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Beige Round Neck Broken Stripe Cable Sweater

Beige Round Neck Broken Stripe Cable Sweater

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  • Length(cm) :50-65CM
  • Size Available :one-size
  • Season :Fall
  • Item :Pullovers
  • Color :Beige
  • Material :Acrylic
  • Style :Casual
  • Neckline :Scoop Neck
  • Sleeve Length :Long Sleeve
  • Types :Loose
  • Pattern Type :Plain

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Jay 17 Sep,2014

I absolutely love this sweater! I am 5'0 and it is not too big on me; but it's perfect for a lazy day sweater. I knew this would happen, but like on the first day of wearing it, I got caught in a few doorways and now I have a few little holes in the sweater from it. But other than that, it's so, so soft and nice.

lorebe80 10 May,2014

Me parece muy bonito y sencillo

Sophie 28 Mar,2014

The sweater is way too large for a "small person". Plus, the color isn't really like the picture... but is more darker.

Enchanted Ana 24 Mar,2014

I like this kind of sweaters for winter 19 Mar,2014

Looks even better in person. 09 Feb,2014

i like that its a nice color that can match with almost anything :)

Liz 08 Feb,2014

This sweater looks very comfy and really good with almost everything! I love it! It is a must buy!!

olgapjona 06 Feb,2014

wonderful sweater beautiful colour and shape

ala 30 Jan,2014

this seems perfect for winter but also for a cold spring

Enchanted Ana 02 Jan,2014

Un pulover simpatic si cu un model clasic

Silje 29 Dec,2013

I love this sweather, it's comfy, it keeps you warm and it's oversized, really easy to make it more suitable for a party or just wear it as it is if you are staying in or taking some errands.

youurebeautiful 28 Dec,2013

Love this sweater. It's my go-to sweater on any day.

irinaK_088 10 Dec,2013

This is amazing for winter lovely :)

Ellina 09 Dec,2013

Very soft and beautiful sweater. It's a little bit big for me but I love it)))

AnnieF13 08 Dec,2013

Overall, I really enjoy the sweater. It's a bit more box shaped than I originally thought, but it's soft, warm and the sleeves are long enough to partially cover my palms (extra glove layering?). So, weird shape, but it overcomes it.

Emma 07 Dec,2013

Must have piece for winter!

Vickycm 05 Dec,2013

I love this sweater. Absolutely a staple in my winter wardrobe. You could dress it up or down.

mrDen85 04 Dec,2013

super cute, great for winter!

s 01 Dec,2013

This is so cute! Just ordered it

lifeheartcross 29 Nov,2013

I love how big it is, however, it is a little short... I would have liked it a little longer...

meline1984 28 Nov,2013

One of my fave winter sweaters for sure!!!

alesainz99 27 Nov,2013

es precioso y muy facil de combinar

daisy.estam 26 Nov,2013

so nice and cozy. love

lera12345 23 Nov,2013

Beige Round Neck Broken good

lera 23 Nov,2013

Beige Round Neck Broken Stripe Cable Sweater

Enna27 21 Nov,2013

I love this sweater, its so basic and comfy

eviestevie 20 Nov,2013

The essential knitted winter piece!

superbanan 20 Nov,2013

really cute love the style

M 20 Nov,2013

I would have preferred it if this sweater was a bit long and a bit less boxy, but it still looks decent. The sleeves are a good length, and the material is soft and fairly comfortable to wear. it's not the same as the color on the picture - it's more yellow-toned. overall a nice sweater - if you're thinking about buying it, I would say go for it.

eli.maria 20 Nov,2013

simple,beautiful and so cheap !

s 19 Nov,2013

The perfect cable knit jumper

SL92 19 Nov,2013

comfortable, wearing this gives me cosy effortless look i love it

stardust 10 Nov,2013

This looks so soft and comfy!

shenel 09 Nov,2013

this sweater is great for the colder weather - nice and heavy. looks just like the picture, it's my new favorite sweater!

eharris1025 09 Nov,2013

I LOVE this sweater it is very warm and comfy. It's thick and it fits right. It was a great buy! ^_^ 04 Nov,2013

so cute♥ definitely ordering this one!

alexabr 28 Oct,2013

just orderer. can't wait to wear it!

xanabr 28 Oct,2013

just orderer. can't wait to wear it

Ana Laura 24 Oct,2013

Es super lindo, suave y de buena calidad 18 Oct,2013

So cute cant wait to order!

pacediamore 13 Oct,2013

me encanta! se puede poner para cualquier situación.

Kat 10 Oct,2013

One of my favorite new sweaters! I love the color, and it is super soft and comfy.

hannahsaralovisa 08 Oct,2013

just orderd this, can't wait until I'll get it!

Dreamcloud124 06 Oct,2013

Cute and it's very warm.

mrs_medvedeva 06 Oct,2013

I'm so she likes! I can not wait when he comes!

mrs_medvedeva 06 Oct,2013

I'm so she likes! I can not wait when he comes!

NANANA 05 Oct,2013


t 03 Oct,2013

This is perfect for the fall/winter. I have one these and it's lovely to have.

shenel.franklin 03 Oct,2013

love this sweater. great material, great loose fit. it's exactly what is pictured.

jennie.alvarez10 02 Oct,2013

I love this so much! it is the perfect oversize sweater and it is really soft!

Sjl 29 Sep,2013

Love Love LOVE this piece! It was inspired by Eleanor Calder!!

amanda 25 Sep,2013

i want this so badly, it's so simple and cute

amanda 25 Sep,2013

i want this so badly, it's so simple and cute

EmmyG 24 Sep,2013

I love this sweater-- I was pleasantly surprised to find that it has a pretty nice oversized fit, even though it looks more fitted on the girls photographed (and there's no way that I'm way smaller than them, though I normally wear a size small). Other people who have ordered this found it boxy with short arms, but that's not what I'm finding at all! I definitely recommend this sweater, especially for the current price! 24 Sep,2013

Looove this! It's the perfect cozy sweater. I just want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book!!

cjmoh 24 Sep,2013

too big and too short

TLamb 23 Sep,2013

Gorgeous sweater! Just received & am in love. The material is very soft and well made. Perfect fall/winter sweater. Got it just in time.

Silvia 21 Sep,2013

This is amazing for winter lovely :)

carina 17 Sep,2013

i don't like the sweater, the sweater is to wide so it looks really boxy, and fatter than you really are.

amyng.1028 15 Sep,2013

it is so soft. i really like it.

shingalas 15 Sep,2013

just got this in the email and am so excited to wear it! could be a bit longer, but it's so comfy :)

Ktbmason 14 Sep,2013

Love this, simple fall sweater!

teddeybear28 14 Sep,2013

This is the perfect fall piece, warm, cozy; its just perfection.

Maria 10 Sep,2013

Love this. Perfect sweater for winter.

Sarah 04 Sep,2013

Well, it could have been a bit longer

Pao 31 Aug,2013

Es Hermoso! la textura es muy bonita y el color tambien aunque parece que es 2 tallas mas grandes pero me gusta mucho 28 Aug,2013

Este jersey es precioso. Ya me lo parecía cuando lo vi por aquí, pero cuando lo tuve en las manos aluciné!!! El color marfil es delicadísimo, muy fino. Queda perfecto con la textura y el estilo del suéter. Y su forma, ancho pero sin que parezca que llevas el jersey de dos tallas más, es alucinante!!! 27 Aug,2013

discreto y complejo me gusta mucho

kyariitsukiyomi 18 Aug,2013

Love this look! So comfy but so cute.

carmenxs 17 Aug,2013

great style, elegant length, perfect colour, I like it

chikis3092 13 Aug,2013

A must have piece for your fall closet!!! I love love love it!!

techawa2 05 Aug,2013

i want something like this but in an oversized sweater

onlyvane 22 Jul,2013


ghjj 16 Jul,2013

dhjj ghj gj fjj ghj

nikaxxd 15 Jul,2013

Miałam taki sweterek tylko, że niebieski bardzo fajnie się go nosiło ♥

Lydiahuitheng 12 Jul,2013

Gonna buy this to match my skirt :)

KarrenValdez 11 Jul,2013

So nice and warm! Fabric is perfect. So easy to layer underneath for the colder days 09 Jul,2013

otro clasico de invierno para combinar

brwnsugarr 27 Jun,2013

Comfy, nice soft colour, I reach for it whenever I'm dashing out the house in a hurry.

dsoria07 27 Jun,2013

Lo recibi hoy!! Llego rapidisimo y es lindooooo.

clarissa229 11 Jun,2013

Nice colour and the material is really soft. Can be easily match with anything

daffodill00 13 May,2013

Looks so warm and confortable. Cant wait to wear this

redlip 12 May,2013

cute! love this sweater so much

mikaals 01 May,2013

it just got home totally recommendable super soft i love ittt

mrsjustinbieberfevabro 19 Apr,2013

Love it! Simplistic and ideal for winter here in NZ

cc 27 Mar,2013

J'aim bien la couleur et il est jooli :)

anni 17 Mar,2013

a simpel sweater who is good for wearing everyday

j 10 Feb,2013

i own something very similar to this, i love it

k 10 Feb,2013

great cable knit sweater, would match with practically anything 11 Jan,2013

Why is every knit so beautiful?? I cant choose hahah

reg 28 Dec,2012

i own this. looks uber cute with my red skinny jeans and riding boots

Renata 13 Dec,2012

Agree with the person, who actually bought it, the sweater is very boxy looking: very wide and short, thus I look like a balloon when I wear it :/ very unflattering

m 12 Dec,2012

Looks super comfy and perfect for an occasion

mollylynch8 12 Dec,2012

Goes with anything..super cute!

Anna 11 Dec,2012

super cute, great for winter!

caseymcmahon 11 Dec,2012

This shirt is very comfy and it looks good with almost everything! I love it! It is a must buy!!

BriTheDoll 11 Dec,2012

Cable Knit is definitely trending!! Love! 10 Dec,2012

cute for cold nights! and would look great with boots

JJ 01 Dec,2012

Gorgeous looking knit sweater! love it

metro 28 Nov,2012

love this sweater! looks cozy :)

jordibeth93 20 Nov,2012

too cute! perfect with leggings and boots!

m 11 Nov,2012

Un clasico este bonito chaleco

Sarah 10 Nov,2012

Loving the cable print, it's so in

alex 05 Nov,2012

love the color and the cable knit!

l 02 Nov,2012

just adorable knitwear , i like it so much

ifeelshiney 25 Oct,2012

It's really boxy and the arms were a bit short (I'm a small gal), so it felt a little awkward. :/

Lubna 21 Oct,2012

Such a great cableknit sweater!

assa91 20 Oct,2012

looks warm and confortable: in other words: perfect for fall 17 Oct,2012

I love the fabric and so cozy

blondebs 08 Oct,2012

Beautiful sweater!! You can use this for any occcasion!!

Alejandracolmenares 08 Oct,2012

Basic Sweater for Fall. It matches with jeans, leggings, shorts. etc. LOVE IT 07 Oct,2012

Evergreen! Comfy and perfect for looking good on your lazy days<3

Sugar 07 Oct,2012

Evergreen! Comfy and perfect for looking good in your lazy days<3

heminor 06 Oct,2012

So cute

lm 05 Oct,2012

lovely sweater!!!

l 24 Sep,2012

so cute*&/'

Laura 23 Sep,2012

Beautiful color, perfect to wear on the beach during cool, autumn days

M 21 Sep,2012

Con este van nueve ave si es verda!!

kay marie 19 Sep,2012

Just ordered this beautiful sweater! cant wait to add it to my collection

Josie12 14 Sep,2012

Best fall sweater!

cappucinocream91 10 Sep,2012

super cute and cozy! can't wait to get this :)

meagannx47 06 Sep,2012

so cute but idk if it would be comfortable

ash 04 Sep,2012


mariuss 03 Sep,2012

this kind of sweaters are basic in any girl wardrobe, so useful!!!

Lizzy 03 Sep,2012


bia 24 Aug,2012

it matches with everything, so cute and useful!

Elle Vox 21 Aug,2012

I own a sweater close to this and it's lovely!

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