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Black Blue Long Sleeve Stars Skateboard Print Sweatshirt

Black Blue Long Sleeve Stars Skateboard Print Sweatshirt

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  • Bust(cm) :105cm
  • Length(cm) :64cm
  • Size Available :One Size
  • Material :Cotton Blends
  • Types :Pullovers
  • Color :Black
  • Neckline :Round Neck
  • Sleeve Length :Long Sleeve
  • Pattern Type :Print

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doughnut 21 Sep,2014

mi się podoba, po prostu ładna bluza

cocobananas123 20 Sep,2014

this sweater is great quality

petrova9871 23 Jul,2014

Everyone absolutely loves this blouse when they see it. It is definitely one of my favourites! 10 Jul,2014

The sweater has a nice fit. Though the sleeves were a bit short. It's very comfortable and warm, perfect for cooler months. The overall design and style is quite appealing, I'm glad I bought it.

Emily 15 May,2014

Its so fricking amazing, i love it

estc 06 May,2014

This sweatshirt was a lot smaller than another one from Sheinside that I got despite them both being one size... and the material on the front doesn't feel very comfortable. I don't find myself reaching for this sweatshirt often.

shija 20 Apr,2014

cudowna!!! muszę ją mieć, jest przepiękna!

MallauryHoran 20 Apr,2014

je le veuuuuux ! Il est pas cher en plus..

merru2009 19 Apr,2014

I like it very much

cheeryo 18 Apr,2014

casual sweater! also has a nice print!

alkaasa 17 Apr,2014

Really cool, love that it have the Vans logo on it

angelybad_da_21 17 Apr,2014

me encanta esta sudadera de vans.

lucydoyle97 16 Apr,2014

Love this sweater :D the design is quite funky :)

mariajoao-2006 16 Apr,2014

this looks so nice omg

lisamayfarm 16 Apr,2014

this is super cool i'm really looking forward to this

domi 15 Apr,2014

The sweater is wonderful! Just love it!

Johnsjohn 15 Apr,2014

This sweater is street/punk/casual style. It looks comfortable and effortless.

Johnsjohn 15 Apr,2014

Nice sweater for the weekends- casual and laidback, looks thin so it's like a long sleeve. Pair with jeans or shorts.

olya0320 15 Apr,2014

Very interesting sweatshirt, design is good as well. I think it's very soft and comfortable

HTL 07 Mar,2014

It's a very soft sweater and it looks good! I'm happy to have it!

martina 07 Mar,2014

this looks so nice omg

Liz 06 Mar,2014

I think this is an amazing sweatshirt! I really like the stars detail, it really pulls the whole look off! It's beautiful.:)

samaracadenas69 06 Mar,2014


samaracadenas69 06 Mar,2014

i love it so perfect

samaracadenas69 05 Mar,2014


mirka459 05 Mar,2014

teh very nice sweater .. very famous

FripMaria 03 Mar,2014

très beau Sweet-Shirt ! bonne collection !

didi 25 Feb,2014

Increibleee es buenisima esta sudadera 25 Feb,2014

muyb del rollo me encantaa :)

Shelikeit 25 Feb,2014

Very very very so nice !

kobory 17 Feb,2014

soooo nice sweatshirt, I love it!!!!

Diane 17 Feb,2014

Il est juste parfait j'adore :)!

Diane 14 Feb,2014

Parfait ! J'adore :) Très jolie couleurs, taille bien.

Charkie 09 Feb,2014

Omg , i'm gonna order next week ^^

chotezaza's 08 Feb,2014

Sweat swagg et prix très intéressant =))

Ticiéle Dagostini 08 Feb,2014

Eu comprei e só estou esperando chegar, é lindo!

euugenie16 06 Feb,2014

il est super, original ect..

Léa 05 Feb,2014


raquel_.94 01 Feb,2014

necessito dele no meu guarda roupa agora *-* 01 Feb,2014

gonna buy it, love this

ioana 01 Feb,2014

all your sweaters are great, just take a look at this one, simply gorgeous

valalex80 30 Jan,2014

I like the way it looks 29 Jan,2014

Eu adoro esta camisola, imenso!

leaeaa 28 Jan,2014

I like this one so much. It's warm and fits perfectly. Happy to have it.

jowita16 28 Jan,2014

Omg i love it, vans *_* HAHA its very sweet, i want it nooow

sarayeins 26 Jan,2014

Como se compra la sudadera vans

lha-itha1 22 Jan,2014

omg I want it now :(

Ticiéle Dagostini 22 Jan,2014


Karynehgarcia@Outlook. com 31 Dec,2013

Me encanta esta prenda,¡me la compro ya!

laura 30 Dec,2013


mariachamumila 30 Dec,2013

las sudaderas y las vans siempre van de la mano

lola.masson 29 Dec,2013

Il est super, juste un peut trop petit pour moi, sinon la qualité est bonne !

Anca Maria Zaharia 27 Dec,2013

Black Blue Long Sleeve Stars Skateboard Print Sweatshirt

Anca Maria Zaharia 27 Dec,2013

Black Blue Long Sleeve Stars Skateboard Print Sweatshirt

justynebrs 19 Dec,2013

I want it, it's just so cool and i love the color and the Vans logo *-*

ellen.noren 17 Dec,2013

I absolutely love this shirt!

Phrenicc 16 Dec,2013


gom 14 Dec,2013

Black Blue Long Sleeve Stars Skateboard Print Sweatshirt, i love it!

wuwucass 14 Dec,2013

aha vans off the wall

gom 14 Dec,2013

Black Blue Long Sleeve Stars Skateboard Print Sweatshirt

jildauvanderbroek 12 Dec,2013

Wow amazing, ordered it last week. Can't wait!

mirks459 12 Dec,2013

woow .. trhe brutal .. very i like this

ilovevans 10 Dec,2013

Just ordered this a week ago!!Can't wait to wear it :)

ALVA 09 Dec,2013

I ordered this. Soooo excited to wear it!

Allie 08 Dec,2013

This is original sweatshirt vans ?

Holaaaaa 08 Dec,2013

Como pago la ropa que quiero comprar?

justynebrs 07 Dec,2013

I wanna get it, this one looks so cuuuute :)

leonor brazao 05 Dec,2013

"vans of the wall" lovely!

vika.filth 03 Dec,2013

amazing print and great quality

vika 03 Dec,2013

Absolutely gorgeous print and great quality!

qqq32 02 Dec,2013

Very, very nice and good!!!!!!!!

Elena 01 Dec,2013

Black blue long sleeve better

sophie 01 Dec,2013

i bought this, it's super soft and warm. Definitely my go to sweater

alva 30 Nov,2013

I think this is an amazing sweatshirt! I really like the stars detail, it really pulls the whole look off! It's beautiful.

alva 30 Nov,2013

gonna order this! looks soooo cozy and I really like the VANS-logo.

maricarmen 30 Nov,2013

Perfecta, pero un poco lento la entrega.

petrova9871 29 Nov,2013

The sweater is wonderful! Just love it! everyone around me asked where I got it from :)

cindy 28 Nov,2013

i want i want i want thissssss. omg i love it

cccheek 26 Nov,2013

Great fitted sweater! Fits a size S/M/L only. Super cozy and the screen print logo looks even better in person.

x 26 Nov,2013

this sweater looks so cool

m 26 Nov,2013

this sweater looks so stylish

dalmvdzkn.zdcknckcxk 26 Nov,2013

Mola mucho la sudadera *-*

karolina600209 26 Nov,2013

it is the best blouse 25 Nov,2013

Creo que es acertado el diseño

penhorjoana 24 Nov,2013

Black Blue Long Sleeve Stars Skateboard Print Sweatshirt

kasiakowalska93 24 Nov,2013

nice blouse i like this vans

alexrosepetal 23 Nov,2013

This sweater is freaking awesome!!

Akanedee 23 Nov,2013

I really really want this-- has anyone bought it yet and can let me know how it feels/fits?

mirks459 23 Nov,2013

ooo tihis is the top .. very nice

cristinica_yeclanica@hotmail.c 22 Nov,2013

Me ha llegado en perfectas condiciones, aunque por la descripción me esperaba una talla mayor. 21 Nov,2013

Me encanta esta sudadera es muy calentita y de buena calidad :)

Silviano0215 20 Nov,2013

Yo la quiero me a enamorado.

Juliaaj 20 Nov,2013

ISNT THIS THE COOLEST SWEATER EVER ?! :OO + its gonna be mineee mwahah so happy <33 16 Nov,2013

Casual sudadera de van perfecta para skaters 13 Nov,2013

This sweater is the best thing I've ever seen!!!!My favourite oneee and is soooo cheap!

verolamas92 11 Nov,2013


Palias 11 Nov,2013

Acabo de pedirla , que tal es la calidad?

j 11 Nov,2013

Black Blue Long Sleeve Stars Skateboard Print Sweatshirt 10 Nov,2013

Que linda! adoro as cores!!

martitaoria10 07 Nov,2013

Me parece una sudadera genial

Rocio 07 Nov,2013

Hi!! I want to know, before buy in it, if someone who bought it knows more less the equivalent to any european size. I hate make returns so that why I want to make sure before buy in it. Thanks!!

javiubedaa 07 Nov,2013


Viktória 07 Nov,2013

OMG super sveter chcem ho

Alva 05 Nov,2013

Oh my god no they're sold out? I was gonna get one... nooooo.. 03 Nov,2013

Hermoso y a un super precio *w*

gfd 02 Nov,2013

vfdkln klhdfkl mklgmdkl hklgd klgdklj kljmdkl hld hd

anyi20961 31 Oct,2013

the color is very nice and so is the pattern!

t 30 Oct,2013

I'm obsessed with vans so this sweatshirt is amazing to me

Viki 29 Oct,2013

Táto mikina sa mi strašne páči

elri 29 Oct,2013

love Van's,cool sweatshirt!

Ola 29 Oct,2013

super, fajny kolor itd, podoba mi sie

alexabr 28 Oct,2013

Love it, IT'S really cool

alexabr 28 Oct,2013

Love it, IT'S really cool

anonymusandcool 28 Oct,2013

this looks so hipster and i want it

3gavmenal 28 Oct,2013

Me encanta! Es vans y está muy barato!

jaycheee 27 Oct,2013

cute out of space sweater

judiapp 27 Oct,2013

Very cute. Looks like real Vans clothing. I will buy when I get more money. It looks comfortable. Once I buy I will try to review.

bubble 27 Oct,2013

nice print and use of colour; very easy to style with any colour of vans shoes. 25 Oct,2013

vans must be in my closet

estherk62 25 Oct,2013

This almost looks like the real thing!

LionL 24 Oct,2013

Love it so freakin much !

ramaczanka 21 Oct,2013

Very nice material, real cotton.

lace.bunny 21 Oct,2013

Black Blue Long Sleeve Stars Skateboard Print Sweatshirt

lace.bunny 21 Oct,2013

Black Blue Long Sleeve Stars Skateboard Print Sweatshirt

simata 20 Oct,2013

look so good i want it

María PL 20 Oct,2013

Perfect with any jeans and a Vans for feet :)

sara.argilaga 18 Oct,2013

es marca vans ? o es imitación de vans?¿? 18 Oct,2013

Que camisola linda! Adoro a cor!

sara 18 Oct,2013

es muy ancho el jersei o s mas bien agustado? es marca vans de verdad ? molaa 17 Oct,2013

Well, I just really like Vans Off The Wall brand and logo, so I will totally buy this

Snekyyy 15 Oct,2013

So need this shirt to go with my turquoise Vans :) 14 Oct,2013

it looks really amazing :) great :)

Cristina 14 Oct,2013

Copia de sudadera.Talll unica un poco pequeña,puede ser un M. Da el pego,ni esta mal. 13 Oct,2013

It's so cool ! Damn, want it !

saloal39 10 Oct,2013

VANS a tope, me encanta

andreaftv27 09 Oct,2013

Me encanta!! Me gustaría conseguir uno :)

taami 08 Oct,2013

This sweater looks very nice

Ève 07 Oct,2013

I love it! I think it's really cute

ppiiiip 02 Oct,2013

OMG I LOVW IT! so cute!

IoanaAdam 29 Sep,2013

So cool! I love it!

Lally_Po 22 Sep,2013

I do love vans! so great

misa_wuvs_sora_kh 21 Sep,2013

I've always loved Vans, so it feels natural to have it :)

misscourts 21 Sep,2013

this sweatshirt is amazing i want thissss

andreaspams 19 Sep,2013

im going to order it now

E 18 Sep,2013


j 17 Sep,2013

i like this skate board black and blue top

k 17 Sep,2013

great skate board stars sweat shirt

Giss 16 Sep,2013

AY!Esta sudadera es la mas bonita que eh visto. ME ENAMORE

kingaaa 15 Sep,2013

I wanna get this sweater xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx fab <3

Alice 12 Sep,2013

I think this sweater looks quite cute

Sarah 12 Sep,2013

This is just so cool and hip

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