 Oct,2013

Nice cardigan, looks warm and comfy

Mickey 26 Oct,2013

Amazing, definitely on top of my wishlist

I 25 Oct,2013

This is stunning. .I am

glanti 25 Oct,2013

great desing, material ans overall!!

Jooo 25 Oct,2013

very nice cardigan for autumn

asd 25 Oct,2013

inlove with this cardigan, must buy!!

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