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Apricot Half Sleeve Floral Tassel Cape Top

Apricot Half Sleeve Floral Tassel Cape Top

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  • Size Available :S,M,L
  • Sleeve Length(cm) :S:25CM,M:26CM,L:27CM
  • Length (cm) :S:66CM,M:68CM,L:70CM
  • Sleeve Length :Half Sleeve
  • Pattern Type :Floral
  • Color :Apricot
  • Material :Cotton Blends
  • Decoration :Tassel

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alice 05 Sep,2014

Jikes! I love the hippievibe to this. Gotta have it.

Hanna 03 Sep,2014

The pattern on this cape is gorgeous!

Nati 03 Sep,2014

Absolutely sweet and perfect for spring days :)

Nati 03 Sep,2014

This kimono is absolutely sweet!! just a cover, not so warm, but perfect for spring days

ala 01 Sep,2014

pretty nice on the girls..blluring

asli 01 Sep,2014

Nice cute floral kimono nice

asli 01 Sep,2014

It looks so cool and beautiful for summer!

olya0320 31 Aug,2014

Looks like a very good kimono :) i love the style and combinations of colours.

Hadassa andrade 30 Aug,2014

It looKs very cute and vintage!

cynthiace 30 Aug,2014

Me gusto mucho, no es la mejor calidad, pero esta linda!!

reallyreaction 22 Aug,2014

I bought it.It has a stable fabric of a good quality you wont regret it.It suit with everything.

munlyn123 22 Aug,2014

This is really pretty, but not very good quality. It is unraveling a lot.

nananana 20 Aug,2014

I just received the item, the tracking was really fast (I ordered it two weeks ago). I was worry about the print because I read that sometimes the draw comes imperfect, but mine it's perfect. The only problem that I can see is that it's easily wrinkles.

Shay 20 Aug,2014

This kimono is an absolutely awesome piece to add to your closet. I'm a size S (eu 36) and I ordered this kimono in a size M and it's a perfect fit! The material is lightweight and the quality is better than I expected. I recommend you size up to get good fitting clothes from here.

Mouhaj 18 Aug,2014

i've been wearing it non stop

abcd_123 16 Aug,2014

Hello. Is this kimono really made from cotton or polyester?

Dear customer, Thank you for visiting sheinside. The material of this blouse is Cotton Blends. Hope you like it. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

20 Aug,2014

abcd_123 16 Aug,2014

Hello. Is this kimono really made from cotton or polyster?

dhat 14 Aug,2014

Beautiful light material and it looks perfect when worn

beblix8 13 Aug,2014

I received this yesterday and it is great!!! the only thing is that if you are size full medium you have to get LARGE probably.

zahir 12 Aug,2014

i love it! it is beautiful!

caroperez 12 Aug,2014

Me tardo casi dos meses en llegar todo el pedido. A mi me llego perfecto el kimono. Es verdad q se arruga mucho. Pero es bellisima la estampa

Rosemaraki 11 Aug,2014

Very good quality and vivid colours. It's so versatile, so it can be worn in so many different ways! Love it!!

Wildflower 11 Aug,2014

I just ordered this kimono and a white summer dress. Hopefully they arrive on time and look exactly like the pics! Cuz I am in love with this piece!

saragunmarie 09 Aug,2014

Really really beautiful. I will wear it in school with a pair of jeans and a white tanktop. I love it!

emilybella 09 Aug,2014

I love this piece. I received it today. The print is beautiful and the fabric is actually Rayon which is really nice

Lucie 07 Aug,2014

Le même kimono que celui de chez Zara haha.

selina.kozik 07 Aug,2014

whoa i definitely think i will be getting this!

joana_bloundy 06 Aug,2014

This kimono has beautiful colours and pattern

zombiepiez 05 Aug,2014

Really comfortable and designe is lovely! :)

Bliss 04 Aug,2014

Very beautiful, soft and chic kimono. Light and thin material, perfect for summer.

Anabelish 03 Aug,2014

El kimono me llego ayer, la verdad me tardó super poco en llegar (9 días) pero me lo temía... Ha llegado defectuoso el estampado, la franja de abajo ni se ven las flores y en la espalda le falta una tira de flores en un lateral... Horroroso, lo buscaré en otro sítio y a ver que salida le doy a este.

justine 02 Aug,2014

georgeus kimono. looks really really expensive

sara_sgn 30 Jul,2014

A mi me llegó hace dos días y tardó en llegar como unas tres semanas. Estoy encantada con el, me gusta más que en la foto y el estampado está perfecto. La única pega que le veo es que la tela se arruga con facilidad, pero aún así me encanta!

Anabelish 25 Jul,2014

Hola!! Pedí este kimono hace dos días, alguien lo tiene? Llega bien el estampado o llega torcido? Es que he estado leyendo opiniones en otros sitios y a algunas no les llega bien el dibujo, sobre todo en la parte de la espalda. Si alguien lo tiene de aquí que diga como le llegó y cuanto le tardó. Muchísimas gracias! Espero que el mío llegue perfectamente.

hr 22 Jul,2014

oww, how wonderful is this kimono!!

jl 19 Jul,2014

So chic! Can't wait to get it

Tsuki 19 Jul,2014

The pattern is so pretty, and overall it looks so cozy!

naz 19 Jul,2014

This is a very pretty kimono

Taylorlac 18 Jul,2014

Oooooh! I adore that color combination! The print is so cute! I'd really like to purchase this.

aleh_92 18 Jul,2014

It says that the kimono is made form cotton blends but is polyester :(

tasia_1999 17 Jul,2014

God, I love this one

Pervii 16 Jul,2014

Oh gosh, I hope this kimono doesn't run out! ): 15 Jul,2014


Jasmine 15 Jul,2014

Este kimono es precioso y queda ideal!! Os aconsejo coger vuestra talla habitual. Yo uso una M y me queda perfecta.

babicax 15 Jul,2014

i was looking for this!! i love the pattern so much

Test 15 Jul,2014

Blz blie buez bury kiuy

wacky_banana 13 Jul,2014

this is so cute the fringe

tasia_1999 11 Jul,2014

It's perfect for the summer 09 Jul,2014

A moi d'ici quelques jours <3 07 Jul,2014

Sa c'est sur c'est dans ma prochaine commande ! Magnifiquuuuue !

Elisabet 05 Jul,2014

Me encanta!!! Lo quiero ya!! Su estampado es precioso

ddrrr 05 Jul,2014

if you would like like hipsta you must buy this one!!!!! very pretty i love this one

Nicole 04 Jul,2014

Shipping was really fast and the quality is great. I really love this kimono!

Nicole 04 Jul,2014

Shipping was really fast and the quality is great. I really love this kimono!

A 27 Jun,2014

I am so loving the color and fringes of this !

Enjoyjay 26 Jun,2014

J'adore, parfait pour ces temps chaud ! Produit absolument magnifique et de très bonne qualité !

Cris 25 Jun,2014

Precioso. Lo compraré en breve.

lore 25 Jun,2014

que lindo Kimono! Esta muy a la moda. Y los colores que tiene son hermosos

Marta 24 Jun,2014

This kimono is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for summer!

Marta 24 Jun,2014

This kimono is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for summer!

Hana 23 Jun,2014

Perfect, I want it for fall!!

claracblc 22 Jun,2014

hâte que ma commande arrive ! C'est trop beau !

AnnieDavis 21 Jun,2014

this thing more looks like poncho not kimono)

adelaamalia 20 Jun,2014

I like this print of this kimomo! It will nice to wear this over a simple crop top or some T-shirt.

Eva 20 Jun,2014

Precioso y de algodón, un 10!

Elandaherman 20 Jun,2014

So cute, just ordered last night and can't wait to get!

anamangasr.29 19 Jun,2014

me encanta este top floral y además a buen precio

efi 19 Jun,2014

Beautiful colours nice floral print i can't wait for this tassel kimono to arrived to me as soon as possible!

lolopeachypoo 18 Jun,2014

love the floral pattern and the tassles

martuki 18 Jun,2014

me precioso.....madre....ijijij 18 Jun,2014

such a cute kimono, love it

rimf91 18 Jun,2014

ahh que padrao lindo, ao bohemio

rimf91 18 Jun,2014

este kimono parece ter imensa qualidade

marta 17 Jun,2014

wow this is perfect i love floral stuff

Annie-May 17 Jun,2014

This is a really nice Kimono, perfect for holiday

yolimpg 16 Jun,2014

So cute I love it. Elegant

isabellejeschke 15 Jun,2014

it looks perfect for cool summer evenings

anna 15 Jun,2014

cute cape! I love the pattern!

venus 15 Jun,2014

que kimono tan bonito <3

jessicanikole 14 Jun,2014

what is the width of the chest per sizing???

Please check it if it will fit you well:) Length(cm) :S:66CM,M:68CM,L:70CM Sleeve Length(cm) :S:25CM,M:26CM,L:27CM Hope you enjoy your shopping here with us:)

17 Jun,2014

DFGHJK 14 Jun,2014

very cute doll dress,looks cute!! 11 Jun,2014

Perfect cape for summer evenings.

vanbui111 10 Jun,2014

so gorgeous! I love the design, perfect for summer.

pincer-moi-je-reve 10 Jun,2014

Too cute, perfect with a white t-shirt

Ha 08 Jun,2014

Es muy original me gusta

Ana 08 Jun,2014

Me parece ideal el estampado

mdniccole 08 Jun,2014

This would be perfect with so many things

k 07 Jun,2014

This kimono is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for summer!

MeeSia 07 Jun,2014

Very cute, so lovely cape

mj 07 Jun,2014

precioso este kimono para este tiempo

panna_kolorowa 07 Jun,2014

Świetna bluzka w kwiaty u której bardzo podobają mi się te frędzle. 07 Jun,2014

adoro imenso este top floral!

M.outeda 06 Jun,2014

Muy bonito. Lo quiero, me encanta¡

megan_reimnitz 06 Jun,2014

Loving the tassle lining. Print is really pretty too!


Super hippie/casual-chic. I love this, its perfect for swimsuit, or jeans and t-shirt, or maxi dresses...etc. very cute!

lopezlucia.mar 05 Jun,2014

este kymono le acabo de comprar igualito en zara...y opr el doble de precioo

Lau 05 Jun,2014

Precioso, lo quiero! Super ponible en primavera, verano y otoño! y los flecos son lo más!

CMGP 05 Jun,2014

what is the measure of shoulders, pleaseeeeee?

Please check it if it will fit you well:) Length(cm) :S:66CM,M:68CM,L:70CM Sleeve Length(cm) :S:25CM,M:26CM,L:27CM Thank you for shopping with us:)

05 Jun,2014

efi 04 Jun,2014

Omg this fringe kimono is perfect love the roses!

Steph D 04 Jun,2014

I have been looking for a kimono for ages and now I have found one! Can't wait to get it in the mail!

merru2009 03 Jun,2014

I have been wanting that kind of cape for a long time

diana 03 Jun,2014

this cape is very special, i want it

clau 03 Jun,2014

un top foarte dragut, imi place

gew 03 Jun,2014

the floral kimono is really cute !

xlilypop 03 Jun,2014

I really love this top, it looks very feminine and lovely.

h 03 Jun,2014

this is so light and lovely

anda 03 Jun,2014

it's a very pretty top, perfect for a summer evening

nins 03 Jun,2014

adoro este kimono, é perfeito para o verão!

af 03 Jun,2014

what a nice, striking piecex

alexbrod 03 Jun,2014

fica bem com qualquer roupa, lindo

alexbrod 03 Jun,2014

o kmino e muito giro para o verao

zumbiperdido 03 Jun,2014

Amazing floral print kimono. It'd make great boho-styled outfits

sse 03 Jun,2014

ah so nice i luv

sara 03 Jun,2014

i love this,very very cool,i want this

Marian 03 Jun,2014

The cape top is very beautiful.

darika93 03 Jun,2014

Very nice floral tassel cape

Deeanna 03 Jun,2014

exactly what i was looking for. I love this kind of cape 02 Jun,2014

it looks very cool and looks like interesting thing!

sakurayume15 02 Jun,2014

I want this so bad

santhama13 02 Jun,2014

super cute love the pattern and color

crissu_romi 02 Jun,2014

Lovely cape top! It looks so cute 02 Jun,2014

Niezwykle oryginalny wzór z malowniczymi kwiatami.

gina 01 Jun,2014

lovely blouse to wear on chilli days

smara 01 Jun,2014

love it,i like this,very very cool

Hujka 30 May,2014

Nice, tribal pattern, I like this

mariahwilliams 29 May,2014

so bright colors i love it

jess_jesschan 29 May,2014

the cape is beautiful, the tassel makes it even nicer

bluestar_98 28 May,2014

super pretty, great for boho styles that are pretty x

ada 28 May,2014

love it,i like this,very very cool

isamariafq 28 May,2014

This kind of floral cape is so vintage. Pretty cool.

maciac 28 May,2014

i like this cape! cute!

katerina-mikhaylova1987@mail.r 28 May,2014

interesting thing ! looks like a blouse!

Chioma 28 May,2014

This wld definitely be good for the spring!!

emmasooty 28 May,2014

Very pretty basically a kimono

coololiviadas2007 28 May,2014

Very bohemian. The tassels are a new thing. Is this a new trend?

ahha 28 May,2014

I love this top! It reminds me Russian culture!

ga 28 May,2014

Lovely cape top! It looks so cool and beautiful for summer!

javi 28 May,2014

I love it! it's the perfect accessory for summer evenings.

hai 28 May,2014

this is nice with jeans

alex 28 May,2014

wow, this cape top is so cute and vintage

Hanna 27 May,2014

This wuold look really nice with a pair of ripped jeans shorts!

92859 27 May,2014

the pattern is really nice!

fruffi 27 May,2014

this kimono is soo cute!

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