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Beige Geometric Eyelet Embellished Knit Jumper Sweater

Beige Geometric Eyelet Embellished Knit Jumper Sweater

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  • Length(cm) :52-64cm
  • Sleeve Length(cm) :38cm
  • Shoulder(cm) :62cm
  • Size Available :one-size
  • Bust(cm) :124cm
  • Season :Fall
  • Item :Pullovers
  • Color :Beige
  • Material :Cotton Spandex
  • Style :Casual
  • Neckline :Round Neck
  • Sleeve Length :Long Sleeve
  • Types :Loose
  • Pattern Type :Plain

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g.cena_11 24 Jul,2014

Super lightweight and perfect for the transition from summer to fall.

Lilly 15 Jul,2014

I bought it and i can only say good things about this sweater! Fits great and it is BEAUTIFUL

Amber 10 Jul,2014

It looks very cute ^^ I would love to personally have it.

rquaresma 01 Jul,2014

this sweater is so adoreable

mya 25 Jun,2014

looks super cute i am totally going to get it

Hana 23 Jun,2014

It is gorgeous!!, I need this!

vadermurachi 21 Jun,2014

is one of my favorite sweater

caserter 20 Jun,2014

I like both the sweatr and the attractive price for it.

caserter 20 Jun,2014

Very very pretty looking sweater!

joycepak 05 Jun,2014

this is a great neutral color that goes well with jeans and is great for layering or even wearing on its own.

syll 30 May,2014

So beautiful! Me encanta el color.

ioanav88 27 May,2014

Looks very pretty and delicate

DSN 27 May,2014

very good sweater and it suits everything

damar26 26 May,2014


eresea 20 May,2014

I wear this one all the time. It is so good looking and fits to anything!

bea_go_ga 19 May,2014

Un jersey finito perfecto para el verano, esos dias que refresca entrada ya la noche. El color combina con una variedad de estilos y tonalidades, yo me decantaria por el marron.

Michi 14 May,2014

I really love this sweater! It's perfect for a casual, but cool look! The material is quite good too!

jajy 13 May,2014

love this sweater and design, looks comfortable

callypso 11 May,2014

yeah is nice this sweater b

casper 07 May,2014

I have this sweater...I expected it to be a lot longer-I bought it when there weren't so many pictures of it available. The sleeves are a bit short too. I'm always scared to wash it because it seems kind of fragile and the cuffs on the sleeves stretched out really fast. Other than that, I think it's adorable and versatile.

valiusha14 28 Apr,2014

i love this swater so much!

i love is 28 Apr,2014

Fajny sweterek ale będzie za duży dla mnie

Vavva 25 Apr,2014

Adoro questo genere di maglioni! Leggeri e traforati perfetti con una camicia sotto!

Amelka 22 Apr,2014

this is really girly and cute !

merru2009 20 Apr,2014

I love this sweater very much

esteliAnn 18 Apr,2014

just received my sweater and its perfect!fabric is so nice and it glitters a bit, perfect with leggings =)

josefinamarambiom 16 Apr,2014

Un sweater perfecto para un look casual de otoño o primavera. El tejido está bueno y no tiene ningún problema de confección. Quizá me hubiera gustado que fuera un poquito más corto (pero yo soy baja, jeje). Hasta ahora ha sido mi prenda favorita de Sheinside.

deewee 11 Apr,2014

love this, one of the best purchases i've made here

liinaarro 10 Apr,2014

Hands down one of the shiniest jewel in my wardrobe!

Stigvinia 10 Apr,2014

It's hands down one of the shiniest jewels in my wardrobe!

Anna 09 Apr,2014

This would look nice with light blue shorts. My wishlist :3

cheerytomato 09 Apr,2014

This is still one of my favorite sweater purchases ever. It's a really nice color and can be dressed up or down. I'm about 5' and it is only a little bit big on me, but it comes down to around my hips so it's not too big. After a while it does start seem to pill slightly, but it's not too noticeable and the sweater is still pretty sturdy.

Judy 08 Apr,2014

I really like it. Fits really well and I cannot wait to wear it out. 03 Apr,2014

Gosto tanto desta camisola branca/creme 01 Apr,2014

Love this sweater! Great for fall and winter weather. I can wear it with jeans or a skirt and it's very comfortable.

beebooheartsyou 01 Apr,2014

This is adorable, I love the pattern and that it's high low! Would wear 10/10

Jade 29 Mar,2014

Loooove it! Perfect and simple

mimi459 25 Mar,2014

Comfy, great color, good fit (I'm short and quite slim). Nice, soft material. Love it!

fgh 24 Mar,2014

ten sweter jest po prostu fenomenalny

bebeota 20 Mar,2014

Me encanta, lo quiero, el color todo esta super padre

c 20 Mar,2014

i love this swater so much!

c 20 Mar,2014

i love this swater so much!

carmen 15 Mar,2014

awesome jumper sweater in beige

poli 08 Mar,2014

The sweater color is as pictured, it shines a little. The sleeves are a bit short, it would be a problem specially if you are tall. Good quality despite of all, and looks really nice.

luci 06 Mar,2014

very fashionable! this is very nice, not like others

agathi2011 05 Mar,2014

It looks really nice! I bought it today and cant wait to wear it! It will be nice over a thin summery dress on a nice summer night walking down the street of an old town in the Greek islands!

mirks459 05 Mar,2014

very very very nice sweater .. so much

katashu 04 Mar,2014

It is very nice I love this knit style!

w0lfey 01 Mar,2014

Love the lace-ish pattern on it :D!

sophiaschmelz 28 Feb,2014

super cozy and cool. maybe a bit too big for size S, but that doesn't matter too much.

martina 28 Feb,2014

so niceee, definitely going into my wishlist :)

retoksy 25 Feb,2014

The sweater is really cute and beautiful

ANN 25 Feb,2014

In my opinnion - perfect jumper! Looks great! 25 Feb,2014

Me encanta el diseño. Creo que es una prenda muy versátil.

lps 22 Feb,2014

so pretty i love the color and holes 21 Feb,2014

i will ask mum to buy me it.

tdq_tran 18 Feb,2014

Wear this all the time, it's so nice!!

lakiss 16 Feb,2014

Just perfect, I love it !!

isadenaranja 15 Feb,2014

Queda muy bien con unos vaqueros. Alguien sabe si todavía está en color menta?

sofkar2706 14 Feb,2014

i love the color and the pattern

Hanna 13 Feb,2014

Love this one! It looks so light and beautiful!

Hanna 12 Feb,2014

I'ts a beautiful sweater! Love the fabric, it looks so light and comfortable!

Winnie 11 Feb,2014

Great fabric and design! I love this sweater, it's a new favorite. If you are hesitant like I was about ordering it, you will not be disappointed ! It's a really love this.

rerully 10 Feb,2014

I like the way it looks, cute

rerully 10 Feb,2014

Looks casual but really pretty sweater!

nereidapclaros 09 Feb,2014

Very glad with my new sweater. It became one of my favourites, it's such a shame that I can't use it everyday. The design is really pretty, the fabrique is good and you can combine it with almost everything. I will miss wearing it when summer!!

moklein 01 Feb,2014

so so so nice and really pretty

silviaavila85 31 Jan,2014

i love this sweater, i want

Lyn 31 Jan,2014

Beige Geometric Embellished Knit Jumper Sweater

Ari 31 Jan,2014

Beige Geometric Eyelet Embellished Knit Jumper Sweater

safia.gourari 30 Jan,2014

Ce pull taille un peu petit mais il est très joli

karlucha2408 30 Jan,2014

Un sueter muy practico por su color y tipo de punto tanto para primavera como invierno

tooth_fairy 30 Jan,2014

cute and so cheap omg love it

geoneron 29 Jan,2014

So cute and really nice

dayi 27 Jan,2014

Preciosoo!! tan dulceee <3 me encanta

albamendez88 18 Jan,2014

I already have it!! and I love it!

flori 15 Jan,2014

me encanta, hermosa. sisi me encanta.

AESA 07 Jan,2014

love this sweater... it would perfect layered over a tank top and leggings

irinaK 07 Jan,2014

So cute for all seasons

Ilona 06 Jan,2014

Amazing <3 <3 My ,,must have" !

Liz 06 Jan,2014

All about this sweater is beautiful, but the color and pattern are just breathtaking, love it :)

kaykay 05 Jan,2014

This with leggings and boots is really stylish!

MeeSia 04 Jan,2014

This cardigan is really lovely. Very nice

Liz 03 Jan,2014

It's on my wishlist now. I love this sweater, it's beautiful !

shoeshine 02 Jan,2014

Looks amazing, can't wait for that to come because I just ordered this piece <3 :P

Nicole 01 Jan,2014

ahhhh it looks so tumblrish , i love it

olya_strange 31 Dec,2013

I would have liked for it to come a bit sooner and the sleeves are a little short but otherwise very cute!

penhorjoana 29 Dec,2013

Beige Geometric Eyelet Embellished Knit Jumper Sweater

d 27 Dec,2013

Beige Geometric Eyelet Embellished Knit Jumper Sweater

sh3342 27 Dec,2013

i like this White Long Sleeve Geometric Pattern Mohair Sweater very muchjpjpo

Jade 27 Dec,2013

I really like this sweater, it's super cute and comfy.

sk 26 Dec,2013

I bought this sweater and I really love it! It's beautiful and goes with everything. It's worth buying :) 22 Dec,2013

I would have liked for it to come a bit sooner and the sleeves are a little short but otherwise very cute!

MIRCEA 19 Dec,2013

Beige Geometric Eyelet Embellished Knit Jumper Sweater

keiralynn112 19 Dec,2013

This knit looks really great!

KRIS 19 Dec,2013

Loooove this sweater! It is so comfY AND MODERN

Bionda13 14 Dec,2013

Bardzo ładny sweter, idealny na jesień.

vee_loos 13 Dec,2013

super cute pattern! i want it <3

jh 12 Dec,2013

I! love it, can;t wait for buying

ss 12 Dec,2013

This sweater is perfect! I bought this awhile ago and now it's my favourite sweater!

katua30 11 Dec,2013

Beige Geometric Eyelet Embellished Knit Jumper Sweater

nerublen 10 Dec,2013

pretty sweater, very nice price

miana_simina 09 Dec,2013

this sweater is perfect for layering

fortysix 09 Dec,2013

such a romantic style clothes

scab 07 Dec,2013

love the simple elegance of this

AKs 06 Dec,2013

This piece is so versatile

zagaetskayai 06 Dec,2013

awesome beige sweater i like it

zare_love 05 Dec,2013

I cant wait to wear it! it´s so beautiful

as 05 Dec,2013

Khaki Geometric Pattern Tassel Mohair Cape Sweater it is so coolaas

ed 05 Dec,2013

swietny jest ten ssweterek, nie pogardziłabym

amanda 04 Dec,2013

love the simple elegance of this

DP 04 Dec,2013

Beige Geometric Eyelet Embellished Knit Jumper Sweater

gh 04 Dec,2013

Love this sweater so versatile

hilladayan 04 Dec,2013

beautiful! cant wait to wear it!!!

mamganna 04 Dec,2013

This is so cute ! i love it

Arbena 03 Dec,2013

It looks so cute and cozy!

seymaer 03 Dec,2013

I'm in love <3

jodieono 01 Dec,2013

Very cute! Love the pattern and color.

daisy.estam 01 Dec,2013

this looks so cute. definitely on my wishlist!

oii 01 Dec,2013

I just ordered this today. I will post a review once i receive it.This is so cute just by looking at this pictures! it's so pretty! PS i hope all the clothes has pictures of person wearing it so we can see how it would really look like. Thanks! I can't wait for my orders! I paid so much $$$ but its okay. i have to reward myself for working so hard. :-} 30 Nov,2013

I just ordered this, I will let you know what I think of it soon

katua30 29 Nov,2013

es muy bonito, este jersey

bredikhina911 28 Nov,2013

nice! nice! nice! nice! nice!

melamarela123 28 Nov,2013

Beige Geometric Eyelet Embellished Knit Jumper Sweater

a 28 Nov,2013

the jumper looks really comfy

x 28 Nov,2013

i like the design of this

oleander 28 Nov,2013

wspaniały, idealny na zimę, polecam :)

zagaetskiyd 28 Nov,2013

Beautiful, looks comfy, love it.

dogginom 26 Nov,2013

Very pleasant colour and nice model!

karolina600209 26 Nov,2013

nice blouse it is very nice

Texasgirl 25 Nov,2013

I just ordered this today. I will post a review once i receive it.This is so cute just by looking at this pictures! it's so pretty! PS i hope all the clothes has pictures of person wearing it so we can see how it would really look like. Thanks! I can't wait for my orders! I paid so much $$$ but its okay. i have to reward myself for working so hard. :-}

bc 25 Nov,2013

So cute for all seasons

sarirasimoes 25 Nov,2013

lovely sweater with lace detailing

sng 25 Nov,2013

I love this, so classy

delma321 25 Nov,2013

i love this sweater nice

ingvild_bta 24 Nov,2013

a very nice and unique and interesting sweater style

kasiakowalska93 24 Nov,2013

awesome beige sweater i like it

bad 23 Nov,2013


lara 23 Nov,2013

just ordered this! i fell in love with it immediately. hoping it's as cute in real life and the quality is ok, since it's so cheap. if not i'll just be careful with it because i really love how it looks :) can't wait for it to be delivered

CYNTH.CHANN 23 Nov,2013

i love this sweater!!! very versatile and looks good with almost everything

Juliaaj 22 Nov,2013

Looks so cozy and also so elegant <3

alylee 21 Nov,2013

Very comfy, a really cute. Goes with pretty much anything.

brendalewis910 20 Nov,2013

nice Beige Geometric Eyelet Embellished Knit Jumper Sweater

b 19 Nov,2013

This is very very cute love it

s 19 Nov,2013

Ah I really like this! Casual and cute :)

stardust 19 Nov,2013

this is so cute and pretty

veghjudit 17 Nov,2013

Just received it. I love it so so much!

filardola 15 Nov,2013

this looks so comfortable. i need to buy it!!! very trendy.

marciakaweski 13 Nov,2013

i love this .. so nice .3

reinboul 12 Nov,2013

I love this one in my favourite colour. So cosy and easy to combine.

alex 11 Nov,2013

I love this sweater so much :)

farkaskira 11 Nov,2013

Beautiful, looks comfy, love it. 10 Nov,2013

Eu adoro a cor, e o padrão!

inesjan 09 Nov,2013

super cute, love the colour of this 08 Nov,2013

i love this .. so nice .3

pt.teixeij 08 Nov,2013

i didn't think much of it until i saw all these girls wearing it!

Jessica 08 Nov,2013

Comfy, great color, good fit (I'm short and quite slim). Nice, soft material. Love it! 07 Nov,2013

Love this sweater! I usually wear a M to L and have a larger chest, and this worked great! I was worried it would be too small but it's not. Comfy too

dr 06 Nov,2013

This sweater is so delicate and cute!!! 05 Nov,2013

Beautiful sweater, really nice fabric, longer in the back than in the front. It can be worn without anything underneath or with a blouse. Very happy with this purchase! Would recommend it

kimkonnoth 05 Nov,2013

Really love this sweater; better material than I expected. Wish it came with a care label.

sarah 04 Nov,2013

wow i love this style

thuychi 03 Nov,2013

I love this sweater so much :)

thuychi 03 Nov,2013

I love this sweater so much :)

thuychi 03 Nov,2013

I love this sweater so much :)

thuychi 03 Nov,2013

I love this sweater so much :)

sylwek0505 02 Nov,2013

Very beautiful sweater :) perfect for casual outfits and with blazer :) love it :)

mimi 02 Nov,2013

I really want to get this but I'm afraid it will be too short. People who are 5'6" and got this - about how far down does it come to? Just looking at the length, 52cm seems reaaaallllllyyyy short. But it's so cute so I want to know if there's hope for me lol. 01 Nov,2013

Great light weight sweater for layer in the fall and winter ! :D

shanaR 01 Nov,2013

Nice sweater :) I love the design and the colour

isabelakaweski 01 Nov,2013

lovely fit, goes well with basically everything

JZ 31 Oct,2013

This sweater looks really cozy

Aslea 31 Oct,2013

It's worth the purchase. The item looks just as nice as it does on the site. I'm not sure how strong the material really is...but it does look very nice and you get what you pay for!

g 31 Oct,2013

Beige Geometric Eyelet Embellished Knit Jumper Sweater 27 Oct,2013

I really want this sweater! perfect for fall :)

Licazy 25 Oct,2013

This seem so light weight and great for layering 23 Oct,2013

Got this last year and i wear it all the time. love it

adriana 23 Oct,2013

Just ordered this, it was in my mind from the first time I saw week ago. I like it because it can be weared all seasons

Iratze 23 Oct,2013

I just got this sweater in the mail today, and I love it! So cute and the color goes with everything c:

helena 22 Oct,2013

lovely fit, goes well with basically everything

andrealarfasas 18 Oct,2013

This is such a cute sweater! It goes with pretty much anything!

Maya 17 Oct,2013

I'm not sure it's really cotton - it was nearly dry when i took it out of the washing machine. Delivery took too long. And it's very short for me (1,72m). But colour and pattern are great. <3

iriana93 17 Oct,2013

Great color and shape, very cute with leggings and tall boots

eine1213 16 Oct,2013

I love this so much! Pare with leggings.

Jennifer_king13 16 Oct,2013

Absolutely love this sweater. Can't wait to wear it

palm0817 16 Oct,2013

My friend had this sweater and after borrowing it for a while I had to buy my own! So soft and stylish too!

Shannon 14 Oct,2013

This is so cute ! i love it ! :)

orianneeee 11 Oct,2013

this is fab, can't wait to wear it :D

darahsa 10 Oct,2013

sooo cute!! in my wishlist

JLin 08 Oct,2013

I really like this sweater, it's really cute. 07 Oct,2013

love this sweater... it would perfect with black skirt or jeans...

Johanna 04 Oct,2013

Just received it and it's really cute!

irr4a 03 Oct,2013

nice sweater. perfect for fall .

weronika96101 02 Oct,2013

it`s really beautifull. i must have this!

weronika96101 02 Oct,2013

Przepiękny. Fajna opcja do wielu stylizacji.

samy 02 Oct,2013

l'ho indossato oggi con jeans blu scuro stivale e borsa marrone!PERFETTO! <3 MI PIACEREBBE NERO!!!

aleyna 02 Oct,2013

love this sweater so much!

learn2give 01 Oct,2013

Love this sweater and it looks great with maxi skirts

learn2give 30 Sep,2013

REALLY cute sweater for the fall and it's great to layer and pair up with maxi skirts

marianaps 29 Sep,2013

I love that it is made of Cotton

OrcaOwl 29 Sep,2013

Looks rather gorgeous! Would defiantly add this to wishlist ;3

superbanana 27 Sep,2013

super cute I can't wait to buy!~

bellakaweski 27 Sep,2013

Great color and shape, very cute with leggings and tall boots

malka000120 25 Sep,2013

sooo cute!! in my wishlist

deirdremarie.osullivan 25 Sep,2013

Gorgeous. Love this site! Just got my dress in the post :)

Noe 25 Sep,2013

Me encanta para un estilo casual veraño-otoño!

pauline 24 Sep,2013

nice sweater, but I wish there wasn't only one-size 23 Sep,2013

Fell apart the first time I wore it! The entire side seam ripped :-( 23 Sep,2013

This is such a cute sweater- perfect for all seasons if worn right! I love the cool pattern

Socks30 23 Sep,2013

Beautiful sweater - fits lovely!

kokerkola 23 Sep,2013

Love this sweater! Such a versatile piece that goes with basically anything!

kokerkola 23 Sep,2013

Love this sweater! Such a versatile piece that goes with basically anything!

Bila 22 Sep,2013

Very cute and easy to combine

S 21 Sep,2013

me encanta este jersey beis

roza1 21 Sep,2013

it looks great I love this colour

emoss 18 Sep,2013

pretty pretty, but why only one size??

bkeosayasing 18 Sep,2013

Looks great with anything, and very comfortable! 18 Sep,2013

es Hermoso un lindo color para otoño

Johanna 15 Sep,2013

Such a great, lovely design!

octanaaaa 15 Sep,2013

Very cute and comfy sweater! Color gentle .. Can be worn with different outfits. The quality is good. <3

abrilanahi13 01 Sep,2013

El color neutro lo hace aun mejor! Perfecto para una tarde en la ciudad

utechtjana 25 Aug,2013

Lovely, flowy sweater with great print.

kristine 23 Aug,2013

Very chic pattern, yet cozy at the same time!

kelli97 23 Aug,2013

oh em gee this is sooooo gorgeouss

jessy 23 Aug,2013

i think that this vintage sweater its so cute and classic and it works with a lot of colors so its very cool !

sofixxfashion 23 Aug,2013

It's wonderful! I love this sweater =D

trifkovicbranka 23 Aug,2013

Oh my God....I want it!

Yvonne 23 Aug,2013

loved it <3 <3 <3

Alexa 23 Aug,2013

Very thin and pretty sweater! Perfect for fall

Alice 15 Aug,2013

I got it and I am very happy with the order, it could have been a bit longer, but other than that, it's perfect Summer sweater

nahmms2 10 Aug,2013

Proxima compra será esse sweater lindo <3

LOvev 07 Aug,2013

this product is amazing. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Lil 17 Jul,2013

I bought one and its cute but mine was poorly sewn came apart at shoulder area

tinice 14 Jul,2013

this sweatet look so lovely <3

tb217010 25 Jun,2013

Fits exactly how I wanted it to: short in the front, long in the back. Good, thick material but no tag for washing instructions. I've washed it regular wash and just hang dried it and it doesn't seem to affect the material. Great layering piece!!

HelloItsBrooklyn 19 Jun,2013

Just plain gorgeous, I love big sweaters and I have to say, they look good on everyone c;

Lizz 01 May,2013

fits to everything, i love this, want to wear this everytime

lucy 13 Apr,2013

it´s very amazing. <3 <3 HOT <3 <3

sarah 10 Apr,2013

so adorable! the perfect sweater! 27 Mar,2013

love the sweater, so nice and cute! 27 Mar,2013

love this sweater!!! is so lovely!

joeboi 18 Mar,2013

absolutely love the design on this sweater

ev 09 Mar,2013

its super super cute. love the looks

ruffered 19 Feb,2013

i love the color but wish that it was a bit longer--im looking for an oversized sweater that hits below the bottom

mereliw 14 Feb,2013

OMG! I absolutely loooove thisoneee <3

Galia 13 Feb,2013

this is the cutest sweater ever, totally love it! 10 Feb,2013

This is so soft <3

soniaammu 09 Feb,2013

The sweater ripped up the arm the first time I wore it. Made of very cheap material. 08 Feb,2013

Lovely, flowy sweater with great print.

k 07 Feb,2013

this is perfect, layered with a take top and black leggings

L 07 Feb,2013

This is exactly what I look for for months !

frindela 03 Feb,2013

i just got this in orange! its soooo soft and pretty! the high-low hem looks really good! order now, you wont regret it!

Meteorchik 31 Jan,2013

I wish they could get back in stock the orange one... Please, please, please!

cr 19 Jan,2013

this is sweater of my dreams 18 Jan,2013

LOVE IT, its awesome really wanted a sweater like this

k 14 Jan,2013

i love this knit jumper sweater!

michellenicoleb 12 Jan,2013

Lovely, flowy sweater. I like the aztec print too!

Lulu 12 Jan,2013

The holes look really great, nice color. 08 Jan,2013

Sweater just came in mail. Super cute and lightweight. Love how unique this sweater is,

emma_.marie@hotmail,com 07 Jan,2013

love this sweater ! super cute 07 Jan,2013

ahh! so cute! super soft and comfy

tara28 03 Jan,2013

still waiting to hear anything back from sheinside,

iliana 18 Dec,2012

Great sweater. Just received it today. It's definitely very sturdy and quite well-made. Fits great and I'm pleased with the length and the way it drapes on me. Can't wait to wear it out! 18 Dec,2012

this looks really comfortable and could easliy be used as a layering piece

tb217010 09 Dec,2012

Bought this on November 23rd and didn't get it until today, December 8th. But I ordered a Medium and it fits exactly how I wanted it to! I was worried about the material being a little iffy but it's surprisingly thick and seems like it will be fine under a regular wash. I plan to buy it in some other colors ASAP! Great versatile buy.

m 08 Dec,2012

i've imagined it longer. better this way!

so12 04 Dec,2012

LOVE!!!! Just got it, fits perfectly!!!! im 5'5 size 3 and fits exactly like it does on the model!

ac 03 Dec,2012

so cute and cozy! perfect

Lea 29 Nov,2012

So cute! Love this sweater

Imaginnee_ 29 Nov,2012

I got this sweater yesterday, and I absolutely love it!!

HARLEY3 28 Nov,2012

So in love with everything about this sweater

Iris 27 Nov,2012

love love love love love

Angelyn 27 Nov,2012

Can't wait to buy this one too!

Taylor 26 Nov,2012

Cant wait to order this and wear it!

ARIS1207 24 Nov,2012

Such a delicate look for a sweater!

jenniferhowell 23 Nov,2012

ok i love this. want it now.

Vronik06 19 Nov,2012

Just received it. What you see on the picture is what you'll get. It look exactly the same. Love it :). 18 Nov,2012

I cannot wait until payday! This is SO cute!

rachmitch 13 Nov,2012

this sweater is adorable and would go perfectly tucked into some high-waisted shorts!

katie 10 Nov,2012

I want this soooo bad!!

CourtneyPerryxo 08 Nov,2012

I absolutely LOVE this sweater. It looks amazing with a tight skirt and boots with the sleeves partially rolled up. LOVE.

Desiree 05 Nov,2012

I received this sweater in the mail the other day and I love it! I am about 5'0 and I find that it fits me perfectly as an oversized sweater. Great purchase for $30

Mau 03 Nov,2012

it's exatly that i recherch, thank you !

sara 02 Nov,2012

niiice! i love this color 31 Oct,2012

I love the sweater material but one of the sleeves started unraveling at the seem.

lisapell 29 Oct,2012

just received this sweater in the mail. overall i like it but the sleeves are kind of short.

lisapell 26 Oct,2012

i am dying waiting for this sweater to come in the mail. i love it!

Amanda 23 Oct,2012

Just ordered this, can't wait to wear it!

Casey 23 Oct,2012

This would go with everything. Wish list!

Alpaca 21 Oct,2012

I ordered this on October 8th and it just came in the mail today! The material is pretty good and it's really cute. Long enough to wear with leggings and boots. I love it and can't wait to wear it out :)

assa91 20 Oct,2012

this looks perfect for fall to my mind, too bad there's no picture on any model, but thank you to those who ordered it and made a review!! 17 Oct,2012

CUTE!!!! 17 Oct,2012

Super Cute! 15 Oct,2012

want this so bad

eleconnelly 15 Oct,2012

I ordered this and i have been waiting over 2 weeks for it

jolie 14 Oct,2012


alpaca 11 Oct,2012

Ordered this a few days ago and can't wait until it gets to me. It's super cute :) 09 Oct,2012

Loooove this sweater! It is so comfy and I cannot wait for the weather to get colder so I can layer it! 09 Oct,2012

This is so cute!! Definitely buying!

eleconnelly 09 Oct,2012

This is gonna be my next purchase!

Jessica 08 Oct,2012

Exactly what I have been looking for!

myma 08 Oct,2012

i really like this... perfect for fall :)

Irina 07 Oct,2012

Just perfect! I'd like to have it!

lm 05 Oct,2012

lovely knit!!!

blonde_brandi 03 Oct,2012

Very cute 02 Oct,2012

It's really nice and warm <3 01 Oct,2012

This would look overly cute with some skinny jeans, warm boots and an infinity scarf, while showing off a messy bun and some cute studs! 01 Oct,2012

This looks like such a cute sweater for fall!!

Sam 30 Sep,2012

It's just a regular sweater, I thought it would be big enough to wear with leggings but its really not. Kind of disappointed...

Sue 27 Sep,2012

What a cute knit!

Kenzierain 26 Sep,2012

Very cute sweater, perfect for the fall.

lindsey 25 Sep,2012

great versatile sweater!

crispe09 25 Sep,2012

Just received this in the mail and very excited to wear it! I'm 5'0" and it's a little shorter than I thought it was going to be, it just covers my butt. And although it has holes in it, it's still fairly warm! Thanks sheinside! :)

dangut 24 Sep,2012

so pretty! this might look cool with a neon tank underneath 24 Sep,2012

I'm 5 3 so I hope this will fit me alright... will update when i get it

l 23 Sep,2012

super cute*)

sharen 22 Sep,2012

i can't wait to order this an wear it with leggings!

Sarah H. 21 Sep,2012

Received this sweater in the mail just the other day. Paired it with a nude tank top underneath, skinny jeans, and brown booties. Loved it!

M 21 Sep,2012

El tres e cmbiado del marinerito al geometrico 19 Sep,2012

This will be perfect with equestrian boots and a scarp. I'm adding it to my cart!

Kaiyo Aino 18 Sep,2012

This will surely be on my wishlist! A lovely colour and fabric. I love the design! I would wear it with skiny jeans! 18 Sep,2012

Great color and shape, very cute with leggings and tall boots

jpitts 16 Sep,2012

about to order this and i can't wait for it to arrive! 13 Sep,2012

This came in the mail yesterday (which was actually quite fast for free shipping!) and its pretty much exactly as it looks. its an Off-white colour and shorter in the front, which I like. There aren't any tags on it (care tag, etc) though, so...I guess I'll just hand-wash it to be safe. Its a bit big on me, but I'm 5'6" and a size 0/2 so that was expected haha. It still looks nice as an oversize sweater. 12 Sep,2012

it looks great with leggins

Fspinner 12 Sep,2012

I ordered this and was super excited about it, looks perfect for leggings but i am going to need to wear a tank under with jeans because it is short in the front, I'm 5'4

leila 11 Sep,2012

So cute for fall!

cappucinocream91 10 Sep,2012

So happy this came back in stock! Super cute.

casex093 06 Sep,2012

Can Not wait for this to come back into stock again!

mc1123 06 Sep,2012

basic! 04 Sep,2012

i want this! 29 Aug,2012

this sweater looks super cute i am totally going to get it!!

skear 29 Aug,2012

I wonder if it needs a tank underneath.. 29 Aug,2012

looks so perfect to cover the butt with leggings !

JustEmmie 28 Aug,2012

It looks a bit weird on the picture, but I can imagine how it looks like when I wear it! Lovely<3 27 Aug,2012

I am seriously in love with this sweater! I am going to buy it pretty soon!

andrea676 27 Aug,2012

perfect for fall with leggings and an infinity scarf!!

Afish12 27 Aug,2012

this would look AMAZING with a green scarf, boots, and leggings! LOVE IT.

MichelleJiafang 26 Aug,2012


nini 25 Aug,2012

wonderful baggy style..perfect for autumn and casual look

Sarah 24 Aug,2012

Looks so great that it could go with everything

naomicb 24 Aug,2012

must have this! will report back on how well the item is!

Tania 23 Aug,2012

Really want this sweater!

thewita 22 Aug,2012

want this one sooo badly too <3 22 Aug,2012

My Wishlist <3 20 Aug,2012

love this sweater... it would perfect layered over a tank top and leggings

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