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Beige Long Sleeve Deer Print Loose Pullovers Sweater

Beige Long Sleeve Deer Print Loose Pullovers Sweater

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  • Shoulder(cm) :36CM
  • Size Available :one-size
  • Bust(cm) :92CM
  • Length(cm) :57CM
  • Sleeve Length(cm) :55CM
  • Season :Fall
  • Item :Pullovers
  • Color :Beige
  • Material :Cotton Blends
  • Style :Casual
  • Neckline :Round Neck
  • Sleeve Length :Long Sleeve
  • Types :Loose
  • Pattern Type :Christmas

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mya 16 Sep,2014

perfect for the print

lyla_ 29 Aug,2014

perfect for christmas, very cute

asd 10 Aug,2014

nice beige sweater perfect fr winter

ccope 31 Jul,2014

This sweater is super cute, however it is a tad itchy. I'm hoping that will improve once I wash it once or twice, but I love it otherwise!

AnnieDavis 30 Jul,2014

i love this christmas winter sweater

Isidora 20 Jul,2014

Oh, Im definitely wearing this on christmas eve!

niezapominajka22 14 Jul,2014

ten sweter jest przesłodki, cudownie świąteczny

roflowerss 10 Jul,2014

Me encanta super invernal m

A 10 Jul,2014

The jumper looks perfect for christmas !

nji 01 Jun,2014

nice like that for winter,so trandy

nothing 30 May,2014

Lovely sweater, perfect for cold winter days.

kristinhock 10 May,2014

so fun for holiday season! it is an actual cute ugly holiday sweater!

cheeryo 08 May,2014

i will buy this sweater and wear it whenever i please

asd 08 May,2014

nice like that for winter uhu

Joana 07 May,2014

Aqui no Brasil esta chegando o frio e esse sweater é perfeito para a ocasião e também está muito barato

olifja 06 May,2014

wow, super cute for winter! i like it

Andreea 26 Apr,2014

The deer print is so amazing.

heh 19 Apr,2014

This is such an cute sweater! Love the deer prints and this pullovers sweater looks soo warm!

Andreea 19 Apr,2014

The print with deers is cute and perfect for Christmas.

aizea1982 16 Apr,2014

I love the Chritmas style of this sweater

Simona 25 Mar,2014

I love the deers.They are cute.

adashofshinee 19 Mar,2014

love the cute deer print

iri 17 Mar,2014

This is so cool and amazing.

domi 16 Mar,2014

This sweater is cute for the wintertime holidays!

Enchanted Ana 14 Mar,2014

The reindeirs are so cute and popular

azahara 13 Mar,2014

Hque jersey tan bonito. Perfecto pra unos vaqueros

Kathryn 09 Mar,2014

I love how warm this sweater is and the design, but would definitely not recommend for someone tall-ish. The length still works but could look a lot better if it were a bit longer.

Johnsjohn 05 Mar,2014

Never goes out of style- perfect xmas sweater. Perfect length, not too baggy but a bit loose for comfort.

ada 04 Mar,2014

wow.Very nice colours of the sweater!i like this!

Hannah 28 Feb,2014

This sweater is super cute for the wintertime holidays!

galiullinanatash 26 Feb,2014

Khaki Geometric Pattern Tassel Mohair Cape Sweater it is so coolasa. Like it

sopolomun 22 Feb,2014

Very nice colours of the sweater!

love2bejenna 08 Feb,2014

I recently purchased this sweater and it has quickly become a favorite! Very comfortable and surprisingly it is extremely warm! Love it.

grzesiek1307 30 Jan,2014

achhhh.... te wspaniałe renifery przypominają mi o czasie świat, ten klimat i choinka... wzruszyłem się ogladając ten sweter.

giamacoveanu 30 Jan,2014

the print with the little deers make this sweater amazing

nerublen 29 Jan,2014

I like it looks like, good sweater for winter

andreajo.koch 28 Jan,2014

THE perfect sweater!! I love it!

andreajo.koch 28 Jan,2014

So festive and cute! Can't wait to wear it this winter

Mary 04 Jan,2014

Wow! It's very beautiful!

marie 29 Dec,2013

perfect for the holiday, soft and warm, size S / M

jolu$ 27 Dec,2013

ten sweterek jest tak sweetaśny jak ja ;)

kriss 27 Dec,2013

perfec t for winter holidays.. :)

ewe 27 Dec,2013

it is nice i want ;o

ler 24 Dec,2013

Beige Long Sleeve Deer Print Loose Pullovers Sweater

irinaelenap 23 Dec,2013

I love deers. They are so cute and funny. This sweater can be weard with everything. I lke it so much

rialakhani 20 Dec,2013

perfect for the holiday season

sonia 18 Dec,2013

Love the print and the colour!

sads 15 Dec,2013

Lovely christmas jumper, must have

HYG 14 Dec,2013

C O O! O O O L!!!

maze 11 Dec,2013

need this for xmas and winter :)

DFDSF 11 Dec,2013


( 0 ) qqq 09 Dec,2013

nice! nice! nice! nice! nice!!!!!!!!!!!

christmas 08 Dec,2013

ahh this looks so christmassy!

airun 08 Dec,2013

I want I want I want I want I want I want I want

qqq32 07 Dec,2013

Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool! !!!!!

airun 07 Dec,2013

Perfect for Christmas! I buy it!

airun 07 Dec,2013

Perfect for Christmas! I buy it!

( 1 ) vabr57 06 Dec,2013

Very, very good and nice! !!!!!!

saragold92 06 Dec,2013

I'm really into the christmas spirit so I love the reindeers.

afssfasf 06 Dec,2013

ci piace il natale e ci piacciono i maglioni di natale :)

egipska 06 Dec,2013

Just the perfect one for Christmas time!

aa 05 Dec,2013

Khaki Geometric Pattern Tassel Mohair Cape Sweater it is so coolasa

aa 05 Dec,2013

Khaki Geometric Pattern Tassel Mohair Cape Sweater it is so coolasa

Hanna 05 Dec,2013

This one is just sweat!

Simona 05 Dec,2013

I love the Christmas theme.It is my favourite holiday.

poonjinx 04 Dec,2013

best for ugly sweater day!

e 04 Dec,2013

swietny sweter na swieta, chyba go kupie

mrDen85 04 Dec,2013

this is so nice for winter

Ana3 02 Dec,2013

Perfect for the winter sweater

KRIS 02 Dec,2013

Good quality made sweatshirt. The inside is very soft. Size wise, it runs a little big.

milenafernandes 02 Dec,2013

I've always wanted a Christmas Sweater!

brendalewis910 02 Dec,2013

aw the nice little moose

stella 01 Dec,2013

Beige Long Sleeve Deer Print Loose Pullovers Sweater 01 Dec,2013

Beige Long Sleeve Deer Print Loose Pullovers Sweater

laura 30 Nov,2013

ivierno winter would not be the absence of this jersey. ilove

alejandra04 30 Nov,2013

OMG Compré este jersey y la verdad, es FANTÁSTICO! Lo adoro <3 Es perfecto para cualquier tipo de combinación y es super calentito. Perfecto para invierno!!!!

Sh3342 30 Nov,2013

This is soooo pretty gonna have it hahaha

Sh3342 30 Nov,2013

This is soooo pretty gonna have it bags

ler 28 Nov,2013

Beige Long Sleeve Deer Print

regalclone 28 Nov,2013

Love this sweater for Christmas!!

hakey 28 Nov,2013

Beige Long Sleeve Deer Print Loose Pullovers Sweater

irinaK_08 28 Nov,2013

this look perfect for Christmas:)

bredikhina911 27 Nov,2013

Very, very nice and good!

mbt0007 27 Nov,2013

Someone that has this sweater, does it fit big or tight?

alexa 27 Nov,2013

It's so wintery and soft looking! I love the pattern and colors.

Gaby 26 Nov,2013

Definitely getting this for christmas!

courtney_013 26 Nov,2013

I absolutely love this sweater! The print and material is amazing and is going to be perfect for wearing to many Christmas parties this holiday season!

klopserry 26 Nov,2013

Very good sweater for Christmas and winter!

ddrjrf 26 Nov,2013

I got this today in the mail and am super happy with it! its actually better quality clothing by far compared to h & m. It fits on me similar to a juniors size L and I typically wear a size 10 pants and im 5v4, it hits my hip bones. Also it came really fast, in under 2 weeks. Id order from here again.

sopolomun 26 Nov,2013

I am sure this swester is the best foe Christmas.

delma321 26 Nov,2013

very nice sweate it is super

bozus12 26 Nov,2013

it is very nice sweater

melamarela123 25 Nov,2013

Beige Long Sleeve Deer Print Loose Pullovers Sweater

Ttavori 24 Nov,2013

Mine just came in the mail today and I am IN LOVE WITH IT!!!! Great quality and very comfy :) SO excited to wear it during the Christmas season and all winter❤️

kasiakowalska93 24 Nov,2013

very nice sweater i like it

Juliaaj 22 Nov,2013

omg .o. this is the perfect sweater for xmas !!! 20 Nov,2013

I love the batwing design, and this coat looks super comfy.

q2 20 Nov,2013

cool Beige Long Sleeve Deer Print Loose Pullovers Sweater

eviestevie 20 Nov,2013

The perfect sweater for Christmas!

nuria 19 Nov,2013

jersey original tipo aspen invernal

gerdasylla 19 Nov,2013

Me encanta este jersey, ideal para Navidad

asd 19 Nov,2013

Beige Long Sleeve Deer Print Loose Pullovers Sweater 19 Nov,2013

interesting and trendy sweater style 19 Nov,2013

interesting and trendy sweater style

jwellington 18 Nov,2013

so pretty for Christmas! I love it!

marjolijnoostermeijer 18 Nov,2013

merry christmas everyone omg want this

eugenia 17 Nov,2013

Me encanta este jersey!! Ideal para Navidad :)

sng 16 Nov,2013

this is a Christmas must have!

korason4ik 14 Nov,2013

The most wonderful Christmas sweater!

katua30 13 Nov,2013

muy navideño, me gusta mucho

larikas 13 Nov,2013

moniiiiisimo para el invierno!!! me encanta

vittoria.giorgi 12 Nov,2013

Oh my God ! This is super cute ! Great one !

alex 11 Nov,2013

Love this sweater! Perfect for the holidays! looks so cozy

punksoul 11 Nov,2013

really christmas-y! i love it!

monicasantos.aa 10 Nov,2013

so lovely! perfect for winter

deb 09 Nov,2013

so cute! would love the wear it in the winter!

pt.teixeij 08 Nov,2013

so christmas-y, perfect for cold weather

biba45654565 08 Nov,2013

so pretty Beige Long Sleeve Deer Print Loose Pullovers Sweater

silvia 08 Nov,2013

Beige Long Sleeve Deer Print Loose Pullovers Sweater

vittoria.giorgi 07 Nov,2013

the quality is not the best but remember how much you have paid it !

nikinolo 07 Nov,2013

so adorable, absolutely perfect for chirstmas!

Fore 06 Nov,2013

I want it I want it!!

courtzi123 05 Nov,2013

I'm gonna be a christmas babe in this, ha.

dsc 05 Nov,2013

ist cool for Christmas. lov it

sng 04 Nov,2013

I love the red! It looks very warm!

tiara 04 Nov,2013

Love this sweater! Perfect for the holidays! looks so comfy

karakarapio 03 Nov,2013

Sweet, cute, amazing, BEAUTIFUL i love this <3 03 Nov,2013

Wonderful colors, great detail, all around good buy

Luisa92 31 Oct,2013

Beige Long Sleeve Deer Print Sweater

Luisa92 31 Oct,2013

Beige Long Sleeve Deer Print Sweater

María PL 31 Oct,2013

Very useful for these christmas :)

biba45654565 31 Oct,2013

so beautiful Beige Long Sleeve Deer Print Loose Pullovers Sweater )

jaycheee 20 Oct,2013

perfect snuggly get warm sweater

lodd 19 Oct,2013

Sembra davvero carino!Per fortuna ci sono le foto di chi lo ha comprato cos' si capisce davvero bene come vesta

foreverness9 13 Oct,2013

Very cute, lovely for christmas!

sarahdulmage 02 Oct,2013

swag dog poop on you

jazzie 24 Sep,2013

Great shirt for a ski-vacation :)

lotty-13 21 Sep,2013

this look perfect for Christmas:)

Liza 18 Sep,2013

I just ordered this sweater and it is on the way to my wardrobe.

k_nora5453 18 Sep,2013

I love this jumper, it's great for Christmas time 18 Sep,2013

I LOVE THIS SWEATER! It's so comfy and soft and it fits perfectly!

SG 18 Sep,2013

Good product. Sweater keeps warm

Susie 09 Sep,2013

I just got this sweater in the mail today and I love it! I wish it was longer but it fits perfectly.

autumn 06 Sep,2013

Christmas sweaters are so in and adorable wearing one of these with leggings would be perfect for going out!

teddeybear28 06 Sep,2013

This would be the absolute perfect Christmas sweater

s 06 Sep,2013

monisimo con estmpdo de invierno total

Dora 06 Sep,2013

What a lovely sweater! perfect for Christmas

autumn 01 Sep,2013

so cute and beautiful colors! I love sweaters so much! 26 Aug,2013

un abrigo para el invierno muy genial

meli 25 Aug,2013

para el otoño se ve muy calido

srturney 08 Aug,2013

im seriously obsessed with this. so cute for winter!

kello0gs 15 Jul,2013

this sweater is actually slightly bigger than the other two sweaters i purchase. so the sizing isnt very efficient. but still love the sweater, very soft and thick. cant wait to wear this for the warmer months. this sweater was longer and bigger than some of the other ones i purchased. so overall i lovedd :) 15 Jul,2013

Cute but thick and bulky looking nothing I can't handle 06 May,2013

This item is fantastic for winter

hoda 13 Apr,2013

I want to wear this sweater and curl up on a couch and drink hot coco - i like this! 09 Apr,2013

this looks so comfy and warm! love it!

laborsia 04 Apr,2013

Not the greatest quality wool, but alright 28 Feb,2013

I got this sweater and it's super warm! Very thick. Mine looks exactly like the picture.

dmn4eva 31 Dec,2012

Got this sweater for Christmas and I absolutely love it!! the reason i rated it a 4/5 is because the sweater is actually more brown than white, and that its not as long as i hoped, it barely covers my butt. It is still a great sweater though!

Maddy 27 Dec,2012

horrible sweaters on this website, either too big or too small, no consistency in sizing and crappy quality

looool 26 Dec,2012

it looks cute and nice

ames 26 Dec,2012

I love this sweater! Very cute for winter! 22 Dec,2012

This sweater is perfect! I am so going to buy this!

AlyBoo 21 Dec,2012

BEST SWEATER EVER. Got it yesterday in the mail and it's amazing. It's thick, soft, big, and super warm. I got a ton of compliments too!

l 16 Dec,2012

very cute deer print loose sweater*

Meg 11 Dec,2012

can't wait until i get this sweater its so cute!

jessicuhhhhhhhh 10 Dec,2012

I have been waiting 2 weeks for this and still has not gotten here. Neber ordering from here again. 08 Dec,2012

I love this sweater it is so cute!

pigmom 07 Dec,2012

In love with this print the moment i saw it!!

Lilaa 02 Dec,2012

Absolutelly fantastic Beidge Long Sleeve Deer Print Loose Pullovers Sweater! <3

Dahlia 02 Dec,2012

I love this deer print sweater! Perfect for autummn!

swimgirl428 28 Nov,2012

I want to wear this sweater and curl up on a couch and drink hot coco

ktaryn 28 Nov,2012

love it for christmas night xd

m 28 Nov,2012

perfect for christmas time, so cozy

reallybig 26 Nov,2012

the energy of this sweater is spectacular

Taylor 26 Nov,2012

So cute for winter looks very warm 24 Nov,2012

looking forward to this cute sweater 23 Nov,2012

This sweater keeps warm and is so soft. 20 Nov,2012

This sweater is so cute for a holiday party or just lounging around the house! LOVE:)

l 16 Nov,2012

perfect sweater for Christmas, amazing

nata 16 Nov,2012

i want this one for this winter season.this deers look so marvelously

milamaksimchuk 12 Nov,2012

Too cute! Cant wait to get mine

m 11 Nov,2012

muy colorido este chaleco de renos

Sarah 10 Nov,2012

Aw, this is so nice for winter 05 Nov,2012

so comfy and goes great with leggings!

lok 03 Nov,2012

I love deer sweaters! This is perf

alpaca 03 Nov,2012

very cute print for christmas!

AbbeyGK 02 Nov,2012

oh my dear deer winter is coming

kathy 31 Oct,2012

those red deer print go very nice with beige

ivy 31 Oct,2012

so cute beige deer print sweater

cwass16 24 Oct,2012

Love this sweater! Perfect for the holidays! looks so cozy

ann 24 Oct,2012

wonderful deer print trendy

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