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Black Embroidered Cat Round Neck Loose Sweater

Black Embroidered Cat Round Neck Loose Sweater

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  • Size Available :one-size
  • Bust(cm) :111cm
  • Length(cm) :59cm
  • Sleeve Length(cm) :44cm
  • Season :Fall
  • Item :Pullovers
  • Color :Black
  • Material :Acrylic
  • Style :Casual
  • Neckline :Round Neck
  • Sleeve Length :Long Sleeve
  • Types :Loose
  • Pattern Type :Print

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Reviews 31 Jul,2014


es hermosa me encanta que sea de gato

kmueller12 27 Jul,2014

this is cute and really fun

sunsetvampiress 26 Jul,2014

So cute and comfy! And much thicker than I thought it would be. I am 1,72m (5'8'') tall and the length is ok. Only the sleeves are a bit too short.

p.culley 23 Jul,2014

I just received this in the mail and its so lovely and soft, the length of the body/arms is a little smaller than I was expecting (I am 5"9) but it is still a baggy fit. If you are worried about having a long torso or arms then get the next size up and just take in the torso if you don't want it to be that baggy.

ESRA 18 Jul,2014

thanks for adding more measurement info! 15 Jul,2014

This sweater looks really nice

Xirimpi 07 Jul,2014

The cat face print is sooo adorable! <3

x 05 Jul,2014

Cute casual warm cat sweater

catlover 05 Jul,2014

i love this sweater so much! it looks so unique ! it is a must- have for me and i really want to have that :D

nnn 04 Jul,2014

this is so cute so cute

johanna 29 Jun,2014

demasiado lindo :) si duda esta en mi lista de pedidos

an_sm 28 Jun,2014

I'm in love with it !! The quality is so good. I thought the material would be light but it is quite thick which is great because I live in a cold climate. The only thing I would fault is that it came with a big thread pulled on it but other than that the jumper is perfect

tunacantw 26 Jun,2014

Awww this is so cute, must have!!

BVKJBGHJN 25 Jun,2014

adorable black cat print sweater

devildoll 01 Jun,2014

extremely cute cat print that would look good with any color

kittylover 31 May,2014

PLEASE put more in stock! I'm dying to buy this!!!

Jess 29 May,2014

This sweater is perfect for anything that could be more beautiful? And it depicted a very cute kitty!:3

olya_strange 27 May,2014

Very cute cat print! Love it :333333

olya_strange 27 May,2014

This sweater is perfect for layer

sabi1220 17 May,2014

cute sweater, i ordered it recently

Isabelle 15 May,2014

That's so sweet sweater !Perfect for every animal lover.

wero7 14 May,2014

oh I love this sweater!

CutiePie 10 May,2014

I'm in love with it !! The quality is so good. I thought the material would be light but it is quite thick which is great because I live in a cold climate. The only thing I would fault is that it came with a big thread pulled on it but other than that the jumper is perfect xo

wacky_banana 27 Apr,2014

this is so cute e

Adri 24 Apr,2014

This sweater is so cute! I love it¡

taylormassey18 20 Apr,2014

This sweater is perfect for layering and the cute cat print is so fashion forward!

Erin-sophia 18 Apr,2014

I need this!! need it in my life...

anka10101 17 Apr,2014

adorable sweater! so cute and pretty

katashu 17 Apr,2014

Very cute and unusual sweater!

Anca Gabriela 17 Apr,2014

I love cat! it`s for me this blouse!

fd 16 Apr,2014

very nice print in this sweater 15 Apr,2014

Très beau pull! Tout mignon et douillet, j'adore!

ixannie 14 Apr,2014

Cute cat sweater! Love it!

le.statvampire 04 Apr,2014

looks so cute and adorable!

andreea 03 Apr,2014

so cute heloo kitty sweater.

andreea.unspe 30 Mar,2014

this is the perfect cat lady sweatshirt. I so want one!

coco 25 Mar,2014

love it. in deosebi pisicuta

chavemp 23 Mar,2014

Amo este suéter de gatito, es precioso. Lo combinaría con unos jeans pitillos azules, unos flats. Un atuendo súper cómodo para ir a la universidad.

diaa.mazur 20 Mar,2014

So pretty, wow! I love the lacey design in front. Super cute

mariana 18 Mar,2014

This sweater is so cute dgwehbqn. I need this one!

mari 16 Mar,2014

this looks really cute and comfy, can't wait to buy it!

carmen 15 Mar,2014

this sweater is so amazing

Anacau 10 Mar,2014

Blusa adorável, tão linda e confortável!

luci 06 Mar,2014

pq los gatos estan tan de moda?

allisparrow17 05 Mar,2014

cute, my friend would love this

mary 04 Mar,2014

this one is not my style, but it is very cute

rhiannon.johnson17 03 Mar,2014

This is adorable, and would be really nice on a cold summer night with a pair of colored capris.

rhiannon.johnson17 03 Mar,2014

This is adorable, and would be really nice on a cold summer night with a pair of colored capris.

msavic2001 02 Mar,2014

i love cats and this sweater would be perfect to add to my collection !!

Nadja 01 Mar,2014

It's really soft and comfy,feels like good quality. Size is like M I think and it's quite loose. Only downside is there was no note on how to wash it.

Maya 27 Feb,2014

has anybody bought it ? because the style looks different in some pictures,some of them has a larger neckline.I was thinking about purchasing it and I wonder what does it look like in real life.

flainerh 26 Feb,2014

the perfect sweater for me....cute print

kawaiiwei 25 Feb,2014

super soft and nice fit on all body types. i love it!! 25 Feb,2014

This sweater is so cute! I want it!

DaaiOliveira 24 Feb,2014

i like such kind of sweaters!

kolomok 22 Feb,2014

I really like the way it looks.

kolomok 22 Feb,2014

What a nice sweater with a cat print! 21 Feb,2014

Que fofa, adoro simplesmente gatos! 21 Feb,2014

i think it is very cool sweater!

szabolaurayxc 21 Feb,2014

I just got this cute sweater! So soft and fits perfectly :3

nilsousaa 19 Feb,2014

Nice sweater, very basic but usefull i like

Me 14 Feb,2014

Super cute little knit jumper

Nadja 13 Feb,2014

It's so cute! Just ordered it and I'm sure I'll love it :)

domi 12 Feb,2014

so sweet cat cardigan, i love it

gaby 12 Feb,2014

this is my fave! i love to wear it all the time.

Aharrod65 12 Feb,2014

I gotta have it, kinda like a lil black dress.

linnea 10 Feb,2014

I love cats <3 haha this is the perfect sweater!

lovely 09 Feb,2014

this sweater is really cute

deusia 07 Feb,2014

such a cute and sweet cat sweater

adsf 06 Feb,2014

sdafajhkas fkjjkadshfj cmnfm sakjdfhkj iuefryhi adjkj

andreea 05 Feb,2014

Very pretty and extra-ordinary look

Simona 05 Feb,2014

The cat is too beautiful and so is the sweater.

kayla 05 Feb,2014

Just order it!! Can't wait it looks so comfy and cute!

kayla 05 Feb,2014

Just order it!! Can't wait it looks so comfy and cute!

Ashley_Cat 02 Feb,2014

Love this sweater. Its so cute.

andutz 02 Feb,2014

i love this sweater, the cat face is so cute

sarah-hieke 01 Feb,2014

really cute but it could be a bit longer 01 Feb,2014

I love this sweater! I wear it everywhere!

vaszerv 01 Feb,2014

I GOT IT and it looks very nice, although it took couple of weeks to arrive

ola93k 30 Jan,2014

adorable cat! I like it :)

b g 30 Jan,2014

Awww so cute sweater i want it so badly

loove 30 Jan,2014

meeoow so cuute but I'm not shure, shpuld I buy it or not?

mady 30 Jan,2014

cute sweater, i love the cat face

verolomy 29 Jan,2014

Very extra ordinary look and design

briannabananaeh 29 Jan,2014

This is soo cute! i cant wait to buy it ! looks great on the models , will definitely wear with some leggings and high wasted shorts!

grzesiek1307 28 Jan,2014

ładny sweter. byłoby pięć jakby kotek był uśmiechnięty.

mollynek 25 Jan,2014

Very cute cat and really pretty 24 Jan,2014

Esta hermoso, me encanta, ya lo quiero! 24 Jan,2014


ferukler 04 Jan,2014

Ohh, what a cute and attractive cat print!

mdg 01 Jan,2014

So adorable! I love cats

Anca Maria Zaharia 31 Dec,2013

Black Embroidered Cat Round Neck Loose Sweater

bib 31 Dec,2013

the kitty face is adorable

True 29 Dec,2013

L o v e ss

bhgj 29 Dec,2013

Black Embroidered Cat Round Neck Loose Sweater

Teefie 28 Dec,2013

Very warm sweater with cute print, however, i'm 5'10 and the bottom is very short, but it's okay with a high-waisted skirt. The sleeves are also short for my height, but it' still very cute and looks great rolled up or pushed up.

dominoleone 27 Dec,2013

One of the best here

k 25 Dec,2013

So cute sweater and cute cat! :)

bipopular 25 Dec,2013

its added to my wishlist!

effka7 24 Dec,2013

Cute, I want it next time 24 Dec,2013

sooo sweeet just <3 it !

anna 23 Dec,2013

the kitty face is adorable

a 23 Dec,2013

Black Embroidered Cat Round Neck Loose Sweater

an 22 Dec,2013

adorable cat! I love it!

kristi 22 Dec,2013

Cool print! I like it:)

xlilypop 18 Dec,2013

I'm not much of a fan for cats, but this sweater is super cute!

ana 18 Dec,2013

i'm gonna buy this pretty sweater

CUKIER 17 Dec,2013

Love this contrast! Too cute!

CUKIER 17 Dec,2013

Love this contrast! Too cute!

nina 17 Dec,2013

i am loving this kitty sweater.

jzold22 17 Dec,2013

Cool, cool, cool, so trendy, I want one!

gogo 16 Dec,2013

this is adorable! cute cat!

bredikhina 16 Dec,2013

so cute cat embroidery sweater

gjrk 16 Dec,2013

jrrkjgkljr rej hgjjhCAATS CATS CATS CATS

rimf91 15 Dec,2013

so cute cat embroidery sweater

cute 15 Dec,2013

the cat print is so cute


Ahhhhhhhh, so cute and adorable! I love the details.

კრი 12 Dec,2013


kobory 12 Dec,2013

What a nice cat's face

HJ 11 Dec,2013

Very, very nice! and good!

sd 11 Dec,2013

The simplicity of this shirt makes it great for layering...

zaya 11 Dec,2013

Black Embroidered Cat Round Neck Loose Sweater

fa 09 Dec,2013

oo super con questo gattino!super bella davvero!

( 0 ) sll32 09 Dec,2013

nice! nice! nice! nice! nice!!!!!!!!!!

( 0 ) svb 09 Dec,2013

It's a beautiful thing! I want this!!!!!!!!

p.norie 08 Dec,2013

Black Embroidered Cat Round Neck Loose Sweater

foshizzle_lindizzle 07 Dec,2013

So cute! Love the Cat! 07 Dec,2013

Ommmmg i want this sweater so much! It is just the cutest thing ever

Siiilvi 07 Dec,2013

is very beautiful:)I love it

Beena 06 Dec,2013

I love this sweater, so cute!

mrDen85 06 Dec,2013

So adorable, so cute! Perfect.

kaitlyn 05 Dec,2013

No matter how you wear this it is absolutely adorable! 05 Dec,2013

This is just the cutest sweater ever, want it so much!

SaraGold92 04 Dec,2013

Adorable! Best gift ever, my friend was very happy.

zagaetskayai 04 Dec,2013

Nice sweater, love the cat

Symone1998 28 Nov,2013

Such a super cute kitty ^^

sopolomun 27 Nov,2013

Very nice picture of a cat, I want it. 26 Nov,2013

meoooowww Sweater hehehe.Love this print 26 Nov,2013

Me parece tan dulce!!! Lindo para una imagen tierna

Kat 22 Nov,2013

Just got mine. It is a short sweater, but I love to wear it with a collared shirt underneath. It is very cozy!

Kottie 21 Nov,2013

this is the cutest sweater!

Deusa Luh 21 Nov,2013

Mais é lindo este sweater! Eu amo...

penhorjoana 21 Nov,2013

Black Embroidered Cat Round Neck Loose Sweater

linadani97 19 Nov,2013

adorable black cat is very fashion

supermarti 16 Nov,2013

so pretty and cute ! i love this sweater :)

supermarti 16 Nov,2013

really cool and cute sweater ! love it <3

Iza 12 Nov,2013

slodki koteczek! koty są the best!

541685 11 Nov,2013

This sweater is super cute!!

pt.teixeij 04 Nov,2013

simply adorable, everyone looks lovely!

sng 04 Nov,2013

What an adorable cat sweater!

thuychi 04 Nov,2013

woooah it is so cute :)

Psiche86ap 30 Oct,2013

This is a lovely sweater, I want it!!

gabyventur30 29 Oct,2013

Love it! it's kinda perfect for halloween.

irmuunmoko 28 Oct,2013

this is fun piece to add to your sweater collection, goes will with frill skirt and jeans

szilvi 27 Oct,2013

yes, it is really short in the front, but it is still ok for me (5'2"). I love the design and the ways how I can wear it. a must have piece for the autumn season.

Hildaalisaid 27 Oct,2013

I need this.. Soooo cutee

Hildaalisaid 27 Oct,2013

I really need this.. Soooo cute

iris 24 Oct,2013

This is great with jeans or skirts. A Cat lovers design for sure!

valeria 24 Oct,2013

Me encanta es muy bello

Grace 23 Oct,2013

It is short in the torso but not terribly, it is still baggy which I like. It is soft, warm, and really goes with anything. It is perfect for Fall. I just got mine today and I am so happy with it!

sofia_m 19 Oct,2013

its so comfy and sweet :) i love it!

jen 19 Oct,2013

super cute I love it!

pollypablo 19 Oct,2013

So adorable, so cute! Perfect.

celina 18 Oct,2013

jestem zachwycona, świetny ciuch! :) polecam

alliemorgan 18 Oct,2013

This sweater would be so cute for Halloween!

silvia 18 Oct,2013

black embroidered cat round neck loose sweater

Jen 16 Oct,2013

I can't wait to buy it! 16 Oct,2013

Black Embroidered Cat Round Neck Loose Sweater

biba45654565 13 Oct,2013

SO ADORABLE! looks great,i love it

Giss 12 Oct,2013

Esta hermoso y muy tierno. Lo vi y me enamore

tara 11 Oct,2013

Nice sweater, love the cat

are 11 Oct,2013

very adorable sweater, so cute print

thaingar 10 Oct,2013

cute. works for the casual cute look.

thaingar 10 Oct,2013

cute. works for the casual cute look.

Maddie 09 Oct,2013

I want this so bad! Wishlist~ 09 Oct,2013

I am 5"10", a size 10 and a 36DD; this sweater fits me. Yes, it is short(you can tell by looking at the pic too) but its still baggy on me.

babszart 07 Oct,2013

One of my favorite pieces in my closet!

vaszerv 06 Oct,2013

it's so cute and warm :3

OK 06 Oct,2013

Black Embroidered Cat Round Neck Loose Sweater ~LADY GAGA~ 05 Oct,2013

i love cats!! it's sooo cute

qw243 02 Oct,2013

So adorable and is fits well! I wear mine all the time! (For reference I am 5'3 and average weight)

sarahdulmage 02 Oct,2013

swag swag swag on you lol

beautifulfun 02 Oct,2013

I love it someone please im dead !!!

cutie223 02 Oct,2013

its so cute i love it !!!!!!!!

dulmagexo 02 Oct,2013

i love cats so much

alliecatYO 01 Oct,2013

I love the cat!! Too cute!

angelic_bunnies 29 Sep,2013

Very trendy and just adorable!!

Sa-Sa 28 Sep,2013

I received this wonderful sweater last Christmas as a gift for myself. I love it, the fit is a bit tight for a northern European person, but it is comfortable and my husband complimented me, often he doesn't even notice. I love my cat sweater.

valeryzavisky 27 Sep,2013

Must have it for my "cats collection"

Deusa Luh 26 Sep,2013

Sou fã deste suéter de gatinho... rsrsrsrsrs...

nataliepost07 21 Sep,2013

I'm 11 years old, so yes a child. It fit me perfectly and I weigh 69 pounds and wear a youth medium. Might wanna watch out this fits a little loose on a kids large so tight on womens small-medium because it fight my mother tight.

MaGa 20 Sep,2013

me encantaa este hermoso!!!

oceanonyourskin 19 Sep,2013

I received this today, and let me tell you, it's a must have! The sweater is soft and so cute. It's a little small, so you have to wear a longer shirt underneath i guess, but i'm quite small myself, so i usually don't have problems with that. Anyway, one of the best items in the order i did.

Silvia 17 Sep,2013

I just bought this sweater I think it's beautiful cant wait to receive it ;)

Silvia 17 Sep,2013

Omg beautiful ;) I'm going to buy it

jessy 16 Sep,2013

adorable sweat so cute and popular...

Seer 16 Sep,2013

A cute and fantastic product, i love this! *^*

swimchik2021 12 Sep,2013

I bought this sweater for my friend and she loves it! She wears it all the time so I guess it'd be 5 stars for her too aha.

truemadeleine 07 Sep,2013

Słodki !! Pięknie wygląda na każdej dziewczynie

teddeybear28 06 Sep,2013

this sweater is so adorable :) I Love kitties

macaroni54321 31 Aug,2013

the cat face on this is sooooo cute!!!!

wisedup1 25 Aug,2013

I <3 black cat any and everything!

kristine 23 Aug,2013

Such a cute cat print! I'm allergic to cats, but I couldn't sneeze from this adorable sweater ^_^

jessy 23 Aug,2013

this Black Embroidered cat round neck loose sweater is so cute i love it so much !

sofixxfashion 23 Aug,2013

I love cats <3 ! this sweatshirt is so cute!

trifkovicbranka 23 Aug,2013

It's so interesting, I like it, adorable!

Yvonne 23 Aug,2013

this is so adorable I can't wait to have one of these <3 it :)

Jasmine 23 Aug,2013

All I have to say is meow ;)

mreh2000 17 Aug,2013

i am just in love with this sweater i just i just cant 09 Aug,2013

This is by far my favorite sweater!

loveda 07 Aug,2013

I love it. this product is amazing. I'd recommend it to anyone.

vuduyhaiminh 06 Aug,2013

Cute sweater :)) You can pair it with any outfits

leticiarochadasilva's 30 Jul,2013

Te fofo,lindo e quentinho!

vlqueen 30 Jul,2013

Wow this looks really cute!

pattistwo 22 Jul,2013

tão fofo o desenho do rosto do gato *-*

nikaxxd 15 Jul,2013

Słodziutki ten kotek. Uwielbiam go!

zumbiperdido 07 Jul,2013

I just need this sweater! So adorable

Lemonpie 24 Jun,2013

So cute!! Need to have this 21 Jun,2013

this is so adorable! I have to have them! :(

michellejiafang 21 Jun,2013


nani 21 Jun,2013

adorable! i want this, i need this *.*

Fernanda 10 May,2013

This is an adorable cat sweater!

verheye.julie 08 May,2013

this is my best internet purchase up till now, it fits perfect and it's so cute :) Love it!

Léa 24 Apr,2013

Absolutely adorable black embroidered cat sweater !

lucy 13 Apr,2013

lijepa je i slatka majica. <3

hoda 13 Apr,2013

I love the way this sweater looks, but its super short

speciallymade 12 Apr,2013

Very simple, but it is just adorable! 10 Apr,2013

bellissimo oo oo oo oo oo!

Gabryc89 10 Apr,2013

Love it! I want it! 10 Apr,2013

Beautiful sweater! Im shopping it! Cant wait!

Méline 13 Mar,2013

I really love this sweater

swan_vic 01 Mar,2013

Very cute sweater but also very small..

Solcito 27 Feb,2013

Beautiful i love it! i want i want!

Ila 24 Feb,2013

so cute, i really like this!

alexandra 19 Feb,2013

This is a very cute cat

lin 13 Feb,2013

The quality of the sweater is bad.

ELY 09 Feb,2013


j 09 Feb,2013

this is such a cute cat embroidery sweater

I 07 Feb,2013

This sweater is so cute !!!

dmross1235 06 Feb,2013

Extremely disappointed. This sweater was definately made for a child. I wear a size 4 and it barely fit me! The material is awful!!! I'm waiting for my refund. 03 Feb,2013

I just received this sweater in the mail and I love it! So soft and fits perfectly. I did a post on my blog if anyone would like to see it.

ola 02 Feb,2013

soo cute! :) LOVE! ps. jestem z polski :D haha

Athene 02 Feb,2013

Wow! Totally great Black Embroidered Cat Round Neck Loose Sweater! :)

Ninaa 02 Feb,2013

Really cute sweater! Love this cat!

margaridacmcm 01 Feb,2013

I just got this in the mail yesterday, it's exactly what it looks, except I hoped it'd be softer. Either way, I love it!

andreia 26 Jan,2013

i'm so excited to buy this beauty ^^

Elif 26 Jan,2013

The perfect sweater for cat lovers!

teasea 25 Jan,2013

Very short, great for someone who is tiny. Very disappointed because it truly is adorable.

oklammnie 21 Jan,2013

omg so adorable! :O for true Car Lovers! :D

k 14 Jan,2013

cat print is so trendy

elleC623 11 Jan,2013

Meow! This sweater is too too cute!

MarzSunshine 03 Jan,2013

I love this sweater <3

TG 28 Dec,2012

I would assume that all these comments on here are fake because this sweater is horrible. Made for a child, not an adult. Not loose. Garbage.

riss 24 Dec,2012

I have 4 cats and find this is adorable!

Rachelt2189 21 Dec,2012

I love the way this sweater looks, but its super short. it's a crop sweater at best. It runs very small too.

l 16 Dec,2012

adorable cat print round neck blouse

cher 12 Dec,2012

OMG it's soooo adorable!!! That is so going on my christmas list!

SiSi1243 11 Dec,2012

Does this sweater fit anybody?(: xx

Jade 09 Dec,2012

Anyone who bought this, can you please list estimated body dimensions (height, weight, etc) and how it fits you? I have never bought from here and I don't know how big or small it will be.

kammizer 05 Dec,2012

I like clothes with cats :):)

Sal 03 Dec,2012

This sweater is absolutely adorable!

ce 01 Dec,2012

do not like cats but this is cutie

kokiinlow 01 Dec,2012

my sister loves cats! gonna get this for her :)

val 01 Dec,2012

best sweater I've ever ordered, just got it yesterday! its perfect

Iris 27 Nov,2012

I think this sweater is so cutee 25 Nov,2012

love kitties!!! this sweater is so cute, absolute bye!

Ruth 21 Nov,2012

I really really really want it

v 17 Nov,2012

Awww! So cute! Love the cat :)

sarah 16 Nov,2012

Obsessed! i love cats and cat sweaters!

l 16 Nov,2012

fantastic kitty face printed sweater

Lok 15 Nov,2012

Very cute and simple design sweater

Alpaca 15 Nov,2012

Very cute cat print! Love it

Sarah 15 Nov,2012

The cutest sweater ever seen

Ashley 13 Nov,2012

This is an adorable cat sweater!

Kara 11 Nov,2012

I love this sweater! it is so cute

tez 08 Nov,2012

cat print is so stylish.sweater is nice

nery 08 Nov,2012

so cute cat embroidery sweater

ann 06 Nov,2012

adorable black cat print sweater

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