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Beige Long Sleeve Shaggy Mohair Loose Sweater

Beige Long Sleeve Shaggy Mohair Loose Sweater

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  • Length(cm) :60CM
  • Sleeve Length(cm) :51CM
  • Shoulder(cm) :50CM
  • Size Available :One Size
  • Bust(cm) :92CM
  • Season :Fall
  • Item :Pullovers
  • Color :Beige
  • Material :Cotton Blends
  • Style :Casual
  • Neckline :Round Neck
  • Sleeve Length :Long Sleeve
  • Types :Loose
  • Pattern Type :Plain

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stepch221 29 Aug,2014

Super cute! must have for winter

lyla_ 29 Aug,2014

Really nice. I wish I'll get it

thesame 22 Aug,2014

It's so fluffy! ! Added to the wishlist

an_am2004 12 Aug,2014

I can't wait to put this on, it's the perfect autumn sweather!

an_am2004 12 Aug,2014

love it :) So beautiful but also comfy!

ade.dragomir 12 Aug,2014


Federica96 09 Aug,2014

This gonna be on my next card!

CristySantine 06 Aug,2014

Muy suave y calientito, hermoso.

uju 06 Aug,2014

This looks so cute and fluffy i want it

verolomy 05 Aug,2014

This sweater looks really awesome.

You 04 Aug,2014

This sweater looks so cute

amyphuuua 02 Aug,2014

This is sooooo comfy and warm! My new favourite jumper :D However, if you have very long arms the sleeves may be slightly short.

lkdnldev 01 Aug,2014

it looks really sweet and coasy

mainishi 23 Jul,2014

Seems so fluffy!Gonna buy it next time!

rk 22 Jul,2014

it's cute, I want it!

eva_bes 20 Jul,2014

This sweater looks really fantastic!!

kgrahamcracker 20 Jul,2014

i love how simple it is

gabriela.ficek 16 Jul,2014

Coś pięknego! Można komponować go w tak wielu wariantach, że szok. gratka dla tych, co lubią komponować swoje własne, niepowtarzalne zestawy.

Li 01 Jul,2014

Unbelievably soft, after 1-2 washes some of the softness wears off but it's still great. Super warm though and very good for winter.

rsunil12 25 Jun,2014

perfect for getting ahead for the fall weather.

rsunil12 25 Jun,2014

so warm and fluffy. true classic

elisavetfakou 24 Jun,2014

Perfect and fluffy! I loved it

zaineb16 21 Jun,2014

Bonjour, je voudrais ce pull mais il est épuisé, je oudrait savoir s'il y'en aura d'autre à vendre... 5 vraiment top ce haut !)

specialk 21 Jun,2014

This looks so fluffy and warm! I can't wait to receive it! :)

nuca6782 20 Jun,2014

so beutiful looks very cool sweater I will buy it and I recomend to everyone <3 17 Jun,2014

Nice, fluffy and soft but it's really boxy on me when worn and make my shoulders look massive

Eva 16 Jun,2014

Lo tengo y me encanta! Muy suave y ponible.

emilyzx 16 Jun,2014

Must have for Winter! Warm and fluffy

luv257 12 Jun,2014

I adore it! Want it for winter!

julie 09 Jun,2014

pull leger et confortable à porter

Rachel 31 May,2014


midori612 29 May,2014

śliczny, futrzany sweterek, wygląda na miły i cieplutki

kely_goncalves 28 May,2014

super fofa e quentinha esta blusa de frio amei eu quero

eva.leong76 24 May,2014

Really cozy and cute! Love this sweater! Fits me very well (I am a US size 2, UK size 8). Great to wear in the winter.

Rayssa Godinho 24 May,2014

Absolutely beautiful and cute I love the design

CristyOrgana 22 May,2014

I really want this sooooo bad!!

Rush 20 May,2014

This sweater is so cute and fluffy. A must have for winter times!

laima 19 May,2014

absolutely in love with it!

sandrab_2k 16 May,2014

Looks so fluffy and warm, love it.

Jayj 13 May,2014

It looks so warm and comfortable, definitely a must have for winter!

darjaa1 12 May,2014

Mein Lieblings Pulli! Der ist einfach Perfekt!

mom 11 May,2014

un basic à avoir dans son dressing, couleur parfaite!

ireviewthings 09 May,2014

first off, its a really soft sweater, looks like the picture and is a good price, especially compared to all the mohair sweaters in australia. its not as long as i would like it, and it has tiny little holes that show a bit. Also the sleeves are tighter than I would like, but they're a snug fit. overall, i like it

werczi 04 May,2014

przepiękny futrzasty sweter, chyba się na niego skuszę

minna.riiina 02 May,2014

Beautiful! It's simplicity makes it perfect

jkf278 01 May,2014

So warm and on trend - glad I ordered this last year!!

thel1984 30 Apr,2014

ordering this right meow :D

cam 30 Apr,2014

ce pull est trop mignon, le blanc ça va avec tout !

tiinaje 30 Apr,2014

Oh my soo cute and fluffy! Pretty

salinas_ 28 Apr,2014

At first I thought the jumper was so thin but once you put it on, you feel ridiculously warm. I love how fluffy it is, and it fits great. Slightly baggy but I love it for the cold days. Definitely a great purchase.

Lola 26 Apr,2014

Precioso!! Me encanta y me parece súper ponible !!!!

maria 24 Apr,2014

Tengo uno igual y es genial

Klakkla 22 Apr,2014

Questo maglione deve essere caldissimo :D lo voglio

lorebe80 21 Apr,2014

Maravilloso y con un tacto muy bueno,recomendado

lluciedu29 21 Apr,2014

Très doux et très chaud ! Parfait :) 19 Apr,2014

ce pull est tout simplement parfait ! il tien chaud , est tout doux , et trés beau !!

baozi93 19 Apr,2014

this looks so comfy and warm. perfect for cold winter days!

jess 18 Apr,2014

I've ordered mine and will do a review here once I get it. Cannot wait-I can see this as a good versatile sweater that can take skirts into winter by adding fleece tights or casually with jeans or leggings

ana_dark84 14 Apr,2014

That's a nice sweather!

cece 13 Apr,2014

ya me llego demasiado bonito lo ame :)

Tatiana Thuong 10 Apr,2014

Beau pull, basique. Port facile et doux.

aalisha 07 Apr,2014

sweater looks so warm and cosy

wacky_banana 05 Apr,2014

i am in love with fluffy sweaters

Keiei 05 Apr,2014

I have it. Very soft. It will look better on a girl with smaller boobs. It had a horrible smell when i opened the package, even after i washed it, my room was smelling like chemicals. I considered giving it to dry cleaning, but now the smell is almost gone.

katradi.aspasia 04 Apr,2014

Fluffy and Warm, I bought it and i loved it!

carluk 01 Apr,2014

this sweater looks really soft

princessleea 29 Mar,2014

I love this warm, fuzzy sweater. I get many compliments.

abtomm 29 Mar,2014

shoulders are quite wide, but it's soo lovely and fluffy

Enchanted ANa 26 Mar,2014

It looks really chic on this girls

Solenn 26 Mar,2014

It's really confortable and looks great with anything.

Panait Diana Ionela 25 Mar,2014

Very romantic and cute sweater.

Kate 14 Mar,2014

so fluffy, looks warm and nice

katie 14 Mar,2014

wonderful sweater, i have a same one in another colour :)

123 12 Mar,2014

This Loose Sweater looks soo cosy! I WANT 12 Mar,2014

Very soft! I'm a size 2 and this fits like a size 6 on me. The seams on the shoulders sit where they're suppose to, but it looks like I'm wearing shoulder pads. For how wide the sweater is, it is quite short. It therefore looks better with pants than leggings.

juliana 08 Mar,2014

Esta encanta <3

Anette 07 Mar,2014

This looks so nice and comfy. I'm will get this as soonest as possible.

cris_cross10 02 Mar,2014

I love it, it's soft and cuddly. Just perfect!

leida003 01 Mar,2014

increible para el proximo invierno

Carmen 01 Mar,2014

Es perfecto! Me encanta !!! SÚPER CALENTITO , I LOVE IT!!!!!!

veronika_16 23 Feb,2014

tento sveter je veľmi pekný 20 Feb,2014

Me encanta es perfecto para usar en esos momentos que no sabes que ponerte

PinkiePicklePie 14 Feb,2014

Ahh this sweater is so cute and pretty!! <3 I even got a matching pink skirt!

cataleya 14 Feb,2014

I want wear it. I should buy it !!!!

c_jungxx 12 Feb,2014

This looks like a perfect winter sweater to layer ! can't wait to buy it!

alex 05 Feb,2014

a very fluffy and warm sweater

Li 04 Feb,2014

What a cute fluffy jumper

olgapjona 04 Feb,2014

cute fluffy warm sweater, I wish I had it <3

MeeSia 04 Feb,2014

So cute and warm, love the colour

Karen 04 Feb,2014

This sweater is very comfy, but it smell a little bit.

Elisfa 30 Jan,2014

Great choice. It's just arrived and it's so fluffy and cosy!

pants1994 28 Jan,2014

This looks so cute and fluffy i want it

thera 27 Jan,2014

ohh i like this material!

leooo 25 Jan,2014

nice warm fluffy sweater <3

marcorel1 25 Jan,2014

So cute and fuzzy , I love it! 23 Jan,2014

is nice and seems warm

ALE 23 Jan,2014

I have it,it's fantastic, soft and versatile!

reta 21 Jan,2014

i like so much this style and the material!

Tessie 21 Jan,2014

Going to order this soon, I've got the perfect outfit for this! 19 Jan,2014

OMG se ve tan calentito :)

EternalVacationOn 19 Jan,2014

Oh my gosh, it is so fluffy

Оля Стренч 19 Jan,2014

Lo quiero ya!! lo que no sé es si va a ser la típica lana que pica =S

tooth_fairy 15 Jan,2014

that is really my fav one

ala bala 15 Jan,2014

it looks so flufly love it

u 06 Jan,2014

this looks so warm and fluffy :) love it!

Mariaaw 04 Jan,2014

i have the grey one an its so comfy and soft 04 Jan,2014

Lo quiero ya!! lo que no sé es si va a ser la típica lana que pica =S

Just bought it 04 Jan,2014

Well, the shoulders are really wide (and i have wide shoulders, but it runs to large on me), and it is a little to long ( and i am 174cm). It stops on my hips that makes me look a little bit "wider" than i really am. If it was just a bit smaller it would have been perfect because it would have been a little bit shorter and it would fit on the shoulders. However, it is SUPER soft ! Btw, when i say it runs a little to large, it does not mean it is oversized, it is just … a very not good looking size if that does make any sense. Maybe it works if it srinks in the dry but i have not really tried that yet, hope it works. 03 Jan,2014

and it's coming to my house :')

halineczka01961 03 Jan,2014

musi być bardzo ciepły i milutki :)

pauu321 02 Jan,2014

Milusi i cieplusi swterek ! Pasuje do więszości stylizacji, idealny na zimnę i jesień.

sdfs 30 Dec,2013

classic sweater sooo so cute

bonn 29 Dec,2013

looks so fluffy..and its not that short!great!

smiley 28 Dec,2013

soon to be mine, yeaahhh

g 28 Dec,2013

very cute Beige Long Sleeve Shaggy Mohair Loose Sweater 28 Dec,2013

Zamawiam!wygląda na bardzo delikatny

pauly_na_8 28 Dec,2013

es adorable! lo quiero para mi

rf93 27 Dec,2013

I've been looking for a cream jumper like this for so long. Would look amazing with black jeans and a faux fur gilet

mircea 27 Dec,2013

Beige Long Sleeve Shaggy Mohair Loose Sweater

Clauss 26 Dec,2013

It looks so soft and nurturing I Want 26 Dec,2013

Long Sleeve Shaggy Mohair Loose Sweater

ive 26 Dec,2013

Beige Long Sleeve Shaggy Mohair Loose Sweater

clio 26 Dec,2013

This is so pure like snow. love it 24 Dec,2013

Very soft and fluffy however does not look as white as in the photo, has a yellowish tinge

dalloo 24 Dec,2013

looks so warm and fluffy<3 love it!

C3 23 Dec,2013


C3 23 Dec,2013


aizea1982 22 Dec,2013

It seems to be so warm and comfortable...

mhs 21 Dec,2013

Looks soft, is a lovely sweater so femenine

Adelinamin 21 Dec,2013

very dishonest seller! I paid money for the goods, and he did not come, I'm waiting for the third month! dealer says all the time and expect nothing else!

fcg 21 Dec,2013

I love the fluffiness of this! I just hope it's not scratchy!

AK 14 Dec,2013

A very cute and cozy sweater!! Love it!

ASD 14 Dec,2013

Beige Long Sleeve Shaggy Mohair Loose Sweater

marcorel1 11 Dec,2013

Such a sweet sweater, super fuzzy

juliek 11 Dec,2013

so soft, cozy and fluffy! need this :) big LOVE

zaya 11 Dec,2013

Winter, bring it on, I just found my shield


cozy, simple but very cute!


SO FLUFFY! løøøvit.. soo warm <333

Andreea 10 Dec,2013

I love the shaggy material.Love the sweater!

aizea1982 10 Dec,2013

It looks so sweet... I want one for me!

Marga 09 Dec,2013

Me ha tardado en venir unos quince días. Equivale a una talla M. Se ve bueno y el tacto es suave. Es bonito. 09 Dec,2013

Beautiful sweater, it looks warm and cozy

gallina 08 Dec,2013

Perfect sweater! can't wait to wear it! Fluffy! Nice

galina 08 Dec,2013

Perfect sweater! can't wait to wear it! So fluffy

aria 05 Dec,2013

it looks so soft, warmy and cute

juliek 04 Dec,2013


zahaedska 04 Dec,2013

This looks so warm and fuzzy!!

sere510 02 Dec,2013

omg it looks so soft

A 01 Dec,2013

Beige Long Sleeve Shaggy Mohair Loose Sweater

tu 30 Nov,2013

Beige Long Sleeve Shaggy Mohair Loose Sweater

ykiuk 30 Nov,2013

Beige Long Sleeve Shaggy Mohair Loose Sweater

chr1st1neK 29 Nov,2013

This is the perfect white sweater I've been searching for! So clean, simple, and versatile! 29 Nov,2013

Me encanta!!! Se ve tan suave y abridor... 29 Nov,2013

Que bello!!!! Se ve tan suave y abrigador q ya m enamore

thuychi 28 Nov,2013

OMG das ist so schön, ich wills auch! :)

angels_1992 25 Nov,2013

Me encanta!!! Si normalmente gasto una M en jerseys, me va a venir bien esta unitalla? Es lo único que me frena para comprarlo....

TayriJG 25 Nov,2013

Me encanta, es monisimo y abrigado.

Eirin 25 Nov,2013

Perfect sweater! can't wait to wear it 24 Nov,2013

definitely a must have sweater! 24 Nov,2013

must have basic!!!! love how it is so fluffy

... 23 Nov,2013

Love it, looks so soft! 22 Nov,2013

que camisola lindissima, adoro adoro adoro!

yumi 18 Nov,2013

love it! Everyone in my class is in love with this one!

medua 17 Nov,2013

I must have it! Looks so cute :)

Deedee 10 Nov,2013

Simple but very beautiful. Looks really fluffy and warm.

Deedee 10 Nov,2013

Simple but very beautiful. Looks really fluffy and warm.

kasiakowalska93 08 Nov,2013

Nice, nice. This is my dream !

kasiakowalska93 08 Nov,2013

Nice, nice. This is my dream !

Jaji 06 Nov,2013

Ahhh, this looks so cute and comfy!

JoycelinKA 06 Nov,2013

This is soo cute!Omg!Im about to order it!!!CANT WAIT!I'd match them with jeans or leggings and flats or boots or whatever looks good!ADORBS!

forre 06 Nov,2013

Oh my god this is the perfect sweater!

sofkar2706 06 Nov,2013

this looks so warm and cosy

Tania 05 Nov,2013

It's soooo beautiful!!! lOVE IT 05 Nov,2013

i would like to buy a flurry sweater! this is perfect!

courtzi123 05 Nov,2013

SO cute and fluffy, in love!

dee 05 Nov,2013

looks very comfortable. perfect for winter.

.. 05 Nov,2013

How is the quality? And how beige is it, because it looks white on the picture, and I've been looking for a white one that looks a bit like this one :) If anyone answers; THANK YOU!

piter_180 04 Nov,2013

Cieplutki i bardzo miły sweterk,ładny! 03 Nov,2013

This looks so warm and fuzzy!!

hkf123 31 Oct,2013

A/W 13 Must have! Ordering right away!!

b. 30 Oct,2013

comfortable, suave y delicado. lo quiero 28 Oct,2013

Oh my God! This must be so comfortable and soft. So fluffy... love the color

t 28 Oct,2013

I really love the material. It's perfect for cold days

meg.lewis 28 Oct,2013

Shaggy jumpers are so on trend. Cant wait for this to land on my doorstep!

ROXANNA94 27 Oct,2013

i love this sweater. the material is very soft and i feel very confortable when i wear it!! good choice to buy it!!

allydefranco 25 Oct,2013

Such a cozy, sweet sweater! This would be so comfy on a cold winter day!

medeti 24 Oct,2013

es un jersey muy bonito para este tiempo fresquito

lapichurri 23 Oct,2013

perfect with jeans and flats

helena 23 Oct,2013

i love soft sweaters! it's so pretty and comfy! 23 Oct,2013

I love shaggy sweaters. This is cute.

carmenxs 23 Oct,2013

great colour and style for winter

vaniacarranca 22 Oct,2013

adoro, é quente, linda e muito confortável :)

vaniacarranca 22 Oct,2013

adoro, é quente, linda e muito confortável :)

catmartins22 22 Oct,2013

Lovely sweater. Looks cosy, confy and so warm!

Mila 22 Oct,2013

So soft, so want to touch it

xyz 20 Oct,2013

i like this sweater, kind a sweet and comfortable, think i'll order in the following future :D 20 Oct,2013

I love fluffy and shaggy sweaters. They are perfect for the winter.

Sotnosen_94 20 Oct,2013

It looks so very cosy! perfect for those cold days that's coming now

piter_180 19 Oct,2013

Przepiekny sweterk,będzie pasował do wszystkiego!

Berta 18 Oct,2013

Precioso jersey. Tiene un aspecto muy suave y delicado!

daisy.estam 18 Oct,2013

looks so warm and comfy 18 Oct,2013

que jersey mais lindo!! parece tão quente!

allytaam 16 Oct,2013

love shaggy sweaters! perfect to stay warm for the winter time

lol 16 Oct,2013

i love it (: it's so fluffy

Claudia 15 Oct,2013

este jersey blanco tiene que favorecer muchísimo en invierno, y se ve super suave y cómodo. pero no se si visualmente hará un poco voluminosa. que opinais las que lo habeis comprado? me lo compro?

Ann 15 Oct,2013

I have to get this ! this would look so nice with a chain necklace 14 Oct,2013

Es increíble que este jersey tenga este precio cuando vas a Zara y tiendas así y no te bajan d los 20 euros...

Laco 12 Oct,2013

Sembra molto caldo emorbido, perfetto per l'inverno!

Jei 10 Oct,2013

Can someone tell me if the fluff sheds alot?

elena.ricciardella@gmail. 04 Oct,2013

Super cute! It's really fluffy. Unfortunately the sweater is a bit short, but I like it anyway.

Valindesign 04 Oct,2013

A warm sweater and enveloping, perfect to pair with a pair of leather jeggins or to change the look of a long skirt and light

flori 04 Oct,2013

me encanta, calentito. lindo muy 03 Oct,2013

Winter, bring it on, I just found my shield

Raquel 30 Sep,2013

so pretty! :3 I want it

Jamielee 30 Sep,2013

Ohmygawd its so cute and fluffy!

malina 29 Sep,2013

this sweater is so sweet!

amanda 26 Sep,2013

super simple and cute, i want it

amanda 26 Sep,2013

super simple and cute, i want it

Sira 23 Sep,2013

Es hermoso, yo lo quiero =)

Hulk 20 Sep,2013

This is beautiful and warm

Hulk 20 Sep,2013

This is beautiful and warm

Loreta 19 Sep,2013

It looks so soft and comfy. c:

Nathali 18 Sep,2013

It's so fluffy! Perfect for fall season.

olabartuchowska 17 Sep,2013

absolutely must have!!!can't wait to order it!

jessy 16 Sep,2013

omg this sweat looks so confy

Amalie 15 Sep,2013

Just ordered this, can't wait until I receive it!!

lexirosee 14 Sep,2013

this is an amazing sweater for fall

Maria 10 Sep,2013

Can't wait to wear this. It will keep me warm in the winter!

Aida 05 Sep,2013

Suave y abrigado!!! que mas se puede pedir

zumbiperdido 05 Sep,2013

This mohair sweater looks so warm and comfortable *-*

Alice 05 Sep,2013

I really adore it, must order it

Sarah 05 Sep,2013

Oh my gosh, it is so fluffy

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